Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chinese Monkeys

Okay, I saw this news article and I just couldn't keep it to myself.  The Chinese have trained monkey's to scamper up trees and dislodge birds nests, reducing airborne bird danger at air force bases.  When I saw the original link at Drudge Report ( thanks for everyone's help on the news blogs-but only Drudge is fast loading and has general coverage news.  Him and Rawles [ the Odds And Sods or whatever section ] and ZeroHedge are my main news sources now ) I immediately thought that the monkeys had been trained to screech at intruders and fling feces, distracting the trespassers and alerting armed personnel.  I guess my mind is a bit weird like that.  So, racking my brain as to how to make this survival related, I thought this is a perfect business.  We can train the monkeys ( and I can get free bananas at the Food Bank ) to do just that, then advertise to the same yuppie survivalist scum that buy quarter million dollar retreats in Idaho.  You'd want to protect your investment, right?  Anyone?

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  1. We alls got a nana for you!

  2. Cool, survival monkeys. When I'm not using them can I put them in a bucket with o2 absorbers?

    1. Survival Monkey Abuser! Don't make me call the ASPCA. Be nice to your Survival Monkey, just in case they do end up taking over the world.