Monday, April 27, 2020

modern slavery 2

I don't dislike Blacks because of their color. I hate any tribe that threatens me. Yeah, I take it personally. Excuse the crap out of me. Pollacks, Heebs, Wops, Tator Heads, Krauts, Frogs, whoever. You want to be an American? Fine. You want to all just get along? Great, we can all swim in the same pond. You want to be my enemy, at the very least I reserve the right to hate your ass. That includes Black Ghetto Bitches or pasty White commie twats on college campuses agitating for my further economic enslavement.
I'm not trying to minimize Black chattel slavery because I'm a racist. I am certainly not claiming being financially enslaved is as bad as being chained and whipped. And you can suck my ass if you think I'm jealous that Blacks have claimed victimhood status. I'm not competing with anyone here. Because I don't CARE about anyone else. Except for myself, my beautiful self, cause I ain't got no feelings for anyone else ( Sex Pistols ). I don't blame anyone else for my wage slavery because I'm the pussy who was too afraid and weak to fight back. I'm not a victim, I'm just pathetic. So you OtherColors can whine all you want-I want no part of it except to vent my spleen.
Reparations? The only reparations I want is to see my enemies heads atop pikes and hear the lamentations of his women. And I'll only get that if I grow a pair of testicles. I think with my age, that ship probably already sailed. All I'm saying is that while we shouldn't discount milder forms of slavery, we also need to keep in mind that it is going to get a LOT worse. Look at old humpers right now. They are being killed off, by mistreatment or denial of treatment, then that death counted as Beer Virus ( to continue the lock down until the grocery store shelves are empty-for good this time ).
Most of those bastards had a relative decent life-if they got any good living in prior to the 70's ( I'm not saying the 60's didn't suck, culturally, but the economy held together at least ). But then they pretty much were in the same projectory of the idiots born after them, downward. Their reward now is to be killed off as quickly as feasible just shy of anything to cause a revolt ( prior Beer Virus. Now? The PTB either have no clue we are all about to die, or simply don't care. They seem to WANT revolt. How stupid do you have to be to add up Dumped Milk, Plowed Under Produce, Closed Meat Packers and not equal Famine/Riots? ).
And all you TrumpTards? This is happening under your boys watch. Don't give me BS about Pelosi holding up committees or whatever. He is the Commander In Chief. Food supply chain disruptions are a national emergency and there are tons of Executive Orders already on the books. Just another bastard too stupid or who wants us dead. Anyway, all these Boomers being killed off right now? They might have “only” been wage slaves, but only a slave owner kills off his property, with impunity, under rule of law. So if your Great, Great, Great, Great Gandpa was a slave? Who crapping cares? Us White folks are being killed off right now.
Anybody who was ever in the military has experience being a Soldier Slave. The only good part of that is your inactive reserve status expires about the traditional seven years of indentured service. But while under their control, they can easily forfeit your life under the flimsiest pretext. And your family only gets enough insurance to pay off the farm, if your farm is selling for 1945 prices. It might pay off the car, now. Where are the reparations for these folks, Only Black Lives Matter bitches? They volunteered? Sure. Right after the US removed tariffs so the states manufacturing base moved to China, and environmental regulations closed the mines and there was no work.
By that logic, your Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa, who “voluntarily” was a warrior in his tribe, then got captured by another Black tribe and was sold off to White slave traders, well, he volunteered for slavery too, didn't he? Just because being a warrior was the only job available to him, he didn't HAVE to work it, right? Peoples skin color doesn't irritate me. Their refusal to think logically does. And you know what is illogical as well? Refusing to think there was ANY other reason slavery ceased except for the fact we got better energy sources. The “Enlightenment” my hairy ass ( I would have said hairy, hemorrhoided ass, but the bidet did wonders to those, thanks for asking ).
Right now, we are seeing demand destruction of falling energy financially, as all wage slave jobs are eliminated. Thanks for the emancipation, Great White Father On The Potomac, but just like with all the Blacks after the War Of Northern Aggression, you haven't exactly left us any options for feeding ourselves, have you? Food Stamps don't work as well Off Grid as they do in a house with refrigerators and electrical outlets. And without jobs we can't live On grid, can we? Actually, Food Stamps WOULD be fine for gruel, except there are no more grains or beans to buy!
Is this actually the start of real slavery again? Where all we get is room and board and you can literally work us to death? Old White Males were forced out of the employment game, and no one cared. Young White Males were indentured for eighteen years, with substandard shelter and food, prematurely aging them, and no one cared. Old Humpers were killed off by over prescribing opiates, under guise of Compassionate Care/Pain Management, and nobody cared. Seniors are told to die at home, unless Beer Virus, and nobody cared. Well, now they are here for the rest of you.
I TOLD you our managers were fascist, NOT socialists. Right out of the Nazi playbook. They come for you one at a time, one underclass at a time. Until everyone got on the train. Now it is the turn of the Favorite Classes, the females, Blacks, homo's, and etcetera. You got payed to play the victim, and now you are going to be one. You want to eat? Get on the Labor Camp bus ( in case you skipped the “pouring piss out of a boot” class, don't get on the train OR the bus ). Not used to working? The next bus tomorrow has your replacement, and the others will be grateful for the barracks heat your oven gives off. Co-Generation is Green, Greta Approved.
Slavery is normal. Slavery has always been with us as long as there are food surpluses. You just got done being a mild slave, and now it is time to be a Hard Core one. Or, you'll get lucky as first they must kill off a lot of us, both to set examples and to reduce the Useless Eater population. It is ALREADY started! Be Ready NOW!
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  1. Not only are they killing off all us boomers with this virus. Indirectly they also are killing off the Viet Nam veterans , by the closing down of all VA hospitals for the duration of this crisis. You no longer can go in for anything at this time. Only tele care is being done...I can only imagine how difficult it's going to be after this settles down enough to reopen for vets. Personally I've got a few things going on which really need looked into. Some of which could become quite serious. From the looks of it , the VA won't be opening back up until perhaps this time next year ? One of my issues cannot wait that but fuck it... Shoulda died long ago anyway I guess lol.

