Monday, May 11, 2015

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If you are interested in the industrial uses of hemp, and you should be as this is one of the wonder plants for after the Apocalypse ( rope, cooking oil, and etc. with the plants, very importantly, NOT using feed crop soil but able to thrive on marginal soil as the weed it is ), you really should read the book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". Part expose on the abuses of power as the DuPont’s of the world legislating the end of competition to their monopolies, part call for legalization and part how-to-run-a-civilization-on-the-best-renewable-possible, the book is indispensable. Remember, hemp is a useful plant. Marijuana is the artificial enhancement of hemps female plant for recreational use. Just because you have a hemp plant doesn’t mean you can smoke it to get high. But our super wonderful Federal Gooberment had a vested interest in increasing its power ( drug enforcement taking the place of alcohol enforcement ) and revenue and subsidizing giant corporations needed in the war effort for imperial growth, and so hemp was demonized for no other reason than its own advancement. Back eighty years ago, so don’t blame it all on Nancy Reagan. It isn’t stoner-heads having delusions for a return to legal trips that should be the reason to re-legalize hemp, but as an answer to our energy and food problems ( the book is something like twenty-five years old, which just goes to prove the best solution to any problem isn’t a issue of intelligence but of entrenched powers suppressing any solutions ).


Herbal Remedies

One issue with ANY advocated natural remedy is that its cheerleaders inevitable make so many fanciful claims to its proprieties ( ALL cure cancer, acne, irritable bowel syndrome and even ugliness ) that you come away a newly hatched cynic with a jaundiced eye towards any further claims. The main thing herbal remedies have going for them is not because they perform so wonderfully but because they are local and don’t require barter or a continental infrastructure or oil based imperial wealth/energy. They probably under perform all the practitioners claims, but they are renewable and local and most importantly, available. So, for instance, dried huckleberry might only slightly be antibacterial ( I just pulled a name out of my butt, here-don’t bother telling me huckleberry is useless, or used for something else ), but it is most assuredly better than nothing and can be used long after BigPharm medication which works much better is a distant memory after the oil runs out. Search your fav book seller under "herbal remedies" for a book or three, and you could be the future pharmacist in your community ( start now for practice and seed stockpiling ). Herbs are great for being small scale, needing less compost and greenhouse space, and while you can’t safeguard the knowledge, most likely no one else will have thought of this for future planning and you should keep your monopoly.


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  1. I had already thought of and pursued the herbal/alternative medicine route.
    Herbs alone are a good start, but in order to have a diversity of herbal treatments you will have to have a greenhouse, knowledge of what to plant with what (companion planting), how to keep them growing, etc.
    Hemp seed (low or no THC) ready for planting is nearly impossible to find. The black market wont sell it - they want you to get the leaf of the high THC instead- and no legitimate company will touch the issue with a 10 foot pole. I hope with the legalization efforts the seed will become purchasable.

    1. I wouldn't even advise visiting a legal state. crossing border and you are suddenly a kingpin and get mandatory sentencing. Best wait for lack of govt. to make it legal

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  3. Try entering into your search engine "best natural antibiotics" and "best natural antibiotics for tooth infection". This is a good start since this is the most likely application that you're going to encounter.

    I know that Amazon does sell the medicinal herb kits, as I plan on getting one, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Just a blast from the past James. But if you were living in the Bay Area in the 1980's, and you just happened to listen to 98.5 KOME. You probably remember "Dennis Erectus" and his hilarious sexual comments regarding Nancy Reagan :D

    1. 80-83 central Cali, 83-86 Hawaii, 86-89 north central. Avoided Bay Area.

  4. The local farmers tried a hemp offshoot called kenai (sp?). No THC content at all. A local start up company bought all the harvest then went out of business a couple years later and then went broke.

    1. Perhaps lack of economics of scale, specialty equipment?