Thursday, June 19, 2014

smells like Saigon

Remember the fall of Saigon?  The helicopters evacuating the last Americans from the embassy in 1975?  To me, this is exactly what seems to be happening again in Iraq-a peasant army ( yes, I know we could quibble about that.  The guerrilla army separate from the national one, but both fighting for the same cause and supported by other communist nations in the first instance ) forcing the mighty US Army to shrink its holdings until they are trapped in an embassy and must be rescued.  If you recall the last time this happened, a blow to our image, not too long afterwards we had Iranian students holding hostages from another embassy for 444 days.  Once everyone loses their fear of you, your big and bad and mighty and righteous military proves NO match for poorly armed civilian rabble.  Just as a police force is no match for a city unless the governed give their consent, so no globe is easily policed unless you are feared and gain consent.  I feel sorry for the 300 new military personnel being sent to beef up the Iraqi Green Zone.  Somehow the Chief Idiot who sleep through the Bengasi assassination doesn’t seem to me to be up for rescuing Americans from Iraq if need be.  He will most likely be playing golf at the time.


It is no surprise that our hold on empire is slipping ( we had an excuse in 1975- we were in contention over approved superpower spheres of influence and we lost and won areas on a regular basis.  What Vietnam was primarily was our loss of Industrialized Total Warfare ).  We are beyond broke and our entire governing structure is as busted as our physical infrastructure.  We are losing our only source of finance which is the petro-dollar.  What is surprising is that nobody does much more than replay the lamenting from Vietnam and other historical examples.  Oy veh, they screech, how can we allow the sacrifices of our poor troops to be in vain?  If you were so concerned about our troops, perhaps you wouldn’t have been so busy shaking the jingoistic war rattle that you approved of Bush when he pulled the poorest, worst possible excuse out of his ass to invade the country in the first place.  And the “just one more dead stinking corpse to achieve our noble goal and honor the last dead soldier” has been used repeatedly by Mars apologists forever.  Learn to decipher the propaganda used to justify sacrificing your children to the bankers greed.  Isn’t insanity using the same unworkable solution to a problem over and over again?  Not only are our imperial apologists some of the stupidest morons ever to achieve a degree after sixteen years of education, they insult our intelligence assuming we will buy into their screeds.  We have little control over their actions, but total control over our own minds.  Don’t let them have it.

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