Friday, June 6, 2014

forty percent tax


I know you all just smile and snicker and have a wonderful time at my vicious tirades against most of our “elected” officials.  “Oh, that silly Jim.  Always carrying on.”  Of course, I always have a very good reason for what I choose to write about.  Okay, sometimes the very good reason is I don’t know what else to talk about.  But mostly I’m really trying hard to impart lessons on paranoia and fear.  It WILL be much worse than you think and you won’t be prepared enough.  But even with junk land, plenty of food and lots of ammo, the one thing you can never be enough of is scared of other people.  Man only has one predator outside the water ( your dumb ass can go play down in the ocean waves- I know that Jaws motherhumper is sizing me up for lunch.  We have an agreement: he doesn’t eat me and I don’t visit his house ) and that is other man.  Not even cougars can be called our equal.  Oh, sure, if they all immigrate to California and eat unarmed joggers.  But in most places outside liberal enclaves where a degree in Women’s Gender Issues Studies is considered a weapon, even where bare assed savages sit around a fire clicking their weird language and only armed with fire hardened wood sticks, mankind is smart enough to go out in hunting parties and exterminate anything bigger than we are with claws.  Where was I?


Okay, speaking of stupid retard lesbians trying to start a friction fire with their who-who’s, we all really need to stop looking to big daddy government as our gravy train and protector.  He ain’t nobodies friend but whoever pays his bills.  I’m not talking about the taxpayer.  The taxpayers don’t get him speaking gigs at a quarter mil each after his term in office ( whatever office he might have held.  Secretary Of The Treasury, President, Secretary Of State, whatever ).  We have been so conditioned over so many generations, primarily through fear.  Guberment will give us a job or food or protection.  He will shield you from the Japs or the commies or the drug lords or the terrorists.  Everyone loved FDR.  He gave us Social Security and civilian jobs building Hoover dam.  And he also instituted indentured servitude in the form of a military draft PRIOR to Pearl Harbor.  He packed the Supreme Court.  And, I hope you are not forgetting, he stole 40% of the entire countries citizen wealth and gave it to the bankers.  Gold was outlawed and several days after that edict went into effect he then devalued the now mandatory Greenbacks by 40% by changing their official exchange rate.  Now, my point isn’t just what a whore FDR was.  But that at any time, your savior that you are used to having checks and freebies sent from will turn like the rabid dog on you and violate you like a prison bitch.  Enjoy.

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  1. Jim, you are spot on. TSHTF is close at hand and it will be ugly.

    1. As I keep worrying, I might not be paranoid enough.

  2. Hilary has to be elected first. I fear post-2016.

    I told the wife I am leaving Florida, May 2016. She is free to come along.