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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

rebel alliance

note: only marginally post-apocalypse, more of a time travel love story.  But exceptionally written and on KU:
Tourists Of The Apocalypse
note: after reading the Internet rumor that Clinton collapsed and is being given Diasipin shots by the Secret Service, a damn song popped into my head. Van McCoy's "The Hustle".  Listen to the YouTube video and whenever they say "hustle", substitute "The Ep-Pee" in your head and visualize legions of Hillary fans doing a herky-jerky spaz dance.
note: this is actually good news:
article on hillary health problems
If you believe that the Presidents do as they are told, then it doesn't matter what their past suggests they would like to do themselves.  If Hilary is this brain humped, that means business as usual from the powers that be.  Which means Gun Control ONLY if that was already the plan.  Not just because SHE is elected.  So, cheer up!  Hilary is far more stupid than Obammy at this point.
As Mark Twain, never one to suffer fools gladly, said some time ago, there are lies, damn lies and statistics.  That being said, let’s look at a few statistics.  There are 125 million households in the US.  45% of them own guns.  Let’s call it around 55 million gun owners.  The average gun owner has four guns.  There are around 320 million guns in the US.  Now, I can see the plausibility of a minority of homes having guns.  There are a lot of asswhores crammed into the northeast and the Pacific coastal urban sprawl.  Most of those states are very unfriendly towards gun owners.  Since the majority of the population lives there, and gun ownership is treated like a privilege rather than a natural right, lawyers and law makers and bureaucrats constantly trying to tag team anyone who even thinks the Bill Of Rights is a “thing”, I would imagine the majority of folks just give up and accept as the natural order that the jack booted thugs will indeed protect them ( along with such Magic Kingdom Glittery Unicorn Fart tools as car alarms and extra locks and the ever popular Big Bad Mighty And Righteous “Command Voice” To Intimidate The Proletariat Unwashed Masses ).


Of course, if the average gun owner ( living in Flyover Country ) has four firearms, and there are 55 million of them, the math doesn’t exactly add up.  Even Ebonics Math can’t get something other than a one third discrepancy.  This is either another example of damn, damn lies ( statistics ) being a badly hidden propaganda tool of manipulation, or around one hundred million guns ( the exact number is unknown of course ) is made up of official LEO and military arms and all the guns that used to be owned legitimately and are now, after theft and illegal acquisition, owned by criminals.  We know the military doesn’t have all that many guns.  There are not that many trigger pullers mixed in with all those long tail logistics folks.  But I can see the majority of that belonging to criminals.  Those drugs, the sale of which is the only employment option for several million ghetto Blacks, do not protect themselves. 


Let’s just call those statistics Close Enough For Government Work.  So, out of 55 million gun owners, how many do you think will join the Rebel Alliance and fight back if the federal government outlaws guns?  It would at first blush seem an unlikely event.  Not because the gun owners so vastly outnumber the federal and LEO troops ( which, as I’ll postulate, they really won’t by all that much ) and so it is “illogical” to try.  The government has never stopped at trying to do something because it was stupid.  And in fact, Americans reaction to stupid does nothing but empower the elites to try it again ( the average citizen rolled over at the loss of States rights, the confiscation of gold, the prohibition of military weapons, vastly increased taxes, forced conscription, etc. ).  I think one reason total gun control most likely won’t happen is because citizens are so cowed and compliant because of crime.  If you take away too many guns, all those class warfare deaths would stop ( sure, there are those 100 million guns in the hands of criminals, but without legal ammunition they couldn’t kill as many folks ).


And, more importantly, the race war continuing right now wouldn’t have the impact without all those guns around.  Blacks are given 007 licenses to kill, Whites Gun Up in desperation ( rather than doing the smart thing and moving out of the area under siege ) and the fright and fear levels ratchet up.  The federal government is full of straight up incompetents with guns ( think Barney Fife in the airport ).  By letting civilians farm out the murder, those overpaid and fat “professionals” do almost no hard or dangerous work ( that is when the Environmental Protection Agency or Postal Service sends in their SWAT teams comprised of former members of BlackHawk.  Sure, scary, but they are too few in number to make much difference long term/big picture ).  Meanwhile, the really dangerous gun owners are safely out of the way in the rural areas.  Not only does this mean the ruling members of the hive are free of attacking rebels, but also that federal forces can be concentrated in smaller areas to protect the 10% who matter.  And-pay attention here!-all the outlier areas can be starved into submission.


