Thursday, August 20, 2015

economic games part 1 of 2


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We spend a lot of time here in the past, unraveling the true nature of economics and politics so that your mind can be free of the shackles of public school propaganda.  And we spend just as much time in the far future ( although, we can’t know if it is the immediate far future or the middlin far future or the very far future ) during the die-off where overpopulation meets the empty promise of the petroleum-less Green Revolution meets Gore Warming climate change.  Do we need to talk more about today and tomorrow and the ongoing economic collapse?  I might have given that a bit too much of a pass, usually dismissing it as “baked into the cake” and then preceding directly to the fun stuff of the Four Horsemen smiting all my enemies imagined or real.  In short, the question becomes “have we ignored the immediate crisis in favor of the long term one?”.  Perhaps.  And perhaps winged monkey’s and glittery unicorns shall fly out of my butt some day.  Irregardless, today that shall be our focus.  I see very little actual comprehension of the decade long ( if assumed to have started at the apex of conventional crude Peak Oil rather than the ’08 bankers implosion ) economic collapse amongst most survivalists.  I see wishful thinking and a strong desire to ignore reality, but as that is human nature and avoiding it is an acquired skill that takes time and practice I don’t think poorly of those that chose the easy path.


An economic collapse today is not the same as an economic collapse eighty-five years ago, when our population was one third of today’s, our soil was healthy ( the parts nor blowing off Oklahoma into DC ), our elephant oil fields were still being discovered and the jingle of gold in citizens pockets kept the evil whore Federal Reserve at bay.  An economic collapse today is not the same as one forty-five years ago when the Saudi’s oil became our new backing of the Greenback and even though a bunch of scumbag Yankee’s lost their factories at least the microchip was on its way to provide a service economy that paid for crap but at least offered jobs ( Alvin Toffler might have seemed a shrill for justifying those kinds of jobs, but being there on the ground floor in the ‘70’s had to have produced such trauma that anything, even debt slavery, was better than unemployment ).  An economic collapse in times of overpopulation ( I don’t hate Mexicans as much as I hate the fat rich White Industrialist sperm gurglers who encouraged their influx to push wages down.  Today, those masses are going to outbreed our resource base to a degree that the inevitable bloody backlash will surprise us all  ) and resource depletion ( we are low to non-existent on everything, having used the petro-dollar to supply us in any shortfall, where even our fabled food surplus is completely dependent on imported petroleum ) is a far different animal than any of our economic collapses in the past.  And it isn’t coming to a theatre near you soon, it has already been released on DVD and soon to be a TV movie.

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  1. Our economic collapse was 'baked into the cake' so to speak long ago.
    Our society HAS TO transition from a 'growth' paradigm to a 'sustainable (no growth) paradigm. BUT this is nearly impossible when competing cultures- hispanic, african, muslim, etc, etc, are still doing the population growth thing. They will crowd us out and take the resources we need for sustainability. It is a severe catch 22 we have our society and culture on.
    If we can succeed in exporting our 'sustainability model' to everyone else before we adopt it ourselves we might even be able to get a little more of their resources. But that is unlikely.
    Everyone wants a higher standard of living.
    Everyone wants to live like the rich 1% or at least a middle class American like they see on TV.
    And everyone wants lots of sex - and their religions and cultures usually demand that sex means kids. The US has been successful to some extent at divorcing the two - sex v kids - which is actually the main thing angering those in charge of muslim culture, and one the things weakening US culture.

    1. Isn't one of the main things angering Muslims our war against them and our attempt to steal their oil? :)

    2. Getting the brown people to quit breeding so much was Ms. Singer's (sp?) entire point with planned parenthood. And a large part of the elites war against all the peoples of the world- not that it isn't smart on an individual and small scale to constrain your reproduction if your kids will survive past childhood you only need 1 - 3 and as long as you aren't overwhelmed by those outbreeding your culture you can become a stable society.
      Our society shows sex as readily available (not as readily as it shows) and does not show much of the effort at preventing pregnancy that we do. Which Muslims feel seduces their young people into a western lifestyle and ideology. They are right it DOES. That is its point. Muslims feel it is a sin for a (muslim) woman to have her tubes tied. Throw in the fact we want their petroleum in exchange for McDonald's GMO crap food and our hollywood sold lifestyles, is it any wonder there is a cultural conflict. Doesnt make the Islamic extremists RIGHT, just shows where they are coming from.
      Our society (Western Europe, US, Canada) is capable of becoming a sustainable global society. Our native population trends are significantly downward. Solar, Wind, Hydro, Nukes, could theoretically power us at about 2/3rds our current population. Permacultural intensive agriculture could provide much of the calories the people would need. BUT we cant do that as long as the third world nations are inhabited by people out breeding us and using / competing for the globes resources.

    3. We could have done that with just local resources, the rest of the world be damned, except that the Growth Paradigm is sacred and must advance always even through downturns ( the periods of recession and depression were terrible for no other reason than growth slowed- the horror! the horror! ). Even as we kick the can down the road trying to avert meltdown, growth is still pushed with room for no other policy. Trump's Hair speaking against illegals is basically saying "pull back on growth". That reason alone, he is just a distraction like Perot and will never be installed.

  2. Just did the monthly amazon order. I''m the vita/ammio acid/strange things buyer. Anyone know how to do subscription purchases through jim's site?