Monday, August 10, 2015

africanize surprise 1 of 2


On 5-13-2015 the Druid Dude ( the arch druid report ) mentioned in an article how the US might fall while the rest of the world looks on, much as most parts of Africa have been doing.  It is a compelling image, more so in that it showcases our hubris.  Alas, I can’t conceive of this quite being the case.  As the entire world has been forced into our empire profit engine, and as the parts of the world most likely to “take over ruling the world” are just as much a part of the system as we are, while the rest of the world is indeed making contingency plans, they are at the same time still using us to help enhance their profits.  Yes, China and India and Iran and Russia and others have solid trade agreements in place just amongst themselves which do not include the western nations with our bankster run system.  Mostly this is an energy arrangement that will still function as the PetroDollar system crashes and burns.  But all those nations are still enjoying trade which is secured by our military.  I’m not saying that our military is invincible or even really very good.  We are projecting force with imported oil ( Fracking Oil Forever Energy Independence is a whopping two million barrels a day, max.  We pump five mil from the lower 48, Alaska and the gulf of Mexico.  We use eighteen million barrels a day.  Do the math on our shortfall ).  We are borrowing from ourselves most of the operating budget.  And the top brass are a joke.


What I’m saying is that the rest of the world is more than happy having us police the world, as inefficient as we may be.  Because by and large, it keeps trade moving with nary a hiccup.  Trade is always contingent on securing that activity.  Without a policing navy, ocean trade would be far more dangerous and less profitable.  Granted, the Asian powers ( including Russia, as they are firmly in the Asian trading camp.  As Europe loses power and protection, Russia will move into that territory on a grander scale ) are busy building road and rail and pipes to bypass the American sea control, but that is so as to avoid being raped by us.  For the time being, allowing American naval protection to keep open the sea lane trade is much more profitable ( water transport is far superior to rail, and rail far superior to road ).  Our country spends more militarily than the next largest twenty armies combined.  It doesn’t mean we have the best military ( no reflection on the cogs of that machine but on the controllers and designers ), but it can mean we are going to go broke with it.  So, it is a win-win for other countries.  By allowing America to keep its dominion position for now, we pay for all the trade protection, AND go broke quicker doing it.  Foreign future powers have got to be loving that.

More next article.

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  1. Just got through reading your newsletter James. Good read and money well spent. I gave it 5 stars. It should generate some extra income for you. But survivalists are so fickle who knows what they want anymore?

    1. I appreciate it, thank you. I'll keep it up as long as the thing gets three times my old k-book $ amount or more like this one is doing. I'll be able to tell demand better with next months issue, since this next one won't be available on Kindle Unlimited and so no free issues. $20 ain't much, but much better than the $5 or so that was normal for Kindle. Geez, think about if it actually took off, unlike most of my other writing.

  2. Do the other countries of the world really think that a nuke capable arrogant 'superpower' nation will go into the dustbin of history without a fight???
    Doubtful. I am certain that satellite killers, hackers, and every sort of tool of war imaginable is on their drawing boards for handling the USA acting like the spoiled child much of its population is.
    They wont want to act until the US is starting to show signs of utilizing the final threat (nukes or other weapons of mass destruction) or is no longer helpful in its roll as 'global cop'. And they will want another nation to be the fall guy for their (deniable) actions. Something to remove the command and control *and* eliminate the USA as a world player in a single stroke would likely be best. EMP, by itself, wouldn't be enough.
    Plague, like wise (unless they can get it started in DC before we know it is there).
    But some combo of those and other actions might work in their plans.
    Or they may even just be ready to act with other plans to increase the kills and chaos if some such events do hit the US naturally.

    1. If you look at the Brits, they were very active politically/clandestanly far after WWII, but even for that war they were very limited. Yes, we have nukes, a wildcard, but without money the war making inability can cripple your empire long before everyone admits it.

    2. Yes but a crippled man with a gun is still deadly dangerous. And the innate attitude of most Americans when dealing with other nations is such that I am certain other nations will act against the US as we fall. They just have to do so in such a way that we don't pull the nuclear trigger against THEM (note the lack of concern for others).
      If something happens like 9/11 or the night of long knives in DC, expect some bass-ackward country to be clearly painted as the cause. Same with such a thing happening nation wide, the US will happily glass the capital of that country or movement.

    3. It is scary we would happily glass a capital in a false flag attack, just for short term gain.

    4. The Soviet Union didn't feel compelled to launch when they were breaking up. Ukraine willingly gave up its nukes.

      Nukes are expensive and not always that useful for a normal country. Think about it, what exactly would the Ukraine do with its nukes even if they had them? Take on Russia? I don't think so.

      Maybe the Pakistani feel safer with them, but what it really means is that they will likely get incinerated in their next war with India.

    5. As to the first point, a very valid thought. That said, Russia was in no danger as a country, just as an empire. And their empire was never for profit, just for a security buffer.

    6. True - Russia wants a place at the table, a good place, even the head of the table, but they are willing to let others sit at it too IF there is enough to go around or Russia gets dibs.
      It is when things start getting tight that this will become a problem. Russia will refuse to leave the table (let Ukraine for example, get brought over to the EU side - they have to have their interests protected in such a situation).
      China is much the same way, which is why Taiwan is such a big deal- China doesn't just want influence there, they want 100% control and feel the island is theirs AND filled with 'traitors' to the current Chinese rulers.
      But nukes are hugely useful weapon as a threat, though a lot less useful if one tries to use them in all but the most extreme situations as world opinion and other nuke holders will turn against such a user.
      The nukes also loose effectiveness if people believe you don't have the tech or money to maintain them and make them work, or worse, keep them secure. Rogue nations are less of a threat than terrorists and criminal syndicates with nukes.