Sunday, June 22, 2014



Time.  If that bastard Einstein hadn’t screwed things up for us with that relative crap I think the world would be a better place.  Also, I’m not too pleased with that prick Yankee inventing the light bulb.  Working graveyard shifts are literally dangerous to your health.  Anyway, I have to take exception to the perceived notion that after the collapse we will suddenly live event filled lives due to all the manual labor we need to do.  The concept that a farmer works like a draft horse from pre-dawn to post-dusk is, not to put too fine a point on it, friggin retarded.  This stereotype is based on the early American experience and it is flawed for several reasons.  Those guys actually owned the land and all their labor.  They weren’t working for a king, a bank or a central government.  They were motivated and rewarded.  The land was fertile.  And they could eat enough to work like that.  European serfs, on the other hand, were not rewarded for working harder.  They did not own the land.  Their offspring only had a life of drudgery to look forward to, not a hope of increased rewards.  The soil was overworked.  Nor could they eat enough protein and other quality foods to work like mules.  They did the minimum, as that was all that was allowed.  And got the minimum in return.  They had plenty of down time, barely having to do more than watching the weeds grow.  You know boredom had to be pervasive. 


In case you are wondering where I’m going with that, it is that you will be more of a serf than a freeman.  At first, you can live off of the residue of modern society.  Then you will be working for the local warlord.  Leisure time will be available.  This is not what you want to hear, perhaps wishing that your life takes on more meaning than it has now.  Newsflash, sports fans.  The only quality positions are those at the top of the pyramid ( some regions excepted, where the terrain allows tribal guerilla groups to defeat agricultural kingdoms ).  Everyone else is going to be as bored and as disheartened as they are now.  Stock up on time killing entertainment.


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  1. You mean there's a chance my rooms full of books will have value again?

  2. I have often stated that if I could eliminate one single thing, it would be the capacity to generate Electricity.
    I totally understand the mindset of the rich nobility Goldie Locks. Even tho I've a doctorates in Mechanical Engineering and have chosen in my later years to slum and work as a tradesman. My billianare boss though he is very glad to have me as a worker, does not give respect. Simply because I'm not the greedy bastard which is he. Only reason I continue to work for him is because I only see the dude twice a year for a week lol. Joke will soon be on him, now won't it !
    As you say warlords will control after SHTF and most will be serfs. Skill level will determine how high up that ladder you are....

    1. Too many see money as class as the only paradigm

  3. And that is why there are so many religious holidays. You got time off and had something to do. No joke. Check out how many religious holidays were celebrated in the Middle Ages in Europe. We're getting ripped off by comparison.

    Working a homestead really is a dawn to dusk job. There is always something to do. And that's with modern things like a truck and chainsaw.

    Idaho Homesteader