Monday, May 18, 2015

townies 2

( before we start today:

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I really was rather comfortable out in the dust and deprivation. I’ve never much cared about luxuries other than a dry place to read my library of reference books. Food has always been fuel rather than enjoyment, so as long as it didn’t make me want to vomit ( such as from cooked vegetables ) I can eat the cheap basics. You all know my story, how I went for minimalism off grid to do things affordable. The journey getting there was not from lack of motivation but just lack of education. If the girlfriend dies/we break up next year, I could just as easily go back to living out at my homestead. Yes, I’d have to get used to losing freezer meats for the weekend again. More temperature fluctuations ( although, really, it isn’t all that different. I was at fifty degrees, now at 62 ) in the dwelling. Going back to muddy roads. Go back to Internet only at work. But other than that, not much else will change. I really don’t think I will lose my edge as far as roughing it. I still bike in the cold. Still shower in thirty seconds of water, compared to the old two quarts maximum whores bath. I’m still working outside all morning regardless of weather. I don’t think I’ve changed much at all. But of course, whenever someone moves back on to the grid, you always think "the pussy couldn’t handle it".


Am I just trying to justify myself? I don’t think so. I’ve had pretty much the same loyal minions since before I moved to Elko and went off-grid seven years ago. I’m not making excuses, but rather trying to make sure for my own sake I don’t turn into one of the Marshmallow People. That would endanger my own life, and I treasure that rather highly. No, I kind of look at it like this. When I went from winter living in the trailer to moving underground, I went from privation to privilege, all things considered. But by NOT roughing it, I lost no roughing it skills. I’d already practiced those. I’d already gained the education. And, no, I’m not claiming it to be anywhere near the same thing, but isn’t it considered sufficient when a soldier goes through combat in one tour? He is now a experienced combat veteran and need not go back to war. Off-griders, given sufficient exposure to problems needing solving, shouldn’t need to prove themselves continuously. Sure, those that try and give up because they are pussies is one thing, those proving themselves and then retiring to an easier life after conquering the challenge quite another. As long as they don’t let themselves go totally to crap, mental fortitude-wise. Which I have no plan on doing. The crap will very soon hit the fan and I’ll be keeping my mental edge, thank you very much. Or so I’ve convinced myself.


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  1. Once u reach 55-60 yrs old what does it matter.
    The vast majority of survivalists at this age wont make it whether the're prepared or not.
    I mean face it, the best prepared are still no match for a well trained swat team.
    The best u can hope for is to take a couple of the gov't goons with u when they come for u.

    1. I'm not QUITE as fatalistic as that, but am in your ballpark. We don't prep for guarentees, just better odds

  2. I jumped at the chance to live on a house when I had the opportunity. Don't think I'll forget how I became homeless or what I learned about living without all or nearly all the modern conveniences. I doubt you will either plus you did it for much longer than I. Enjoy your writings, great hair!

  3. Like I stated before, consider this an opportunity to improve the pit of doom.
    Nothing wrong with diversifying your opportunities.

  4. comes the rain!

    In ten years you will be changing poopy diapers again.

    What do you mean that's not funny!

    1. Why ten years? I always get a gal who is fixed.

    2. Anonymous wasn't talking about babies............

      They're talking about you living with an OLDER woman :)

      Idaho Homesteader

    3. Wow! How did I not pick up on that? That's embarrassing.

  5. I don't see why a smart man like you doesn't realize that town living is just part of adapting to the current situation. Survival is about rolling with the punches and if you get some gravy on your biscuits once in awhile, go for it! With your attitude being what it is, survival has become second nature. You are already as ready as you are ever going to be. Time to tread water and enjoy the pool for awhile!

  6. @ anon

    If it is diapers in 10, that's ok, the house will be paid off in 5. It's all about windows of opportunity!!!

  7. You've done your 10k hours of livin hard required for mastery. You won't lose that from livin the cushy life. What is survival if not doing the best with what you have. Just make sure you have a good plan to get your new squeeze from work and get out to the dirt ranch, and you are good to go.