Tuesday, May 6, 2014

such a kindle deal


The Amazon Kindle has done it once again, coming down in price. It is now down to the incredible $49. How much was it at first? $109? $99? Since the incredibly generous loyal minion bought me mine for $59 plus the cost of the wall charger, I’m up to about 200 books. A lot were free, but a lot certainly were not. I’d wager I’ve saved at least three times the purchase price by now at a minimum. At just $49, that is a lot less books you need to buy to start saving money after the purchase price is paid back. Now, I’m a bit shocked myself that Amazon sells more Kindle books than paper. True, you save 10-20% PLUS the shipping cost. You save a third, let’s say. But the publishers and the sellers save much more than that. More like 70%. You are actually now paying MORE for books because of kindle ( if you factor in profit margins to cost ). Be that as it may, if you like the idea of a small e-book device holding a thousand books and easily charged by a solar panel, the reduced price must be nice.


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  1. for free books try this http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.com/ lots of differant content most free some reduced.

    1. An excellant resource- I just got a free 800 page post-apoc novel. I know what I'm doing this weekend ( besides scratching myself vigorously ). Thanks!

  2. Such a deal! Paid $350 for my first Kindle and $79 for my current one. Sometimes I miss paper books, but now need much, much less storage space. Next on my list is a solar charger for the kindle.