Wednesday, August 26, 2015

econ collapse prep 2 of 4


For a country that totally disrespected the local inhabitants property rights, we sure are hung up on the class structures associated with property ownership.  Partly that was at one time the only way you could vote and partly that was a leftover from the Agricultural Age.  But it is important to keep in mind because in the near future it is going to be more important than ever.  As the economy implodes and the homeless population grows, the folks owning land and paying the taxes are going to demand more law enforcement action against any trespassing ( which might also be another way to get rid of those competing for jobs ).  Also, as the economy goes to crap, the local cops will be collecting vagrants and imprisoning them and forcing them into unpaid labor for local businesses that can pay the cops ( beware that five hundred years ago a lot of European countries got so desperate for cannon fodder that they impressed prisoners into the army.  Any prisoners, such as adulterers.  Just not tax cheats, for some reason ).  This is assured as the LEO’s tax base is destroyed and they get desperate for money.  This, despite whatever the Supreme Court says about vagrancy.  Just as Eminent Domain is easily abused, so will “community service” or whatnot.  You do NOT want to be homeless.  The above point, plus Food Stamp policy used to be you had to have a permanent address ( and it could change back to that as a cost cutting measure ), PLUS even if you stay with a friend they could coerce you with expulsion.  Get your own piece of legal dirt.


No, buying junk land off E-Bay or similar Internet sellers is not guaranteed.  The only guarantee in life is death, taxes and my hair staying fabulous looking.  I can only say I’ve bought six lots of land in the last ten years and none bit me in the ass ( all from E-Bay venders ).  There are lots now for as little as $50 a month payments.  Most are $100 down.  No credit is required as the seller finances.  And most lots are such crap that they aren’t worth calling down the law by cheating you on them ( crap land for middle class America, golden land for survivalists.  Bad roads, solar only, no grid, far from town is how you want to live, and survive ).  You can’t find anymore $500 lots like I did at first, but even a two thousand dollar lot is affordable to anyone ( if anyone wants to move to my neck of the woods, go to Ruby Want  There is a two acre lot selling for two grand.  Just use due diligence as that almost sounds too good to be true ).  And once you have your land ( or, rather, once you finish paying one off-the quicker the better as we are after all talking about an economic collapse any day ), you have a life long peace of mind.  If you are lucky, you could time things right and use the upcoming tax returns to pay off the balance of the loan and within six months have a free and clear title.  For now, most will have to be content with just putting a down on a lot and hoping the economy lasts long enough to pay it off completely.  A down is not the same as a title, but at least you secure the right to pay off a lot.  Don’t expect them to last once the masses discover this way of getting cheap land.  Next article, guns and grains.

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  1. I just recived a tax certificate on 1.25 wooded acre. In may it will become mine. Total cost 350$ which I will recoup by cutting 10 cord of firewood off of it. At 250$ a cord it will be a nice profit to. The land has a bluff by the road over 20 foot high a logging company harvest the pine and cut a trail about 5 years ago and quit paying the taxes. So I got the property and the hardwood they didn't want.

  2. “You can’t find anymore $500 lots like I did at first, but even a two thousand dollar lot is affordable to anyone ( if anyone wants to move to my neck of the woods, go to Ruby Want  There is a two acre lot selling for two grand.”

    Checked it out James, and that's a pretty decent price. Mine was 2.5 acres for $2200, and I was happy to have it at that price.

    I was listening to the late night radio the other day, and there was a financial guru on there suggesting that there will definitely be another collapse, and it will be soon, and at least as bad as ought eight.

    Another good reason to have that paid for legal squat.

    1. You don't have to be a financial expert to know another '08 crash is coming. The question is, will one a lot worse happen?