Wednesday, May 27, 2015

poor survival


In the course of a civilization collapse, everyone who survives is poor.  Which is not to say that only the poor will survive.  Plenty of the poor will be some of the first casualties.  They already are, prior to the collapse even picking up much speed.  The poor have less money to buy their freedom, and end up in prison, or have no other choice but crime just to survive ( once that first drug charge puts you in jail, you have zero chance of employment in the conventional job market.  The drug dealers don’t necessarily pick their careers ).  While bullspit bloviators like Rush and Beck cheerlead the fracking bubble as centuries long energy independence ( to their dying day, blaming the Left for shutting it down to save endangered species ), they also take time out to blame the poor for being poor.  A noble past time in this and most societies, as the criminals who legitimize their theft transfer blame to the victims.  But here is a little secret for you.  The rich transfer all wealth from the poor, then each other and in the end the wealth is all destroyed some way or another.  A few might sail away to their Caribbean islands with gold bars, but 99% of the former rich are left dangling from lampposts or huddling under the same overpass as the rest of us.  To the poor, money is a tool.  To the rich, money is a status symbol.


When you are constricted in your ability to acquire a tool, you make do with less.  When you can never get enough status symbols, their acquisition consumes your life.  You risk money in hand to get more money ( the saying “a bird in hand beats two in the bush” is gibberish to them ).  Money blinds you, and makes you weak.  So you can forgive my mirth at the spectacle of survival writers/publishers all chasing more and more money by teaching that only more and more money will assure you survive.  The dollar is so close to the precipice, being rejected by more and more countries as oil trading chits, planning on how you will get more in the future is an archaic habit from the past.  Screw getting more dollars, focus on getting rid of the ones you have now.  You think Obammy doubling the deficit was bad?  If the PetroDollar goes off the rails during Hilary’s tenor, you get hyperinflation.  You think all your money grubbing schemes will be worth squat then?  Puny Earthling!  Your dollars are no match against my Martian ray gun ( sorry, couldn’t help the Bugs Bunny reference ).  The first step towards surviving without a valid functioning currency is to stop worshiping at the alter of Mammon.  Your mortgage on the concrete retreat full of AR’s will be as safe as the Dollar, your job and 401k.

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  1. Had a look at the Humboldt county Nevada building department site James, and it sounds awfully restrictive, same as CA.

    Permission to install a woodstove, apply stucco to the side of your house, restrictions on deck size, sprinkler systems (sans permit) etc. When you click on what size building that you can have without a permit, the link is a PDF that does not work (typical). I emailed them prior with no response? I'll head over to the Elko county building dept and check it out next. My job of 13 years is likely coming to an end within the year, and I need to acquire junk land soon. I'm a 51 year old white guy, and hear tell that my demographic is not so desirable for hire at most places anymore?

    Hope that Elko county is better?

    1. Elko has jobs aplenty- get them before these idiots learn we are in a bubble locally and stop building. Perhaps not the job you need/want, but still something even if low pay.
      Plenty of land on e-bay. If you want seclusion and have a 4x4, I do have that lot four miles north of Rynden.

    2. Wouldn't rule out ebay James, but not real confident with it, and would prefer to buy through a realtor such as your recommended guy if possible. I was wanting between 5 to 10 acres (Ideally more for an extra buffer to guaranty seclusion) and to spend in the vicinity of around $5K plus initially, but now it seems as if my job is not going to last as long as I had initially thought? So I'm thinking I should keep the max limit at around $3k, and however much land I can get for that amount. I'd really like to get at least a couple of acres though. Saw some cheap land in Twin River Ranchos near Ryndon.

      Out of curiosity, how big is your lot? How much? Winter accessible? I still need to work unfortunately, so I'm trying to find a fine balance of seclusion, yet still within reasonable proximity to jobs.

    3. My lot is an acre. NOT winter accessable, which is why I bought the others closer to town on a county maintained road. One thought I had was living 9 months on my lot, then 3 winter months at the RV park they have right at the Ryndon exit. Although lately, no snow accumulation for the last few years. I think for $3k, an acre would be about all you'd find almost anywhere in the county. You could put down $100 on e-bay land, $100 a month, move there, then if you found something else drop the first contract and move. If you think you might want my lot, e-mail me and I can work with you on price/payments. I'm not greedy, and I'd love to have a tribal member move here.

    4. I can't over emphasize the necessity to check out your immediate neighbors thoroughly BEFORE you purchase the land. Neighbors will break you if they have a mind to, and without even trying. Just because they are assholes. Your closest neighbors house could be 500' away and that seems fine until you live there awhile, then 500' seems like 5' if the neighbors are assholes. It's sort of a variation of the "more you have, the more you want" thing.

    5. Any thoughts on buying land site unseen James? I'm not particularly fond of doing so, but the added cost to travel 7 hours to Elko only adds to the cost of the land that I'm trying to secure prior to my pending unemployment. Some of the parcels had coordinates, so I can check them out on Google Earth, which makes me feel a little better about doing it.

      Is your parcel in that Twin Rivers development by any chance?

    6. I can't remember which one it is. I think it is one road west of coal mine road, then four miles up. Been 9 years since I saw it.

    7. I've had really good luck buying sight unseen, but honestly I really have insane good luck in everything in life ( you wouldn't think, with the ex-wife and all, but things end well and for the best ). So, I can't say others will be as lucky.

    8. GS- I had a section all to myself, land paid off for like two years, THEN the idiots moved in ( this is my second lot, not the one I was living on these last seven years ), crack heads. I knew them well, not strangers, so it wasn't too bad if I chose to move there, but the point is even if you do it right, they can still follow you.

    9. Looks like most of these realtors selling the econo-land are from other states James? Your recommended guy, Kent Taylor, "Char The Explorer", etc.

      I ran the idea by my brother the other day, and he insisted that it was a foolish move, because I wouldn't be buffered from others with enough land. While I agree, and would hate to have others living in close proximity, my options are pretty much running out, and the less than ideal situation will have to do. His suggestion? Get a decent paying job and finance a higher priced and larger parcel of land for a longer term (eye roll). Not gonna happen, even if I could find a decent job. I'm too tired to work like a dog for too many more years, and the casual employment option is sounding better and better by the day.

      Have you had some good transactions with your real estate guy? Do you think I'm better off getting a local realtor? I'd rather avoid the 8 hour trip if possible, but fear that I'll regret it if I do? But it adds considerably to the cost of land for a soon to be unemployed guy. There's Google Earth, but it doesn't quite give the same experience.

    10. I trust my real estate guy implicitly. Worked with him three times and he is fair. I'll put it this way- if he wanted to borrow money from me, I'd loan it to him without thought of if I'm getting paid back, only of if I could afford to part with the amount for a time. Good choice on casual employ- the good paying jobs can't last here forever- already the mines are on hiring freeze and some contractors are in trouble.

    11. Thanks James. Is he in the local area? As far as work goes, I could get by on pretty much anything. No ex-wives, kids, etc (i.e. no baggage) so my needs are more minimal than most; a good feeling in an economy that's about to implode, and when most need $50k plus to get by.

      Any thoughts on how to obtain GPS coordinates on a parcel, so as to look at it on google earth? I wonder if the realtors provide for these typically?

    12. Did you try the county web site? Not sure, but it would seem they might have GPS. The realitor is back East, so no, not local.

    13. No, but I will. Thanks!