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Thursday, August 4, 2016

past future 4 of 5


Why is anti-feminism bad?  Certainly NOT because it subjugates women or institutionalized them as chattel.  That was the argument bitches gave to “be free” but it is pretty much a crock of crap.  Bitches and Ho’s be all crazy, screeching to shatter any eardrum within a mile radius, Oh Jesus! Oh Merciful Lord!  Save Us From Male Oppression!  I don’t know about you, but I hear a lot of foxes protesting they aren’t allowed to guard the henhouse.  So, let me get this straight.  Females lure the strongest male to their bed, seduce him, in the space of a few pelvic thrusts he has committed himself to a lifetime of providing for a family, AND he gets to put his life on the line whenever there is danger about.  Did I miss something?  And we are the oppressors.  Look, I don’t think we got a bad deal.  Most males most of the time think with their little brain and to that little guys way of thinking the above arrangement is quite a bargain ( assuming he is always attended to, naturally.  Hint, hint, frigid bitches ).  So, we get the crappy end of the stick, actually like it, and you STILL want to moan and complain?  Shut the hump up!


What feminism is all about, perhaps not as an ideology but as a practice, is getting a free meal ticket.  All reward and no responsibility.  Bitches get to be free, run their own lives, pick who the sperm donor is ( who is then obligated regardless of contract to provide for the offspring ), deny the father most rights to said children, get equal or superior pay for less work, most likely end up as the workplace supervisor for most males, AND they still get to have the male soldier drones sacrifice themselves to protect her.  If you are a male, old timey male chauvinism sure looks good right about now.  And you know what?  It will look pretty sweet to ALL females, about three minutes after civilization collapse.  Well, okay, not the more rabid outspoken FemiNazis ( which includes all college instructors of both genders ) but they are usually ground zero in urban combat zones so they will die off quickly.  If a common street punk doesn’t get them first I’m sure there will be plenty of economically violated males who relish a bit of payback ( not killing them!  Middle class honkies are not barbarians.  Selling them to sex slavers, those who cater to the S&M crown where looking like Janet Reno isn’t an issue with the leather face mask, might work nicely ).


The natural tendency for females in a real threatening situation is to seek out the protection of a male.  I find it difficult indeed to envision a real life Linda Hamilton so bad ass she can hold her own.  If nothing else, she doesn’t have the upper body strength to carry enough ammunition to protect herself, so the Colonel Colt Equalizer will only get her so far.  Then there is the questions of cutting wood and tilling a garden and such.  Suddenly, after a lifetime of luxuriating ( or more correctly, wallowing ) in Oil Age conveniences and tools, reality rears up its ugly head and starts bitch slapping the ignorant.  Suddenly, money is no longer a means of protection ( which females use to good effect, but Yuppie Scum attempt to do also to much embarrassment ).  We all share a good laugh over the rich who will be floundering without a compass come the collapse, but I wonder if females realize they are in the same predicament ( males are also to a certain extent, as moving to the suburbs to escape ghetto violence and supporting a military to push aggression safely overseas is not gender specific.  But males are biologically predisposed to joining a pack for protection, whereas females are not ).


Currently, one of the more insidious consequences of widespread feminism ( under threat of law to be cheerfully accepted ) is the pussyfication of young males.  Certainly, adult males as well, but here we talk of pre-pubescent males being brainwashed from birth on, with a sharp uptick starting during compulsory education.  With bitches in charge, violent tendencies simply must be eliminated!  Part and parcel with this trend was the annoyingly retarded notion of environmental impacts on raising children.  According to these rocket scientists, males and females are perfectly equal and there is nothing that can’t be ingrained culturally, with biology playing absolutely no role.  The stupidity of these people is what makes you question how our species has so far survived.


But once a new violent world is put in obvious focus, suddenly it doesn’t seem like a great idea to turn your little boy into a pussy, does it?  And who the hell wants any faggots around at that time?  Not because you’ve eliminated a mating pair ( it doesn’t take that many males to keep the tribes females pregnant ) but because you’ve diminished the effectiveness of raising warriors ( if the legends of gay Greek soldiers is to be believed, which might just be another trick of our cultural re-writing forced down our throats, it would be the exception rather than the rule ).  The Hump-er might be okay, but I’m sure the Hump-ee would have too many issues being in touch with his feminine side.  To speak nothing of a dearth of regular households to raise normal children in ( butt pirates and carpet lickers do not teach regular gender roles, they mutant them.  End result, screwed up kids.  There was a reason certain people couldn’t adopt or raise children at one time ).


