Tuesday, June 17, 2014

money talks


Being in a class war fought with consumer spending at one end of the spectrum ( the other end, being beyond our control is fought in City Hall ), we valiant warriors need to battle until the last man is lost. Lose we shall, but you still go down fighting rather than give in to the bastards. And just as Vikings and others celebrating the cooler and less prone to making their followers asses itch Gods Of The North would drink mead all night and be reborn to fight on the morrow, so shall we rise from the ashes of Petroleum Age Decadence and sally forth to do real battle against our former oppressors ( hang all the lawyers, politicians, central bankers and Yuppie Scum come the revolution!-remember, we don’t cause rebellion, we merely sweep in after the structure collapses at the hands of others and scoop up a few dropped baubles. And THEN, when it is no longer illegal because the government has fallen and can’t get up, we smite our enemies as listed above ). But first, you have to fight the sad and pathetic and not very martial battle using money. Yes, the same weapon as those monkey molesting politicians and lawyers.


Wal-Mart got its fame and fortune helping out the poor. The working poor. It fought for the lowest prices, and made a profit doing so. It was a win/win. Then, the model that made Wal-Mart its gross wealth, its obscene treasure ( it had profited before globalization but bloated beyond seemliness afterwards ), faltered on the shoals of Peak Oil. It turned on its former loyal citizens, the revolution eating its young. The working poor were thrown under the bus by the corporation as they turned towards the middle class and welfare non-working class to sustain it. Instead of Everyday Low Prices, now they sell Only Low Prices Of Brand Names, And Not All Of Those Anymore. It is one thing to rail against the scumbags of Wal-Mart for screwing us in general, quite another to do a cost comparison with its nearest competitor. Smiths used to be owned by the Mormons but sold out to Kroger. About the first time I’ve ever seen a mega-merger result in lower prices rather than higher. Yes, I miss the pails of wheat at Smiths, but now we have a replacement for Wal-Mart ( remember our earlier discussion- you can still Web order bucket wheat and pick up at Wal-Mart. No reason you can’t cherry pick their products if needed ). I don’t look at Kroger’s lack of non food products as hindering the comparison. Wal-Mart non food items are generally such a terrible quality is rarely pays to buy them. Anywhere else sells a longer lasting, less defect ridden product. I certainly would never buy a firearm from Wally anymore, fearing it would blow up on me.


And now, I cruelly pause this article and make you wait until the second one today to conclude. Hey, I just made my word quota and today for some bizarre reason my arm is sore writing ( one finger rapid hunt and peck does work out your entire arm rather than just fingers and wrists ) just half way through the article- so I’m just writing the minimum today. Tune in next time.


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  1. Well, no one makes a firearm for Walmart and then the same firearm for other gun shops. They get the same ones my local dealer gets. Even though, I only deal with my local gun shop.
    My wife loves Walmart.
    I won't even go in.
    Devildog in Kolorado

    1. Well, yes, that sounds rational. But being extra paranoid isn't always about being rational. Fear Everything!!

    2. Also, there was a basis for that comment. The reports of poorly made AR's. If they would end up anywhere, it seems the lowest bidder would get them.

    3. "I certainly would never buy a firearm from Wally anymore, fearing it would blow up on me."

      Some of the Walmarts stopped carrying firearms all together. At least that's true in socialist strongholds like the PRK?

    4. I don't even think there are that many WM's in PRK.

    5. Devildog, I would tend to agree with you but last Christmas I bought a Savage 12 ga pump with pistol grip that was made under license in China at Wally World. I have not seen one like it elsewhere - it was a Black Friday special for $189.