Friday, August 21, 2015

economic games part 2 of 2


The short answer to why you should be concerned about the economy is that you can’t time its collapse.  Any swinging cheese dingus who professes that ability is after your money.  Since all markets are rigged, and our knowledge of that is superficial so we can’t know the true extent, and since push-pull geopolitical events are not broadcast beforehand, you can’t use any previous teachings of the economy to gauge its future behavior.  Common sense and that little whispering reptilian brain part that ensures your survival if you only choose to listen to it ( it has millions of years of evolution guiding its radar, verses your twelve years of pathetic schooling which was mostly daydreaming, napping and attempting to squeeze Joe-Ann’s budding bosoms ) tell you the economy is in fact one hundred percent guaranteed going to melt down into a toxic puddle of goo, and then you go confusing them by reading every economist on the planet and all their opinions ( and you know what they say about opinions ).  Which results in both a reassuring permission to go back to sleep and/or a smug return back to oblivion after you discover a flaw in their reasoning.  As hard as it is for me to admit, past a certain point analysis is a bad thing and following your intuition is better ( says the guy who over thinks everything way too long ).  Certainly you know we are in for a world of crap?


Gold and silver won’t save you ( they are long term saving accounts, with the exception of a small holding to hopefully cash in on the black market and pay your property tax with until the county government is destroyed ).  ANY paper or digital savings/pension is as good as already gone and won’t save you.  Praying to God definitely won’t save you ( you actually think the real God of Old Testament [ New Testament was a political creation of the Papists ]  fire and brimstone wraith gives two craps about your whining pathetic unprepared ass?  Fat chance.  He gave you the signs, now get off your dimpled cellulite riddled GMO fed butt and help yourself ).  A good paying job in the big city won’t save you.  As the economy has been completely ensnared in the Banksters web, all life saving activities, food and energy and clothing and medicine and more, are controlled by economic means, the collapse of the economy is just as deadly as Yellowstone erupting or a man-made zombie virus being unleashed, if not more so.  There will be ZERO soft landings, and the collapse has already started.  You won’t get another warning, other than the one already in your ear.  You can panic now and forcefully painfully change your paradigm, or you can wait for more pain and suffering not on your schedule.  Your pathetic supplies for the two week flood or power outage will not be sufficient, nor will your pie in the sky dreaming of a one day chicken coop and asparagus patch.  Let me put it bluntly.  Get your crap together, already.

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  1. Yep.
    And slow and steady will NOT win the race if you dont have the minimum basics.
    - Junk land - even just enough to lay your head on will keep you from being completely homeless.
    - Grain - enough air tight packed calories to see you through multiple years, it will turn out to be not enough but might be enough to see you through the worst of the die-off.
    - Water collection and purifying - same as grain
    - Ammo and guns - you will only need one or two guns when you need them but you will need far more ammo than you ever thought possible. If you don't count your rounds in thousands then you dont have enough to practice with and use after the collapse.
    - Shelter - Learn now how to build with what you can scrounge up and put something small on your junk land.
    And NOW you can save for bigger and better and spend time building a primo asparagus farm, etc.

    1. Next weeks series of articles goes over this ground again. Nothing everyone hasn't already heard, of course.

  2. I used to think I could maybe figure out what the markets were going to do. Fortunately, I discovered how manipulated the whole thing was before I put any money into it.

    After seeing the rabbits they pulled out their hats in 2008 I won't guess how far down the road they can kick the can. I'll just assume it will be a surprise and that in spite all my preps it won't be enough. That will require me to move fast when conditions fall apart, but that won't be the first time for me.

    1. I should be pissed all those years of economics study are void after manipulations started, but I guess no learning is ever for naught.

    2. Manipulation can not stop the inevitable workings of economics/energy systems it can only delay or conceal the results.

  3. Remus tagged you ...... good job bringing him back from the Dead .....

  4. "tagged". Is that a social network thing? Unfamiliar.