Thursday, May 21, 2015

9k year weather


In years past, when there was a severe weather event ( which, obviously, was every year on a global scale-or in Texas ), our beady eyed little monopolists just shifted grain surpluses in one region to another to cover the resulting crop shortages. Well, then something really bad happened. All those ungrateful bastards we had saved from previous potential famines had babies and world population got way too large when the next wave of weather failures went global. Too many years in a row, too many of the globes grain regions had weather related fails all at the same time. Now add in the economic problems ushered in by petroleum becoming a much more expensive energy source ( remember, Peak Oil wasn’t about immediately running out as I and a few others screamed about in morbid fear, but was about Peak Cheap Oil which was what our global economy is built around ) so that too many farmers are getting triaged out of the system ( Indian farmers in once lush areas needing too much money to drill wells down too far are failing. Afghanistan farmers planting poppies rather than wheat due to drought. Etcetera ). This is a triple whammy impacting food world wide ( the ethanol program here was just poison frosting on a crap cake ).


Now, we all know the economics are going to get worse. The central banks traded growth from oil production, which ended ten years ago, to growth in derivatives for their continued survival and profit. Which can’t continue indefinitely. And drought is here to stay. You might get alternate years of flooding, but that is almost as bad. Population growth is only slowing. All the Happy Talk crowd is pointing to this fact as if Malthusian concerns are unfounded. But growth is still growth, only allowing the can to be kicked down the road a bit further. Now there are further rumors of more bad news to add to all the following. Just rumors, but I’ve read of some scientists concerned over the current lack of sunspot activity tied to increased volcanism and earthquakes, and how this is the worst recorded in nine thousand years. If a valid concern ( as opposed to just a short lived blip that will right itself and become a false alarm ) this just adds a lot of fuel to the weather fire already established. Who needs more crap in the atmosphere due to volcanic eruptions? Or, more so, increased odds of a nearby "dormant" hill exploding or at least melting enough snow and ice to bury your burg under tons of mud. Plus, don’t discount the economic aspect. When Katrina hit New Orleans, and remember this was just after the economy started showing signs of weakening, years and years on we still have sodden piles of bulldozed homes sitting in corners of the ghetto, right next to a repaired professional sports complex ( money to fix the few areas outsiders spend money on, none to give to residents ). If an earthquake hits your town, expect little to no money available from either the insurance company or the government. But mostly, I’d be very concerned about global weather, and the global food supply, to get much more precarious. Got food stores?


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  1. Water, metals, food, and even pollutions, are not the primary limit to human population growth. We can find all sorts of technological ways around those issue. Global Climate change or other natural disaster probably isn't either. Even some sort of Pandemic - given the continuance of society to provide the necessary healthcare support- would only cause a hiccup in population growth of humans.
    No, the limiting factor is energy.
    All our recycling, and technological fixes relies on intense affordable energy. Nuclear or Fossil Fuels are the only ways of providing that energy right now. And, the numbers appear to support the likelihood we have hit the peak of affordably CHEAP and concentrated energy from those sources (yes nuclear too- based on discoveries of uranium bearing ore).
    We either get fusion power, or get a breakthrough on the renewable energy front for EROEI (look it up), or our population will be doomed to most living lives that are more nasty brutish and short than our current ones.
    This story is interesting because the Polar regions are some of the last areas that may have significant deposits of untapped concentrated fossil fuel or nuclear energy sources.
    Canada, Russia, US, UK, Japan, and China, all want to exploit these resources.
    This article shows how even passive Canada is working on getting those polar resources:
    (hope you don't mind the link Magnificently Maned Lord Bison)

    1. I love links! That might have been an issue at one time, but that was a few years back. The problem with polar energy is still EROI. It is just Fracking v.2. Plus, once accessable due to melting, the rising seas use up more energy than you get ( in emergency measures, lost farmland, lost urban areas, etc )

    2. Classical calculation of EROI doestn't matter when you MUST have oil in return for "whatever or however" you can get it. If that means 30BTU's of falling water from BPA to make one BTU of ICE fuel, then so-be-it. It's the same logic of burning topsoil to make corn to make ethanol to burn in hungry SUV's delivering unwanted children to public daycare-indoctrination centers to free-up mom to get a job. The end is disasterous, BUT LOOK HOW BUSY EVERYONE IS. Executing treasonous elites is nearly impossible with so much to do.

      Since melting exposes oil-properties at the same time that flooding causes losses, it's almost a requirement to get that oil/gas while it's physically possible to buy time for building Thorium-burning LFTR co-located with F-T refineries. Yeah, right, like we wouldn't just keep circling the block in our driver-only Ford Excursions.....


    3. Executing treasonous elites is nearly impossible with so much to do. Damn, that's good. I knew I liked you for some reason.

    4. Oh, totally agreed the polar exploitation is just fracking v2. It just buys TPTB a bit longer after all as annon 1:19 says "look at how BUSY everyone is" the activity can be mistaken for growth and hide some of the signs of the impending disaster(s).

    5. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  2. Earth to Jim.....Earth to Jim!

    So you really think the Afghanis are planting poppy instead of wheat because of the drought??????????????????????????????


    1. I understand the economics of it. But in drought conditions, the choice to go over to poppies is of course much easier. Cumulatively, a lot a wheat doesn't get planted and a lot more pressure is on imports.

  3. I did NOT say ten months I said ten YEARS.

    I am not talking about baby poopy diapers I am talking about Granny's poopy diapers.


    Start stocking adult diapers next to the wheat.

  4. Jim I thought the sun spots were worrying 2 or 3 years ago but now it was OK. Did you check the date on the articles you read ?
    The French Minion

    1. The article was recent. As far as THEIR source material, I don't know.

  5. Someone doesn't believe

    1. Forbes is America's retarded hair lip illigetimate cousin to The Economist. Central bank, big monopoly cheerleaders disguised as legitimate businessman's publications. But, I'm happy to read what they have to say. Thanks.