Tuesday, August 21, 2018

star wars farmers 3 of 3

Let me get right to the point, then I shall elaborate.  You either move your ass out to the boonies, or you die.  Die as in Rwanda.  As in, Darkies swarming you with machetes, bricks, chunks of rebar and other blunt objects.  You know the stupid twats are not going to sharpen those knives very well, and this is going to lend itself to a very painful and too long death.  Think about that poor bastard truck driver in Los Angeles during the Rodney King tantrum.  Hyperbole?  Barely.  Only because of alternate media ( which is now controlled-so no more news ) did we ever hear about the sanctioned and rewarded by the Illegal Kenyan Knockout Game, wherein Whites were mob attacked and in some cases died.  The fact that Forrest Trump hasn’t sanctioned a bullet in the heads of those responsible makes him complicit.
Which means that tactic was approved.  Which means it will be used again.  Now, I grant you, New York City is NOT South Africa ( you might make the case that Detroit is ).  Blacks are not a majority and never will be, at least not in the foreseeable future ( attention, Southern preppers.  They seem to breed better in wet and hot climates ).  Which means it will be rather difficult for the 60% Whites to be genocided by 15% Blacks.  That is not the point.  The point is, settlements.  Like smart tribesmen, Blacks congregate and settle core areas, where therein they ARE the majority.  And a lot of you dumb ass cracker casper mo’ fo’s are silly enough to think of them as YOUR areas, when in fact they are THEIR areas.  Blacks don’t have to be book smart to be a lot smarter than Whites in this aspect.
Now, I know what you are going to say.  Whites congregate also, each area to its own race.  And that is smart, not just for Whites but for all races.  Because cultures need to be homogenous, and diversity is nobodies strength except those profiting off it.  But you need to factor in Official Sanctioned Death Squads.
You might be separated, but are you far enough away?  South Africa hasn’t even officially legalized White Farm seizures and already the murder rate of their inhabitants is reaching enough of a crisis that Putin offered them sanctuary ( better take it Boer dudes.  The British already tried to genocide your ass with concentration camps so they could steal your gold.  The Blacks, even those in official capacities, won’t be as organized.  They really are masters of decentralized warfare, at least in the last fifty years.  You have to admire their results.  My point, however, is that you can look forward to those machete attacks unless you flee.  Who cares if they win!  Why be a martyr? ).
It has already started here when the Black leaders legitimized attacks on Whites, and then that was sanctioned by the current White administration.  Has the current administration done anything about the economic warfare against the Whites?  I don’t necessarily expect results, as the economic engine is completely under PC Power, but I see no effort, either.  So, the paradigm is already in place to increase the violence and intensity of attacks.  Remember, this has nothing to do with race.  It is an economic war.  Whites are really losing, badly.  Don’t let hubris blind you on this.  It WAS our country.  I’m not aware of how the elite are profiting off this, per se.  But obviously they have a vested interest in continuing trends started decades ago.
If it makes an elite money, expect the behavior to continue.  I’d imagine that all this Victimization pays somehow.  Hell, Disney might have been making a bundle for its CEO and board members just on the stock market bubble, and they intentionally lost money on Star Wars for just such a reason.  Perhaps they weren’t virtue signally for future customers but for immediate ones ( for instance, those with money saw how benevolent and caring Disney is for the Butt Pirates Of Color and bought the DVD’s and visited the parks, or more likely, just bought more stock in the Company Of The Future because it was mimicking their dumb ass belief system and since they believe they are on histories winning side they believe anyone who thinks like them is a winner.  The conservative Whites running Disney laughed all the way to the bank cashing out their inflated shares ). 
Okay, so getting back to the three primary focuses of successful real estate ( location, location, location ), you know you can increase your odds by fleeing Politically Correct areas.  They aren’t even hiding the fact they hate you and want to kill you, White Male Dudes.  They literally have come out and said, we want to kill you.  And don’t discount that threat.  The AIDS ridden soy boys aren’t going to kill you, gracious me no.  They will get others to kill you.  They are already using the Blacks as shock troops.  The cops already stand aside and allow Whites to be attacked in public.  Even your “brothers”, White officers.  Their allegiance is to their paycheck, not their race.  Their tribe are other cops, not other Whites.  Just like in Rwanda.
Now, this stuff is simple.  The hard part is knowing whether or not this is such a serious threat you must act on ( just know, you won’t have any more warning than you do now.  When crap tips, it does it overnight ).  The easy part is knowing where to move to.  It is true rural areas.  Not suburbs.  Rural areas ( which are made up with a lot of small towns-it doesn’t have to be in the middle of no where with no neighbors ).  Rural populations are on average 85-90% White.  AND, you need to be in an area already under economic decline.  That is the other part of the equation.  Why?  Because the bastards that want to kill you control the majority of the economy.  Don’t be in an area under their control if you value your life. 
Look, Whites don’t HAVE to die.  The White elite controlling the PC’ers have already won the economic war against the former wealth holders, the White males.  But the PC’ers, they want blood.  And that is the price the White elite are more than willing to pay, because it costs them nothing.  You all formulate theories on how the elite will depopulate to keep better control of the diminishing resources?  Here is one already implemented.  Kill Whitey.  It is furthest along in London Britain ( more than likely-that will show them!  Voting for Brexit! I don’t include South Africa because it hasn’t had a White majority ), not tapering off in Europe at all, and accelerating in America.  You have the perfect opportunity to most likely ( but no guarantees, ever ) avoid this by leaving behind the already conquered areas you think you still control but don’t.
You WILL lose your job, because you don’t deserve it since you are White.  Since you will take the hit financially anyway ( on top of the decade old Real Estate losses, which are about to be repeated ), you might as well move now to an area of your choosing.  Good for the immediate race war survival, and surviving the die-off also.  And get used to being poorer.  It WILL effect you one way or another.
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  1. The whites made and maintain everything.
    If the whites are killed off, how will things continue?
    Is this suicidal?

