Sunday, January 14, 2018

forever high 2 of 2


Why does it seem like we are right back in High School?  Here we are, fifty friggin years old, and we have to put up with immature acting cliques everywhere we go?  Well, perhaps not immature, but certainly illogical and jingoistic.  Certainly, some of it has got to be a backlash.  As the Politically Correct Police try to force us through cultural pressure to make ALL groups equal ( a very unnatural way of ordering our existence ), the natural reaction is to once again violently form into exclusive groups fighting for dominance.  Isn’t the silliness of PC just as moronic as High School?


Whiles Males are bad but White Homo Males are okay but White Transgender or WhateverFrigginGender are good-er.  Blacks are prime victim class but Black Males aren’t as and Black Females are better-er, and the stupid crap just piles higher and higher in a huge putrid fetid mess.  The culture attempting to make us all equal is the worst in trying to differentiate us into cliques.  At work, cliques are busy forming even as corporate types are mostly a homogonous group of female Basket Weaving Degree college graduates.


The group that denies gender differences or class is the busiest re-forming back into pre-Industrial tribes ( even if the tribes aren’t cohesive in any way ).  Why couldn’t they just be like the nerds and use the Internet as their tribal pathway?  Well, the Internet was after all just a NASA or Cold War spinoff that was only embraced by the High School cliques that were at the bottom stratum.  Remember, why was the original scare about lack of Science & Math ( a scare that still scars youth today as most of class is comprised of shoving those two subjects down their throats, whether they have aptitude or not ) so pronounced?


The Cold War was going to be won, mere years after we became The Indisputable Nation, by those godless commie bastards!  They Launched Sputnik!  We were all going to be nuked, nuked I tells ya!  More important than thermonuclear war species annihilation, corporations were in danger of losing money!  And their banking butt buddies bankrolling them, what of those poor bastards?  Why, an economic contraction would cut into their bottom line!  So, obviously, fund the heck out of science and technology.


Out of which came lots of neat stuff funded by taxpayers and cashed in by the business/finances classes.  Like the Internet.  Nerds loved the Internet.  Money and riches were a Get Laid Quick scheme, and as a bonus they could stay in their cocoons and socialize safely.  Don’t underestimate the safety of the base.  Charlie is outside the wire.  Bankers love the Internet.  Free to them boosted control of all sectors of the economy.  Business loved the Internet.  Robotized jobs.


Non-nerds, not so much with loving the Internet ( it was a tool, rather than a Revolution-remember, Nerd Love was predicated on actually getting laid.  So was being a Corporation Man prior to that.  The Internet was revolutionary in that its minders became sexually desirable ).  As a general rule, they didn’t have the crippling introverted natures.  They didn’t mind Meatspace.  Ah, but everyone could enjoy the technological ability to Tribe -Up.  Welcome to FaceBook, where you can be the worlds biggest moron and all your drooling buddies will Thumbs Up you.  No nerds need apply. 


Plus, nerd or not, the norm became further tribalization.  As a backlash against PC, as a embracer of mass decentralization, as a cocooning device ( remember the movie Trigger Effect?  Nerd gets Hottie.  Nerd is mixing with dangerous people in the theatre.  People are Other Tribes-like, gasp, Negroes! Message-you don’t have to be racist to fear other people.  Cocoon! Cocoon! ).  To all problems, the Internet became the answer.  Last grasp of technology to cope with the collapse. 


Now, what is the primary feature of tribes?  Group Think.  It can be looked at negatively, as a dumbing down.  But that is to ignore its positive evolutionary nature.  It IS consensus.  Consensus means the group not only forms a united front against dangerous outsiders, it teaches the lowest denominator how to protect themselves.  Let’s face it, FaceBook users or the village idiot, most people are NOT very intelligent.  That is why culture is so important.  It is reality to the group, the group acts without thought because stopping to think is dangerous in times of danger.


And the dumbest of the tribe just mimics the proper survival training which is what culture is all about.  Cultural mores don’t have to make sense, except in that they increase the groups chances of survival.  Obviously, it doesn’t have to make sense to other tribes.  We may have zero clue why cutting off a clitoris has a survival value, or not eating bacon, but it obviously did ( even if only at one time ).  If a behavior stays advantageous survival wise to the group, it remains in effect.  Those ignorant of the purpose of culture will of course be completely Tribal in their thinking and hate and mock the other tribes.


Group Think ( with its positive tool “echo chamber” ) is nothing more than Going Tribal.  And cliques are just a reaction against others trying to stop that natural process.  So, yes, it probably does seem that there is a whole lot of “Forever In High School” going on.  It is just push and pull, action and reaction.  Attempt to artificially remove grouping and you get more of it.  It is also, obviously, a further sign we are far deeper into the collapse.  Before, there was some value in NOT going tribal.  Of embracing the nation states institutions.  Now that all those institutions are in freefall collapse and there is only danger in embracing them, tribalism is more eagerly embraced than ever.

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  1. For he majority of folks. High School, was the height of their mundane lives...
    I still maintain perhaps a handful out of the 180 in my graduating class. Never have gone back for a reunion.

    1. So...I'm the weird, antisocial, withdrawn, hateful, fearful one? Or, am I the only normal one? Don't answer! :)

    2. Actually, I'd say we are much alike.
      I consider that a good thing too.

      BTW, got your gift...thank you much ! However you really shouldn't. Then too, you realize I will get even buwahaha.

    3. You have been beyond kind with your gifts to me-I feel I'm still struggling to keep up.