And as far as how many gun owners will fight back?  I’d wager less than ten percent.  Probably more like 5%.  Isn’t that about the number who fought in the Revolutionary War?  Most people are blowhards, more bark than bite.  Now, mix in the Race War with the Gun Confiscation.  If guns are outlawed, I can guarantee you then some mechanism will be activated to create a surge in Black on White violence.  Gun Rebels, about equally matched with armed Federales, will also be fighting a separate battle against Blacks.  There might be a lot less Blacks but the average male Black, those not in prison, are urban combat veterans.  The average White gun owner is embarrassingly unqualified to use his tools against a live target.  This will create the resurgence of the fabled Lynch Mobs, further activating Black response and on and on.  Then, because there are not enough Federal forces to protect the Blacks against “racists and KKK members and White Trash vigilantes”, the less populated areas will be triaged as the paramilitary’s of the government protect the rich.


Law and order cease in those areas, and it becomes near anarchy.  You can bet that those areas cease to see the Ag Monopoly products being escorted in by troops.  Benign neglect creates a mass famine and starvation is used against the rebels.  Now, I’m not saying gun control will or will not happen.  What I am saying is that if it does, it is going to be more like “The Turner Diaries” than we are comfortable with.  Hell, throw in some Ukrainian Collectivism.  What it won’t be is some noble clean freedom reigns repeat of the Revolutionary War, yellow snake adorned flags a waiving in the breeze.   Which is what most gun owners are envisioning.  Once they get a graphically presented contrary example live on their tablet, most will pussy up and turn in their “pry it from my cold dead hands” semi-auto Freedom Carbine.


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  1. On the Hillary story.. I used to work high-end security for a company run by a retired secret security agent. Spoke with him a few days ago and he has heard through his grapevine that she is really messed up physically.
    She has a doctor that is never more than 25 feet from her at all times. He dresses up like an agent and is even on stage with her if she should go into full melt down mode.
    She wears those long coats to hide the fact that she wears the super extra thick depends because it is rumored that she fills her pants during these meltdowns on a regular basis. And she has a lot of these meltdowns!
    Do you think that the PTB know this and are really staging
    for her VP choice to be their puppet after she spaz's out?

    1. The more problems I hear on Hilary's health, the less worried I am about her impact politically.

  2. How about a government using a biological agent against areas of the country? A good you tube video linked to from Rawles site (Aug. 9th) about the increase in new infectious agents world wide in the last few years. The talk from a doctor Hatfield (where have I heard that name before?)worth watching! At the end he gives some recommendations for protecting yourself.

    1. Hatfield. The Hatfield and McCoy feud.

    2. The only places the government (or even an invading enemy) would choose to hit with bio or chem WMD's would be ones that are full of largely useless people - TPTB wouldn't want to kill all the farmers or the cities producing anything useful to them. If, however the place is just a port or host to a dead/dying industry (hello Detroit) it would make sense to kill off the drain to rest of the country with a mass population loss. How you would arrange it to be contained and lose only the most useless of population would be the next biggest issue (If you were TPTB you wouldn't want to hit something like the subway, more like something like the food banks or a big free music festival or the lowest common denominator of music - huh, come to think of it, didn't something like this just happen in France?....)

      Piece of advice - avoid big crowds, especially ones where free stuff is being given away - if you really want the stuff think it through for contingencies, get in, and get out.

  3. I recall some time back James that you wish listed a book on how to substitute high priced survival items with commonly found everyday items for a fraction of the cost. I think I wish listed it as well, but the name escapes me as I write this. Anyhow, the series of videos below (There are 7) are from Dave Canterbury of the pathfinder school (Also the Dual Survival tv series on Discovery). In them, he shows you how to assemble a bug out kit for almost nothing (He calls it something else, but that's more or less what it is) and I feel that they could be of use to some of the minions. And I'm not advocating this as a primary strategy, only suggesting that the time may come when one might have to unexpectedly bug out, if even hastily from their retreat.

