Monday, June 9, 2014



What the hell? You scream defiantly. Why can’t this scurvy bastard just stick with talking about bug-out light aircraft and legal machineguns? Why must we now read about publishing, as the whole concept is SOOOOO pre-Apocalypse and very soon it just won’t matter all that much? Well, as always I can pull a plausible sounding excuse out of my ass in a very swift manner, and so I respond that for some of you, publishing is one way to escape the city and move to the boonies and so survive long after what you wrote about ceased to be distributed or matter all that much. The first weekend of June was the big publishing trade conference, expo, what ever you want to call it ( we just had our Mining Expo here is Elko the middle of the first week of June and the only thing it did for me was really tie up traffic ). All these yahoos, indicative of their propensity to look backwards rather than forward, are just NOW- years late and dollars short- declaring concern over Amazon Kindle and e-books and self-publishing. And their media lapdogs, ever on the lookout for years old news they can slap a fresh coat of concern on as long as they didn’t have to pay anyone to gather any intelligence but instead could just copy off of industry press releases, dutifully went along “reporting” this. Both Diane “Mails On A Chalkboard Voice And I Can’t Believe I’m Still Alive After Nearly A Thousand Years” Ream on PBS and the broadcast TV evening news both did stories on this, four and six days later.


The TV dudes had “author” James Patterson, a hackneyed hack that can churn out lowest common denominator drivel at the drop of his very small hat with which he should shamefully hide both his tiny brain and his ugly face, was backing his rectum into the camera lens in his haste to prove what an industry whore he is, of course had nothing but great things to say about the large New York publishing houses. And why wouldn’t he? They have made him millions with his combination of poorly self written and poorly ghost written tree killers. What was that about barbers recommending haircuts? There is not a “better” way to publish, insofar as authors are concerned. For companies, obviously e-books are much better, the inventory and manufacturing costs eliminated. For consumers, we are still pretty much over-paying for books in whatever form. An e-book generally only provides a twenty to thirty percent savings even though we paid for the reader ( not that this is a bad thing, when the other benefits are included. But as far as a book to book comparison goes unless we go with volume purchases it becomes a bit difficult to save much- one gets a feeling that publishers are saving money with e-books AND making more profit rather than passing savings on ). And authors just keep getting screwed. Part Two next time.


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  1. You might also give us your views on the validity of storing important info on electronic devices. Any survival or how-to's I prefer to buy the dead tree version where possible. In a perfect world it would be nice to have a copy of everything in both formats but....

    1. Here is my view- which of course will probably make itself into an article- DON'T! E-anything is just a luxury right now. It isn't a viable long term storage device.

    2. Amazon (and some others) give free samples of quite a few of their books- great for previewing the books you might want to get paper version of before you have to pay shipping. And lots more convenient than asking the library to get the book in.

    3. E-whatever certainly works very well. For now.