    I see it over and over, that whites (elites?) hate whites (deplorables) but do not hate the so called minorities, and I don't understand how this can be.

    1. The elites inhabit Rich Castle America. The Deplorables inhabit Busted Ass America. The rich are insulated and isolated, having their own public police forces that actually protect them rather than harvest them for extra funds. To the elite, there is no consequence to importing Other Colors. They see the results of dropping wages on the companies profit statements. But the elite only see money. With money, they just buy what they need. They no better understand resources and logistics than anyone else.

  2. I got one of LaFond's books. Worth it, but I wasn't motivated to buy any more.

  3. Good post, and a good finale to the series. The truth might be politically incorrect, but it shall set you free (Or in this case, keep you alive).

    As you mentioned, the blacks are only around 14% of the population, and by themselves, not as much of a problem, assuming that you don’t live anywhere near the hood. But when you combine them with the hispanics and the muslims, this presents a problem. Sure, they hate each other as well, but will likely band together for the common good of taking out whitey, prior to turning on each other. But assuming relatively equal numbers, the blacks will be triumphant over the others when the time comes, due to their greater physical prowess (At least if Uncle Jimmy The Greek, and Aunt Marge Schott are to be believed :D ).

    I hate to admit it at times, but at this point I feel more of a threat coming from other whites, since there seems to be no shortage of self-hating, white liberal morons, that are willing to violently align with the minority groups against their own tribe. Of course this will end badly for them come PA. But in the mean time, you must not only avoid areas with large populations of minorities, but even areas with large populations of white, leftist, antifa types (Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, etc, and so on). Ideally you would live well beyond a tank full of gas from any such areas.

    1. One of these days I need to hunt down an actual paper map and do the Tank Of Gas calculation. I'm thinking most data is decades old without taking into account the new Blue Enclaves.

    2. Not able to be far enough out any more as lilly pads of liberals and scumbags are everywhere. Best course is to have unwanted terrain, wilderness, that is not inhabited much to live in or evacuate into. It will be the only option collapse and post apoc.