    Building a Discount Bushcraft Kit part 1

    Some highlights:

    In part 2, he mentions a cheap and easy snare kit, as well as other basic essentials.

    Part 3 is cheap food.

    In part 4, he shows you how to make an easy and cheap bucksaw (Something that even Jim would approve of).

    Part 5 is wool blankets.

    In part 6 he goes into more details for the snares, and informs the viewer that 10 super strong snares can be had for only a few dollars.

    In part 7, he does a nifty little trick with a wool blanket in which it doubles as a backpack.

    All in all, it's an excellent video series, and the initial kit that he assembled, before he decided to improve more on it only cost $30. He chose a single shot 12ga as his woods gun that he picked up used for $60.

    1. James Ballou had a book like you describe. I was under-whelmed.

    2. Yeah, I think that's the book I'm thinking of James. Sorry to hear it sucked, but at least I know not to waste my money on it. But the below info is free, so no risk, except for your time. If nothing else, you might wish to check out video 4 on the bucksaw, only 8 minutes, and video 6 on the 10 cheap snares for $2, only 7 minutes. I've heard you mention the trapping dude Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming on a few occasions, and thought that this was something that you would find useful.

      Building a Discount Bushcraft Kit Part 4 (Take Down BuckSaw for Ten Dollars)


      Building a Discount Bushcraft Kit Part 6 (Cheap Small Game Snares)


    3. Snares are generally single use, the animal twists the cable/wire all up in its desperation to escape. A better long term MANUFACTURED trap is a metal rat trap. Lighter, thinner, and more durable than the wood ones.


      Want to make deadfalls but are unsure or unskilled about making the triggering mechanism?


      Peace out

    4. Those are the kinds of vids I end up not watching. Ten to fifteen minutes to stretch out a one minute point. Rambling. Too much non-information.
      They actually make traps for rats? Or is that just the name?

    5. Disregard that rat question. I was thinking "rat snare" like you wanted to eat the thing. Sorry, no coffee yet this morning. Its a bigger mouse trap, not snare. And you wonder why I need to stockpile so much coffee for the collapse.

    6. Yes, I recall your 3 minute video rule James. The videos were mostly for the other minions. But I figured that being the “chainsaw atheist” that you are, that you would have found #4 to be of some use ;)

    7. I tried to watch that one and the wool one, but blah blah blah... Understand, I KNOW my distaste of videos is just a personal tic. Vids are great teaching tools, I just am always antsy to get to the printed word.

  4. I seriously doubt they will "starve" anyone out. What I do expect to see in interdicted areas, in rapid succession:

    * No mail delivery
    * No banking services
    * No electricity
    * No phone service
    * No Internet
    * No piped-in natural gas
    * No road maintenance
    * Cessation of truck deliveries
    * No fire departments
    * No police departments
    * Road closures

    I doubt anything more would be needed.

    People would be welcome to come to the cities or the FEMA camps just so long as they leave their guns behind.

    1. Well, all that you describe is starving folks out. You can't move food in. The South might still have plenty of ag land but it is also overcrowded, so without Midwest corn imported in I'm sure local crops are inadequate. No one in the West could feed themselves, nor escape without fuel.

    2. Actually everything John describes sounds just like all the dying small towns of the Midwest. No one *starves* but everyone drives for a long time to get to "civilization" people still live there but in a decade or so there are more empty falling down houses than inhabited ones.
      The community gets proportionately older and tighter the nursing home and graveyard fills up even as the school empties. Soon enough it can be a near ghost town, just a place for the farmers to fill the tanks of their combines if it is the biggest place in a reasonable drive.

    3. LOL, sorry, I guess I forgot to make my point, why I put the quotes around "starve": they wouldn't SAY that's what they're doing. They'd call it something like "suspension of services". But of course, starving people out would be exactly what they would be doing.

      And yes, JJ, they've already started the process of depopulation, that's where I'm looking to predict their future behavior. They just are doing it slowly enough not to be protested. If the protests are already happening, then they can proceed at full speed. Of course, as long as the land is useful, it does behoove them to keep it in production. Once aquifers or topsoil are depleted, it might as well be deserted.

    4. Don't you hate when you are witty and have to explain it?:)I get it now, makes more sense. Sorry.


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