Saturday, May 24, 2014

wheat rice


For taste variety,  or just in case a vicious thief snuck into your abode and for some inexplicable reason didn’t steal anything except for your grain grinder and NO other kitchen utensils, yet another way to prepare wheat is to cook it up like rice.  Now, I’m sure there is some low tech way reaching back to antiquity on how to do this, but I have the recipe for it using a pressure cooker.  This and other wheat details you are/will/have been reading are from the book “How To Live On Wheat” by John Hill.  This is one of those books that I don’t know why I ordered, I think it was relatively cheap and I was filling up my weekly book budget with another more expensive one,  and at first I thought I really didn’t need it because I had so many other sources on the same subject, and yet once I read it I fell in love with it and cursed the Gods I hadn’t gotten it so much sooner.  Anyway, pour in X amount of wheat, say one inch from the bottom of your cooker.  Then add in an equal amount of water ( in this case, one inch of water ).  Start the fire, and wait until the ball starts it jiggle.  Take it off the flame and set aside.  Let cool and de-pressurize.  Don’t rush it, it is still cooking.  Once de-pressurized, your wheat is now done up just like cooked rice.  It will be nuttier and much chewier.  But it is variety and it ISN’T rice.  Also, yet another way to eat wheat without a grinder is to simply sprout it.  You can then eat directly without any further preparation.  I’m not sure how it would taste, but it sure would be nutritious. 


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  1. I'm glad you mention sprouting, as it can increase the bio-available proteins, amino acids, and vitamins and nutrients up to 50% (usually 20-30%). I've always cooked wheat like rice. 4-6 hours on low heat stirring occasionally in a deep pan. Growing up with 8 siblings the cheap and plentiful meals cooked in a 5 gallon pan are a fond memory. I still cook wheat for my children's breakfasts.