Tuesday, May 5, 2015

cali exodus 3


"This Sucker Is Going Down"

For some decades now, the smart money has been abandoning the state of California. I left in the early 90’s, myself, after being born and raised there, and have yet to run into a place as bad ( of course, I never visited YankeeLand ). I’m not completely insensitive to the plight of many stuck there for reasons beyond their control, but we all know if you are still there your life is a pitiful and miserable existence and you will soon die a horrible and elongated death. The problem for the rest of the country is that California was at one time incredibly wealthy ( ninth richest area globally, if I recall correctly ) and a lot of those smart people cashed out, took some of their lottery winnings, and invested it in poor areas, being the modern carpertbaggers. Poor areas that survived on poor wages because the cost of living was low. So, every swinging cheese dingus from Cali moved in and carpet bombed the real estate market with outside cash, forcing the cost of living sky high. However, being former straw bosses, these Cali pukes believed themselves to be the modern equivalent to The Second Coming, and treated the locals as nearly free serfs. They wanted low cost workers to mow their lawns, wipe their asses in old age and serve them fries with their burgers after they arrived in town in grand style in new autos ( the serfs were also allowed to wash their cars, but cheaply ).


For you familiar with how the economies of the rural South are conducted, with a few locals monopolizing the land market and influencing zoning, all to the benefit of New York banks, a story changing particulars but not generalities for 150 years, the Cali story should ring similar. Now, if the old bosses held half the country hostage over housing costs, that would be bad enough. But they have done far, far worse. They have changed the culture, being advanced agents for the Growth Paradigm. Conservative farmers and ranchers and small town residents are by nature cautious and a bit hostile to ideas that could turn around and bit them on the ass later. But when the big money rolled into town, it was all over but the crying, even if it took some time and few realized the end game details. Today, most places embrace growth ( for a compressed lesson on its dangers, look at the fracking boom. Taxpayer subsidized use of public infrastructure, damage and wear to same, then private company abandonment after the profits were secured ). And there in lies the trap they don’t realize they are in. By believing growth is the cure to all ills, most areas will welcome the poor and stupid into their towns ( as opposed to prohibiting rental property increases or other means ), a Trojen Horse from a state that believes and worships government welfare.


Next article, the Cali mentality infects other areas.


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  1. The cali pukes resembles the same effect on rural areas as Wal Mart has on thriving family business in rural areas? Flash cash for short term gain, then the indigenous locals wither under new cost of the invaders

    1. Wal-mart had high hopes of crushing all competition, alas, their sky high cost of expansion how works against them. Smaller regional chains can cost cut Wally. Their days are numbered.