    3. No, you cannot avoid the meawling asswhores. They are everywhere with their paws out, always demanding and taking and worse, preaching. You just need to severely minimize it, where you live. Sure, wilderness would be preferable but even hermitage requires supply runs into the "lily pads". Where did you get that phrase? What does it mean? I haven't come across it before.

    4. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with 7:53 on the hostile terrain choice. I touched on this in my guest article as well. The desert dweller will have the upper hand living in such an area, and knowing where the sources of water are in advance. I think that the thought of traveling through the desert is scary for most people, and come collapse time, they probably won’t even try it.

      But the overall key is avoidance. There are a few sites that I visit where invariably, there is always a right leaning individual spouting off to the effect of “bring it on; bring on the new civil war!” The problem with this plan is twofold. First, you are too close to others. And second, you will not have enough ammunition to shoot all the retards that our Marxist re-education camps are churning out by the thousands each year. One individual on one particular site that spouts this stupid nonsense off, fancies himself an intellectual, and his biggest worry is getting too old before he has the chance to participate in such an engagement. Not too bright after all…

    5. I you sure the Right Intellectual guy isn't Tongue In Cheek? Obviously I haven't see what you refer to, but sometimes the bravado can be goofy as a coping mechanism. He might not want to remember that in a civil war, your family is killed to check your activities. The Boys In Blue ( Yankee scum, not LEO's ) killed plenty of civilians, no better than communist purges.

    6. “Are you sure the Right Intellectual guy isn't Tongue In Cheek?”

      Tough to say, since it can be tricky to make these determinations from an online post, but I think that he is being serious. The same guy seems to like to talk a lot about using guns on those that wronged him, but in a follow post, will do an about face, and claim to be non-violent, and a live and let live kind of guy. But an educated guess would suggest that this dude is a few cards short of a deck.

    7. The elevator doesn't go to the top. Few cans short of a six pack. Lights are on but nobody's home. Dang, I used to know a few more.

    8. Here you go. Here’s the list that I remember:

      These quotes were taken from actual Federal (US) employee performance evaluations...

      "Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and has started to dig."

      "His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity"

      "I would not allow this employee to breed"

      "This employee is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a definite won't be"

      "Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap"

      "When she opens her mouth, it seems that it is only to change feet"

      "He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle"

      "This young lady has delusions of adequacy"

      "He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them"

      "This employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot"

      "This employee should go far, and the sooner the better"

      "Got a full 6-pack, but lacks the plastic thing to hold it all together"

      "A gross ignoramus - 144 times worse than an ordinary ignoramus"

      "He certainly takes a long time to make his pointless"

      "He doesn't have ulcers, but he's a carrier"

      "I would like to go hunting with him sometime"

      "He's been working with glue too much"

      "He would argue with a signpost"

      "He has knack for making strangers immediately"

      "He brings a lot of joy whenever he leaves the room"

      "When his IQ reaches 50, he should sell"

      "If you see 2 people talking and one looks bored, he's the other one"

      "A photographic memory but with the cap over the lens"

      "A prime candidate for natural deselection"

      "Donated his brain to science before he was done using it"

      "Gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train isn't coming"

      "Has 2 brains, one is lost, the other is out looking for it"

      "If he were any more stupid, he'd have to be watered twice a week"

      "If you give him a penny for his thoughts, you'd get change"

      "If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean"

      "It's hard to believe that he beat out 1,000 other sperm"

      "One neuron short of a synapse"

      "Some drink from the fountain of knowledge, he only gargled"

      "Takes him 12 hours to watch 60 Minutes"

      "The wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead"


  4. just looked up lafond. looks interesting. why not motivated to read more, lion-maned one??

  5. He has good stuff but he is motivational and philosophical, and his books are a smidge dear in price. So, diminishing returns of investment. I'd recommend a first book from him to anyone, I just don't wish to collect all his books for the above reason.

  6. i'm guessing it refers to lily pads dotting a pond here and there, so it would be hubs of commerce.