Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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( being the first in a series comprising a booklet )

Traditional Marriage

Stupid bitches, both stupid females and stupid bitches as in prison bitches as in feminized males, think that today their enlightened activism has banished tens of thousands of years of superstition and ignorance and oppression. Of course, what they fail to realize is that you can’t fight human nature. You MUST work with it. And today’s “new and improved” culture fights human nature. It tries to reverse traditional roles. There is a very good reason traits are widespread and long lasting. They have worked over time. It doesn’t matter if the individual particularly enjoys it. It matters if it leads to increased survival of the group. Today’s focus on individual desires is totally at the expense of group cohesion which in the very near future will come to be the death of the individual. We are pack animals. We have survived and evolved as packs. To banish this unit as primitive and unnecessary, we have condemned the individual once the energy surplus declines.


Traditional marriage served a very specific purpose. It forced together two individuals and kept them together. Keeping them together meant the optimal environment for child rearing. Since human fetuses can’t finish development of a giant brain in the womb, they are born “prematurely” and must finish growing that brain in the first year or so. That development past the physical stage, the programming, takes another four years after that. Then, the body catches up for eight to ten more years and the hormone flood of puberty finishes the job both mentally and physically and only then is the human ready to move out on their own. Stupid bitches try to insist that carpet lickers or anal pirates can raise a child just as easily as a heterosexual couple can, but this misses the point of traditional child rearing which was training the child in its gender roles. Males and females are literally different species ( and smarter governing bodies should recognize this ). A male cannot truly properly condition a female and raise her properly on his own, and visa versa. This was recognized by the unseemly haste in remarrying following a spousal death. Or having an opposite gender biological family member move into the new family to help with child rearing.


There was a reason homosexuals weren’t allowed to marry. Their union did nothing to help group survival. As far as rearing a child? The thought was abhorrent for a reason- they would do a pisspoor job of properly conditioning the child in gender roles. In an environment without an ungodly energy surplus- in other words in an environment which comprised all of human history until 250 years ago and at most will last another fifty years max- males provided the muscle power to feed the family and to protect the family. They needed to be antagonistic. Females provided a nurturing family environment and both civilized males when needed or encouraged them to revert to savagery as needed ( to be crass, a female using her womanly ways at night was all the inducement a male needed to go risk life and limb in protection of the family ). There was a very good reason females were “forced” to provide sex for her husband and were punished for adultery. This kept the male at home and willing to provide/protect. If the kids were not his, and the women was unwilling, there was really nothing to keep him there, let alone any inducement to risk his neck or work hard for provisions.


Females today wail and knish their teeth about being subjugated and being treated as sex slaves. This is just ignorance and camouflage. Males are both programmed and indeed willing to toil all day and to throw their lives away on the battlefield for regular sex with a mate. One who quickly loses her charms after littering enough whelps, it might be added. Yet traditionally he was stuck with her, and was still expected to toil and risk death for her and the family. So, really, who was getting the raw deal? FemiNazi’s complain they have to put out, and then still treat guys like walking wallets and cannon fodder. Me thinks they doth protest too much.


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  1. Well, I certainly can't disagree James, which is why I follow you, and not the other PC survival gurus. You're willing to tell it
    like it is, at the sacrifice of fame within the survival movement.

    But alas, such common sense is no longer allowed, and as such, your followers will always be limited in number, but I'd like to think that quality trumps quantity.

    1. Quite right. I don't have stupid minions. I'd rather it was that way- we ( hopefully ) make each other think. And thank you.

  2. Dunno about all that Goldie Locks. Been with the same woman going on 35 years now. She treats me good and do the same for her. Sex / Well let's just say who cares and we've both grown beyond that monkey lust stuff....
    My woman is the best Bow hunter / cook / camping survivalist on board 110%.
    I am a lucky man !
    She can shoot too !
    And loves knives.... So I buy her really nice ones.
    Gonna get her a .357 revolver soon. She has a nice Sig 738 and a Berretta 948 , but she wants a cowboy pistol like my .454, only a lil smaller caliber lol

    Me thinks your little head picks your women James, use the Large head for the next one. They are definitely out there !

    Keep the humor coming buddy, we love it !

    1. I think I'm at that point where the big brain will decide- but I'll still insist on a willing one, or none at all. Life is too short NOW, no excuse for before, to put up with the drama for no benefit.

    2. "but she wants a cowboy pistol like my .454, only a lil smaller caliber lol"

      Lucky you. Those Freedom Arms .454's sure are nice. But boy, they don't give those away, now do they? I like that you can shoot the .45 long colt, when you don't feel like having your arm ripped off :shock:

  3. Gr8 post, James.

    I was so impress that tears came to my eyes.

    You're great philosopher. How do you do it?

    Any women will kill just to have a husband like you.

    You been syffering sooooooo much for sooooo long. Sometimes I wonder how you can last without turning to the other side and take it in the rear. Women have been rearing you for sooo loooong , you must be used to it.

    Maybe its time for you to look up to Tyrone and give him a chance to do you..

    Go take your med's and your steroids to make you get a hard.

    Your minion.

    1. I'm amazed that reverting to traditional thinking which was accepted by both genders throughout history is uncomfortable to you. Perhaps you think you are smarter than everyone else ever, and that evolutionary forces worked without purpose?

  4. Crudely put perhaps but there is some truth to the fundamental roles of women and men in all cultures around the world- Excepting myths such as the amazons only the women of the highest rank could go out raiding and joining the military front line. Not that women couldn't or wouldn't fight- just that they were the reserves, rear guards, home guards, etc. Not the raiders, front line, soldiers, etc. Hunters were male because the tribe can afford to lose a few- as long as a couple of men were left to guarantee that the women were fertilized there would be a second gen. All else follows. Women had the role of guarding the hearth- birthing nursing and raising the babies. Homosexuals of either stripe were uncommon and only tolerated if they provided something for the tribe that others couldn't (the shaman, the untouchable, etc.) or could at least pay lip service to the necessary gender roles (even if it meant being the other gender in dress and behavior).
    There are gay wolves and dolphins and other animals but they tend to be the bottom of the pack.

    1. Hey Jim; do you know why Rock Hudson was never lonely?

      Because he had Nabors up the butt :D

  5. best gal I ever had was a brainless slut.Maybe a 6 ,a 7 on a good day,but anything,anywhere,anytime! The perfect stress reliever! And had a hysterectomy,no need for condoms!

  6. My husband and I have been living the homestead life for 20 years and the jobs list has just naturally divided by traditional roles. Yeah, my husband will wash a load of dishes if I'm sick and I like to hunt and get my deer. But for the most part it's home and hearth for me and outside manual work for him.

    Idaho Homesteader