Monday, August 31, 2015

clans 1 of 3

CLANS 1 of 3
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Sometimes I hate people a lot more than other times.  Right now I’m looking at the book “The Rule Of The Clan” by Mark S Weiner and I’m pretty friggin worked up with a powerful righteous anger.  If terrorists with sunlamp skin and vaguely blue eyes with an underlying Connecticut accent behind their throat clearing sounding Arabic ( as in, CIA dudes ) were to kidnap you and put a shotgun barrel to your head and a flare gun up your rectum and threaten to BBQ your colon if you do not order the aforementioned book, I would strongly advise you to NOT give in to their demands.  This thing is an atrocious piece of vile crap.  Here I was, all excited to be getting a highly recommended book on clans, by an author I thankfully do not remember because I would then hate him too,  and it was nothing more than two hundred pages of not very thinly disguised ass kissing of big government.  Oh, life in a clan was brutish and short and bitches get stoned and boyo’s do nothing but fight each other but since kings came along everybody’s individual rights have been impeccably observed and we are so much better off.  Barf!  I don’t know what I expected of some lawyer twat author, but evidently I expected way too much like a friggin book on how clans were organized and how they operated.  Every time the subject veered that way, Markie The Monkey Molester just pushed his pro-central government agenda.  I don’t think I got half way through this turd.


I suppose some of this is my fault, as the author never claimed to be an anthropologist.  I got so excited I ordered the book without better diligence.  Still, even going by the authors profession and schooling, I would have expected a far more balanced rendering of the subject.  Which it definitively is NOT.  One can only be imagining our author masturbating to pictures of Stalin and Obammy.  There is no pretense of understanding his subject, just an unrelenting pounding of any and all examples of their organization for being group based rather than individual based, and absolutely no acknowledgment of governments abuse of the individual while pretending to champion their rights.  I suppose Master Weiner spent so much time with his head buried in law books he didn’t bother to read a lot of history, a subject he obviously stopped learning with a public school approved course of propaganda erroneously labeled “history”.  A strong central state is not the only or best way to govern groups, and it would have been nice to get both the pros and cons from a professed professional.  Instead we get some bloviating bitch paid by the taxpayers to convince them the screw job they are receiving is a good idea.  Hump this bastard.  Do NOT learn about clans from him ( a subject of some import, as this is the likely direction of governance we shall see after the collapse.  A system we already have in many areas of our society, which I cover next article ).

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  1. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a load of steamy, egalitarian, leftist, dung heap material. Never heard of it, nor planned on reading it, but you saved me the trouble should I ever have had the misfortune of considering to do so.

    Well, I am looking forward to the latest edition of your newsletter James. Will be purchasing soon.

  2. As a former Delta Force Special Ninja Operations Telepathic Warfare Master Instructor, I have to ask, did your monkey write this?

    chuck norris

  3. But reading the book gave you the excuse to use the word "bloviating" in your article.

    I have never seen that word used on any other survivalist themed blog. It makes you sound well educated and unique.

    Just using that word once will probably gain you at least one or two additional loyal minions.


    Idaho Homesteader

    1. Don't get too optimistic around here ( the silver lining part ), I'm trying to keep the mood tense and apocalyptic.

  4. Thank you for the review, I appreciate it. This is one reason I frequent your blog - you run interference for us by sorting the wheat from the chaff. While you're still grossly underpaid for "taking one for the team" on a regular basis, I have nevertheless done my part to show my respect for your efforts (and your hair) by purchasing your newest book. Thanks, LB!

    1. Most bad books-and there are more than a few, perhaps 20% paper and 80% electric-I can leave alone and ignore as the price of education. Some are so befouled I must shout from the rooftops. And believe me, I appreciate the contribution. If every minion genuflected upon the alter of my greatness and dropped a mere few coins into my begging tin I would rule the universe! Well, perhaps not that far but something.