Wednesday, May 21, 2014

eat ass, bill

I’m really not sure why so many companies want to hurt my feelings, rip me off or mistreat me as I’m very sensitive.  Of course, it could just be a repeat of the 70’s when the economy went down the toilet so fast the only way to make a profit was to go into Full Consumer Screw Mode.  But if it is just that, it can’t be all about me, now can it?  Regardless, yet another jag-off pendejo rectum licking monkey member gurgling whore of a company, Microsoft, has made my Not Really Pleased List ( and before you get all butt hurt this isn’t an article on how to clip coupons to buy freeze dried bull colon for your doomsday stockpile, this is an article on how to save enough money that you can buy several years of wheat kernels or nearly a thousand rounds of commie ammo, so yes it is pertinent to a survival blog ).  Way back in the day I bought the first Mac model and paid about four months wages for it ( all but one or two of my original newsletter issues, The Walter Mittey Papers [ notice the clever misspelling to throw off the copyright owner ] was written on this computer which never showed a profit so this was my first of many poor business investments ).  When the next Mac came out I then bought that-although it wasn’t as dear.  When they wanted me to buy a THIRD one because of an OS change, I balked.  My love for Mac wasn’t that strong.  And Microsoft had just come out with Windows 95, so I could now buy machines at half the cost or less.


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Bill Gates crappy little company.  It allowed computers to be cheaper, but you put up with a severely substandard product.  I’m sure most of you are like that.  Well, Windows has been getting worse and worse and they keep wanting me to buy a new OS.  I don’t want to keep spending money on crap.  Well, this time when my personal computer XP Windows OS was obsolete to work on Google Blogspot, I had had enough.  This time Google Chrome was around.   They automatically update their OS, no charge.  You won’t be stuck with a new cost quicker than you desire.  For me, the selling point was I would never have an issue posting to the blog.  But for you, you should be able to save almost half the cost of buying a new Windows computer.  You certainly won’t have crappy surfing speeds and all the other Windows issues.  Yes, I’ll have issues down the road with my old writing.  The Bison Blog CD is Explorer.  If my current notebook ever goes I’ll have issues reading it.  To transfer Windows word processor I believe I’d have to post it online, then access it with the ChromeBook and save in their word processor.  But to me, a small consideration.  A chance I’m willing to take to divorce myself from Windows.  I’m still using Windows on the work computer.  For now, Chrome is just a back-up for when that goes down ( and a used model was only $125 ).  But it’s nice to have the option.  You might wish to consider looking into it when you next need a computer.

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  1. but if an EMP hits,will it really matter?