Friday, May 1, 2015

cali exodus #2


Growth Til Death

When I speak of rich bitch welfare, I’m not per se just speaking of the farm subsidies for Cargile or Monosoto or the bankers bailout of trillions ( the central bank runs this country, so it is stupid to call their profit "welfare" ). That is the obvious parts. I speak more of the chicken feed crumbs the aspiring rich ( as opposed to the uber super rich who have no nationality and who sodomize the aspiring rich for sport, then refuse to invite them to their daughters coming out party. The old rich don’t just snub the new rich because they are snobs, they do it because their multigenerational wealth is protected by power and law while the new rich have yet to establish their position in the ruling elite ) got wealthy with. Think of the uber rich as the plantation owners and the aspiring rich as the straw boss of the slaves. They are privileged, but still completely under the power of the owner. The aspiring rich are there to control the population, to do the dirty work. The real estate tycoon is there to keep the serfs bound to the bankers by debt. The tycoon’s owner just sits back and allows them to be financed. If you look at California’s history, a few very rich dudes used their control over the government, and/or their links to the eastern banks to get other peoples money to create one of the West’s biggest public water projects. In effect, they created an oasis in the middle of a desert, and profited from that for multiple decades.


Poor or aspiring middle class folks migrated to California ( the attempted road blocks at the states borders to stop the Oakies were set up by the city of Los Angeles, most likely because the city had been expanding beyond its water supply from its first Anglo growth phase, but quickly suppressed for reasons obvious very soon ) precisely because it was still not crowded or dry, unlike all other agricultural areas ( attempts in the West to mimic California’s desert bloom success were not as successful, primarily due to overly silty rivers and improper soil, along with excessive evaporation rates ) at the time. Basically, the Dust Bowl was just an extension of the story of the poor in the South denuding the soil and then moving westward into new land. Along the way to riches from creating a gigantic new farm region, a host of straw bosses were utilized to funnel the wealth and control the upstarts. Until we come to the situation today where the region has hit and exceeded every unintended consequence limit, a husk of a former money machine, abandoned to the poor and the straw bosses, once again making California the bell weather state of the nation. The uber rich long ago abandoned the state, if anything just cherry picking the remaining plums. The straw bosses have been migrating out for decades to greener pastures. The idiot bosses and the poor remain.


Continued next time


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  1. I expect Southern Cali and the wannna be cities of the SW (Phoenix seems to want to be L.A.) will depopulate over the next 20 years, even if the rest of the US holds on. The water and electricity demands alone require subsidy from other areas that will be unacceptable as resources decline.

  2. Lord Bison, though I dare not dispute your logical analysis of this topic, I am humbly confused where you are taking us loyal minions with this train of thought. California has been collapsing for years although the drought or lack of pumped in water is accelerating the problem. This whole country and the world is heading for the shitter. I am putting everything into debt elimination at this point. And a few more more food.

    Since I questioned your direction with this topic I feel the need to praise your magnificent follicles.

    1. Basically, you ain't seen any exodus YET, but it will happen BEFORE the true collapse and overwhelm all areas. I think I got ahead of myself- four part series

    2. OK, I will wait for it to all be tied together by your magical keyboard. Is that enough sucking up yet?

      Im in the deep south and not too many folks want to deal with the heat and bugs if things go in the shitter. Those California Communists won't be venturing this far. Colorado is going to get worse. Too bad, its really is a beautiful place.

      On anothernote. JP Morgan and some other big money outfits are buying the heck out of silver. What are your thoughts? I know silver is undervalued compared to the historical ratio to gold but they know something.

      Anyway, enough rambling.

    3. Forget about silver to gold. The coming issue is gross shortages as Peak Silver was almost a decade ago globally AND industrial use, even excluding photography, has been on the rise. Most industrial use means the silver is "destroyed". Gold is almost purely monetary. Hence, gold is stored as silver disappears. You are looking at silver shortage before gold. However, with a bankster, I'd say it has got to do with covering for derivatives demanding some physical delivery. I'd wager their bets are coming undone and they are desperate. When too many derivative bets can no longer be paid, the whole thing unravels.

    4. Silver: Pretty metal, easy to work. Good as money, 90% US coin currently has too much premium to melt. Get physical in-hand metal, not paper silver, if you plan on long-term saving.

      Industrial use of silver is a tiny fraction of the end product price. This means that $100/oz silver increases the cost of a laptop by $8, meaning that they still make the laptop. Same with solar panel.

      OTOH, energy is the key input in EVERYTHING. Energy is lots of forms, but the "best" (most useful, least substitutable) is liquid petroleum. BTU's are not BTU's. Location is important, as is method of transport (pipeline cheapest, truck most expensive except for tanker aircraft delivery that is stupid-expensive, rail middlin' cost).

      Cheap oil energy is how come there is silver to buy at 3 to 4 oz of silver for a day of minimum-wage work. You ought to get .07 to .1 oz per day of HARD work if not for the 100 dinosaur petroleum slaves sweating for you in the mines while you yawn over a broom or espresso machine at Java Joint 4:20 Weed Cafe.
      Energy to get the metal, energy to build a factory, energy to drive the employees to work every morning, energy to run the process, energy to ship the solar panels to your garage (thank you for pre-buying 30 years worth of power!), energy to run the comm/electricty networks that make everything possible, all levitating on Federal Reserve Notes and Treasury Bills (NotGeld). Everything that makes your life sweet/thoughtful/comfortable/safe/long works best with perfectly-reliable almost-free energy. Energy makes hot water baths available in the homes of the lowest serf/subject, which is almost the definition of civilization.

      If we were not complete idiots, we would have 6 plants of industrial-size in-progress around the United States sited near cheap hydrocarbons to reform them to liquid synthetic oil, like SASOL did in South Africa in the 1980's. They made $30 crude, in national-fuel quantities, while under a global embargo. Add a Thorium liquid salt reactor (LFTR) for heat and power, and you will really have something Made In America, safe & fueled from domestic sources.
      Or don't make a LFTR plant, just cut-off oil imports, and use cheap NG for heat. Start-up is the pain with a LFTR: billions per plant, but it's clean electricity as well as high-quality crude/chemical feedstocks without paying gold or RNB.


    5. We ARE complete idiots. Profit is using near free energy, strategic energy is lost profit. You don't get long term smart investments in a mercantilist economy.

    6. pdxr13 -
      Totally right.
      But since as a nation or globe as a whole we aren't being smart with our energy investment, that just means that we have to be smart as individuals, families and small communities-
      Solar panels (mono-crystalline ones are still producing @20% of rated capacity over 40+ years from install, poly and amorphous ones don't yet have that sort of proven endurance). Nickel Iron batteries (you can swap them in to replace the more common deep cycle marine over time) have proven lifespans in excess of 60+ years with only simple minimal maintenance. 12 volt LED lights should be able to last many many years and are cheap enough to buy a life time supply of.
      Using non-electric, non-fossil, forms of heating and cooling is doable, as is super insulating your house (earth sheltered is the go-to alternative building style if building from scratch, but simple double wall to super insulate is good if dealing with existing structures.).
      Most transportation should be via bike, or bulk carrier.
      Most food stuff that can be, should be locally sourced.
      If (assuming no black swans), my extremely rough calculations are correct, 20% of the population would take such measures in the next 3 years, it should give the remaining population an additional 5 years to get prepped themselves.
      We would have most people able to take rainwater solar heated showers under solar powered led lights after gardening or biking to and from work. Hippy ecotopia because of necessity (energy) not politics.

  3. you are so thoughtful.
    makes me think along other lines than usual.
    d. h.