And how can the genders be “equal” in the workplace if the only work available to them is gender specific.  After the lights go out, do you want your lumberjacks who provide your winter heat and cooking fuel to be inferior strength females?  Really?  You want to risk dying so Lisa Lumberjack can pretend to be the physical equal to men?  Would you REALLY want a female with inferior strength to defend your camp?  It is one thing for bitches to be pretending to be Tammy Tactical overseas, quite another for the enemy to be a mere few paces away.  Forget endangering your breeding stock, at that point your very life is endangered.  And I’m sure at that point, when playing soldier isn’t a means for a college education and retirement but a life and death struggle, the gals would agree this new idea of warrior equality is stupid.  More tomorrow.


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  1. “The stupidity of these people is what makes you question how our species has so far survived.”

    I've read this before elsewhere James, and I'm inclined to agree. But American's have been coasting off the back of innovations and technology that have been pioneered by the great men of the past, prior to the massive dumbing down. If you think about it, all of our technology today is more or less a take off of a previous technology. It stood to reason that when the transistor replaced the vacuum tube, that integrated circuits in a more advanced form were soon to follow, paving the way for the computer age.

    We were able to get away with these rediculous social experiments foisted upon us by the left, due to our extreme wealth and superior technology. So much so that 50 years of this idiocy has not bankrupted us to the point of a societal collapse as of the time of this writing. Most jobs today really don't produce anything of any actual worth, and can easily be performed by the average person. Even jobs that require specialized training, can often be performed by a person of average intelligence.

    But a civilisation can only coast from such wealth and innovation for so long, and the time must come in which one must pay the piper.

    1. Oil wealth gave us the surplus to discover all this high tech, to begin with. Amazing how long we hung on-and amazing that we think we have another fifty years.

    2. The question is really how much technology and knowledge (and people) will survive the coming die off. Much of it will be deemed frivolous for a couple of generations afterward, but if the die off is large enough and fast enough and leaves enough resources intact a new tech based civilization _could_ *possibly* re-occur. I hope that happens as it would give the human race another (smaller briefer) chance to get into space permanently and once our species is truly space faring our extinction becomes much less likely before the heat death of the universe.

    3. I fear there is about a zero chance of space travel. If we couldn't do it past Peak Oil, and that was the height of our economic and resource good times, how can we do it now? If Russia, still possessing abundant resources as compared to us ( if for no other reason that the states controls those instead of the bankers ), isn't going to colonize space, how can anyone else? If China, at the height of it economic prowess ( not now, a short time ago ) when it could build infrastructure in Africa on a giant scale, and build high speed rail across inhospitable desert, and do the Three Gorge Dam in a short time, couldn't colonize space, how can anyone? It is a nice dream, kind of like my fantasy of an anarchist society, but unrealistic.

    4. I'm no expert on this topic James. But my understanding from having read on this subject before from those that are more knowledgeable in this field, is that we only had a short window of opportunity to pursue the space age to its fullest possibilities, and because we didn't, it's now a very unlikely prospect. So long term species continuation is unlikely at this point.

    5. We can live just fine as a species on a screwed up planet. There will just be a reset to a LOT less of us. We did our best, but Mom Nature will clean up the worse soon enough.

    6. Yeah, I was speaking in the long term James, as in thousands of years from now. I tend to do that rather then concentrating on the short term.

    7. Okay, so thousands of years from now, why would our species be in danger? It won't take but a few centuries to reverse most of mans pollution, and our low numbers after the 99.9% die-off will in effect equal an "eco-friendly" impact in effect if not in design. I'm not getting why we need to immigrate off planet to survive as a species.

    8. Okay, let me try again. Our sun is finite and will eventually burn out. In order for our species to survive for, let's say, thousands, or millions of years, we will need to migrate to other planetary systems.

      I know it probably sounds ridiculous, but it's a habit of mine to always think too far ahead. None the less, the Earth cannot remain habitable for the long term regardless of what we do.

    9. Not ridiculous, but I think you are going TOO far ahead with the sun burning out. We've been around in modern form for a hundred, hundred and fifty thousand years. Two million back to Monkey Men. The sun won't burn out for, what? A few hundred million? Way too long to expect ANY species to still be around. Except perhaps cockroaches. In the time scales you are talking, hypothetical colonized planets themselves would lose their suns.


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