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( being, finally, the last installment in the long-drawn out short booklet. I won’t be publishing this as a separate book but rather wait until I’ve written another short essay to add to it so as to get a minimum number of words to justify the sales price ).


This booklet was mainly about a simple concept: All bug-out books are retarded and life threatening and I need everyone that ever wrote one to bow their head in shame and shuffle their feet and look contrite. Money might have been a great way to separate the worthy from the lesser proletariat masses at one time, but now a reliance on it will most likely spell your doom. You might think you are safe, having bought an extremely overpriced gum and glue McMansion in an expensive neighborhood where only like minded people sully your air, where you cruise in comfort and security close by the ghettos in your Caddy or Benz SUV on your way to the cubicle farm where you safely separate lawyer victims from their money, or your stock buying clients, or your hospital patients whom you bilk their insurance companies through, or where you help saddle brain dead students with loans, but you are really just living in a dream world. The only thing keeping you safe is NOT distance or barriers or the good graces of the masses. Only welfare, and I include unemployment insurance, Social Security, government jobs and disability checks, as well as what you think as more representative such as Food Stamps and Section 8 Housing, only that transfer payment is keeping the idle and unemployed millions from killing your rich ass. By itself, your precautions are crap. Anyone with a chainsaw and a shotgun shell in a lead pipe can ambush your sorry ass. Anyone with a sledge hammer and a machete can home invade your rich digs. Money, in the form of public debt paying for welfare, protects rich folks money purchased security. But once the one runs out or is disrupted, the others impotency will be revealed. If you are one of the few middle class workers left, don’t make the mistake of emulating your more treasury laden class superiors. They are under the sad delusion money can save them. Don’t do the same. Do the smart thing and flee NOW from your urban hell. Or, at least the second smartest thing which is planning a SMART bug-out rather than an expensive one.


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  1. A SMART bug out is one done so far ahead of the masses that they don't even realize what you are doing - and your family thinks you simply have a romantic small town/rural life plan.
    Of course you cant always afford to do that- (though the areas around the current Oil and natural gas 'booms' offer the employment you might need as an excuse...)
    So the second best Smart bug out (notice the reduced caps) is..... Well, Lord Bison? I know you've got this one better than I do.