Thursday, May 14, 2015

putin doesn't nuke


It wasn’t too long ago that our country not only used all its own oil to perform the function of the worlds factory, it had plenty left over to export to the rest of the planet ( even after doing everything in our power to burn up as much as possible fighting for global hegemony ). Now, granted, we DID burn up all the easy shallow stuff, and have lost over half our peak production, but we never had to lose our industrial economy other than from two key factors. The bankers are greedy arseholes and too many people were allowed to bump uglies at above replacement levels. If the Prez, any of them, had grown a pair of balls and had the military assassinate all the bankers, then used any number of unConstitutional laws to force population control, we would all still be living in Leave It To Beaver economy. But, since I wasn’t put in charge, only bad things have happened. One of them is the current danger to our power grid. Not from an EMP or some such fanciful scenario ( not that it isn’t possible, just that while we wistfully gaze out towards possible enemies, we overlook the far greater danger from our own stupidity ), but from our imports being cut off. You know, like suddenly there was no rice or commie carbine ammunition.


Our country hit Peak Plutonium long ago. We used to extract 16k tons and are now down to 2k. The remainder is from decommissioned Russian nuclear weapons ( you don’t need the same mass as the weapon material is condensed, so it isn’t like they have thousands of tons worth ). And while you might think it would be nice and swell ( I know I do ) to get rid of all our nuclear power plants, they do provide 20% of our electricity, so it ain’t gonna happen. So, what happens to our nuke plants when we piss off Putin over the Ukraine? Do we still get enough fuel? But wait! There is other details to consider. Natural gas also supplies a good portion of our electricity. But you’ve heard of the Fracking bubble, yes? While it is the oil fracking rigs shutting down right now, next year was projected to be the drastic drop off of the rig count of BOTH oil and gas, anyway. At the same time ( I would imagine it is being planned this way over at the Kremlin ) the natural gas supply contracts, our nuke fuel supply from Russia dries up. We won’t lose half of our electrical generating capacity right then and there, but I’d imagine we lose enough that the whole grid is effected by brown and black outs and possibly even bankruptcies and job loses. All without enemy attack. Just a result of our own incompetence and the end of THAT road the can was being kicked down. I’m already thinking about how to publish less than exclusively online. And you should buy your panels now.


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  1. That does not even factor in all of our nuc carriers and sub's, Putin made a good move against us economicly and militarily wise.

  2. Forget war. Neither side are stupid to commit suicide....We got more serious problems to resolve.
    We need, water, employment ( have you seen the homeless begging for $$ ?)..We need to lose weight, (just look how many fatso's are on the streets, me included)..We have the problem with the bee's colonies (GMO's the cause?). Air pollution, start walking or riding a bike. Ozone, get rid of air conditioning, fridge's and start living naturally just what nature pretended.

    We are spoiled. we are pigs.

    Wake up. Do EARTH DAY, every day.

    I'm turning off my computer after I visit this site.


  3. Not just solar panels, optimized wire runs (with safety equipment: breakers and fast fuses w/ spares), charge controllers (MPPT), and good batteries (large battery bank that can discharge not more than 60% in the worst dark winter (or as much battery as you can afford and have space/weight for) before you get outside and get the snow/dust off the panels). A good quality small water-cooled Diesel genset would be a good back-up.

    I can see going DC-only and skipping the big main inverter-charger, if money is tight. 24v bank with 24v-12v DC-DC converter and several small 300W to 600W inverters, with rocker-pump refrigerationand LED direct from 24v.

    Electricty means refrigeration, safe lighting, safe ventilation (living underground REQUIRES venting), battery tools, wireless communication, and water pumping. Without electricity, you need to have several hundred serfs working for you to live half as well. $5000 invested now in good power systems is better than a tribe of semi-loyal hungry slaves and lighting, making your small team Even $1000 in panels/charging/batteries makes your small team superior to those who can't charge lights, toy-NV, or radios. You will own recently-re-imported wolves who want your chickens.

    Having a small solar system and a complete set of spares (not spare batteries) might be a strategy. You can scrounge batteries, even start batteries if you have to.


    1. Superior numbers or tactics WILL triumph over tech. Vietnam? The only reason our asses were not kicked in Iraq was we softened them up for a decade prior with food/med embargo.

  4. Putin is for Russia. Pretty sure of that.

    Our-side leadership seems to be working for a not-us agenda.

    1. Utopia, where there is a big die-off and the only survivors are the 5% of them and their minions. Oh, and all the good mega-tech survives, to allow 1970's electric civilization to pop-out around big hydro and remaining restartable nukes, lacking damned dirty hippies and people "not like us, dear". Imho, hydro projects are giant flood disasters on a tripwire, and light water reactors are all run by people as trustworthy and future-thinking as TEPCo executives. Don't be there, downstream or down wind.

    2. very good points. no one looks at drowning, just 43% less a kilowatt hour on the bill

    3. Utopia? I tells you, it has to start with bio-engineered plague- multiple waves of plague that sweep out those who don't take sufficient precautions, and a big % of those who do. but not so big a % or so infectious that people cant bury the bodies. And preferably reduced fertility as a side effect of contracting and surviving the plague or any 'immunization' against it.