Friday, May 22, 2015

suadis and chinese


I hope you all make a habit of reading "The Golden Jackass" website. There is a public section as well as the paid one for subscribers. The public piece on May 5th, a rambling tirade in honor of celebrating our communist CIC ( tongue in cheek ), at one point alluded to the Saudi royals and their part in the current low prices for oil. In short, the Saudi’s are flooding the markets, in cooperation with the Chinese, to kill our fracking oil industry. With the goal, one assumes, of knocking the US economy’s dingus in the dirt. That is all the Jackass said about it, but I’ll say much more because this intrigues me. Now, when I had earlier read said website, he was all in on the theory the Saudi’s were behind the oil flood. That was all he had mentioned. I didn’t buy into it, in that case. But get the Chinese involved and suddenly you have much more excitement and geopolitical razzle dazzle than simply a country losing money now to make more later. That just didn’t make sense, as "market share" isn’t a very good reason to bite the hand of your military protector. But if the Chinese are going to be the new protector, and they ask for a favor, then things start to become much clearer.


Now, your average politician, Joe Blow on the street, most of my readers and economists alike all have a very difficult time comprehending that oil is not exactly a renewable resource ( I love you guys, but you really should be a bit more concerned with resource drawdown ). But I assure you, the Saudi’s, those making decisions that keep them in power and safe from the rabble, all know exactly how much oil they can expect to have left on a daily basis. They can’t operate under delusions, as it will be their necks being stretched by a rope tied to a lamppost. They wouldn’t be fiddle humping around with trying to gain market share, in the process pissing off their muscle, when not only is the competition only a piddling one million barrels a day, it is also shot lived ( 2016 was the projected date of steep industry wide decline, and easily calculated with published production numbers ). Remember, over pumping leads to long term well damage ( less available ). If I were a Saudi, and I knew my production was already dropping every year, and a nice Chinese gentleman asked me to sacrifice a bit of production in the future in exchange for their more realistic ability to protect the royal family ( the US has already dropped that ball, and is economically double dog dry dicked to boot ), I would most naturally agree to the deal. It isn’t even really a sacrifice, as oil is going to go sky high anyway, so less oil still brings in MORE revenue. In a more stable currency. For a better military protector. A win-win for everyone. The Chinese get to see a possible death deal to our economy, plus assure more oil supply, the Saudi’s get to stay in power. If they see the death of the fracking industry as that beneficial, should we perhaps be giving it more attention ourselves?


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  1. Here are the recipes for Black Powder and Gun-Cotton. For those that did not get the previous recipes for fulminate of mercury, and percussion caps, it was posted at the link below. Also take note of the safety precautions (You basically never want to try any of this stuff unless you have to, and know what you're doing). Also keep in mind that real Black Powder is a class A explosive, which is why you can almost never find the real stuff in the gun shops anymore.

    Dick's encyclopedia of formulas and processes 1872

    The poor man's James Bond vol 1, P.165

    2140. To Make Gunpowder.

    Pulverize separately, 76 parts nitrate of potassa, 11 sulphur, and 13 freshly burned charcoal, and mix them with a little water,
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    (See Porphyrization, No. 25.)

    Dick's encyclopedia of formulas and processes 1872

    The poor man's James Bond vol 1, P.165, 166

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  2. I think I just read that the Saudi's are investing in solar in their country. If this is the case, they can see the end of their oil?

  3. Oh great coiffed one, I would like to pique your brain. What would you use for used oil come collapse?


    1. I assume you mean "use used oil for"? Already thought on this one. Since I'm not a big one on keeping machinery running, I'd have plenty of oil for rust prevention. I'm not sure if I'd trust the oil on guns-yes, I know it is too thick, but better than nothing come pinch time- even filtered through a cloth and coffee filter, but knives and other solid metal pieces will need protection. Better used motor oil than food oil.

    2. Used motor oil is a really good protector of submerged metal. A barrel of motor oil in a barn (so water can't drain in under the oil) will hold many wood-removed firearms and keep good forever. Oil is better than cosmoline or the horrible Soviet preservative in that you can use the weapon pretty quick (drain, wipe, bang). Add a heating element under or around the oil drum to drive off moisture occasionally. If you really want to be paranoid, centrifuge the used oil, which will make it very clean (Diesel engine oil goes from jet black full of carbon nanoparticles to honey-color like fresh oil) if lacking the factory mystery additive package. Centrifuged oil stores guns AND lubes remaining engines. Don't forget bike chains!


  4. I know a fellow who saved all his old used oil in a 55 gallon drum. Car oil, cooking oil, you name it. Every year, he would use it to paint his fence post. It helped preserve the wood.

    Idaho Homesteader

  5. Early 1970's underground building cheap:$50_and_up_Underground_House_Book.pdf

    1. Must have-lots of idea sources. And of course get a paper copy to pay the author. Mike is a genius and deserves the support.

  6. Jim Willie is a voice in the wilderness. No need to hold-back on the truth from outside occupied territory. He's right-on about what the bankster elites are doing, what they HAVE to to, in their list of ever-narrowing options to keep the music playing and everyone dancing for just-one-more-quarter (before total-global war).

    No one can do timing right, but better GOTS 2 years early than a day late.

    Jim's interviews on various media sound like "via skype or shortwave radio from an undisclosed cafe in the Costa Rican jungle", with vehicles roaring in the background. No self-respecting .gov shill would accept sound quality so poor.

    There will be only symbolic temporary interest FRB-controlled rate increases, if any, as long as the current US Dollar regime holds. Increasing rates speeds the collapse (and perversely would make the USD the best place to send global money, and be a super-rich alien "visiting") , even if it might save us like in 1982.

    Saving for individuals will be best in some kind of good metal that you find useful for making or preserving wealth. Welders should stock lots of wire and gasses. I like fluxed tin-silver-lead in tiny wire to build and fix electronica. Ammo is good for preserving the wealth that is self, but spending a couple bucks on some comfy-light level3a pistol/pellet armor might be a decent investment. Soft body armor makes riding in little cars less-lethal as penetrating injuries are upgraded to blunt trauma.