    See I told ya about using water long ago ! It took a beer virus to getcha to try the bidet method. I haven't had a bit of trouble from the roids since converting to water over ten years ago. Definitely the way to go ! Seriously thinking about converting porta potties into a bidet model for preppers. What do ya think ? Would it sell ? Maybe even a deluxe model which blow dries too ?

    Yeah sometimes it really bothers me when I hear you degrading other colors. Yet then you'll once in awhile clarify that stance... You and I pretty much have the same position and hate equally all people ! Just as GS did recently. Then had the grace to clarify as you did by saying he prefers the company of no one. Don't you think that encompasses most of us loner prepper-survivalists ?

    Beginning to seriously think that by the time stimulus gets here , the shelves may be bare.
    Wonder if a person might be wise to go ahead and stock up canned cat food ?
    Your suggestion of a years worth rotated of dry doggy kibble is a good idea. Just make sure it's of the lower protein type. Reason being that dry kibble has no preservatives added, so the lower protein ones might keep longer.
    I have to keep the stuff that I feed lil Squirt Frozen in small zip locks. As the protein content is like 45% , without preservatives. Otherwise a four pound bag of the stuff will go bad before he eats it all up. Something like Purina Hi Pro would likely keep for a year. Especially if one sealed it in mylar and oxy absorbers.
    I'm With you on the value of a dog or two for early warning. But not the type little dick guys usually want like Rottweilers or Pit Bulls. Ya don't want a breed that will kill your ass once it gets hungry ! No , just need something that has good ears and lets you know when a intruder is about. But definitely needs trained to shut up on command ! Otherwise the yappy lil sumbitch might get ya killed

    1. I had no idea about the VA. Yeah, that sounds exactly like Balanced Budget By Euthanasia. You hear that, you wonder how anyone can fault Fred ( Fred On Everything-I see him occasionally at Unz ) for hating the US gov and moving elsewhere. Not that I would want to be an expat, but I can completely understand why others do. Love the part on Rotts eating their owners. Ha!

    2. Spud,

      On the idea of using Mylar and O2 eaters on the puppy chow. DON'T do it.

      Thee Ol' puppy chow, if higher than 15% moisture level can let the botulism toxin "spore", and grow in that environment. Another group that can have the same issue is brown sugar and raisins/craisins in Mylar.

      Since we can not smell or taste the toxin (yea, I'd be desperate if I was chewing puppy chow.) It could kill us or the pets.

      I have some puppy chow that I did this with, before I heard 'bout the moisture level issue. If I ever have to break it out for use, it will have to be baked in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes @ 300 deg. to kill off any of the toxin. The same with the brown sugar I did. As the boss says... Sad Panda. :(

      Yea, it could be good, if the Clostridium botulinum is not there, but we will never know until we are sick.

      The shit we spend money on, and learn we did it wrong.

    3. Oops. Sounded like a good idea.

    4. Thanks to anonymous on the botulism warning

    5. Thanks, I knew you couldn't store puppy chow long term, but just assumed it was because of the lack of preservatives. Hadn't thought about moisture content , tho should have. I suppose a work around might be to pre bake and re bake before eating...

    6. I wonder about using a dehydrator.

    7. I'd think that a dehydrator is the same only does not have the advantage of raising the temp high enough to kill bacteria ?

    8. I was thinking to dehydrate prior to sealing and storing. Not sure it will work.

    9. This is Anon @ 5:41pm.
      It will only be bad "IF" the Clostridium botulinum is in the package, and we create the perfect anaerobic environment when we put items (Moist puppy chow or other non fully dried items) that have the bacteria on/in it.

      We eat it (Clostridium botulinum) almost every day now. It's just our system can kill the bacteria before it can spore and create the toxin. Grab a fresh carrot out of the ground and you can be eating the bacteria. No harm there. It's JUST if, it can spore, is where the issue is.

      When I first started pressure canning meats, I did not like the results. It breaks down the connecting tissue and turns the meat to mush. Great for stew beef (fork tender) SUCKS for bacon and brats. Well I started to reduce the process times to see if I could get better results. That's when I learned about the toxin. It’s very moist environment in a jar of meat. Long story short... I disposed of about $400/500 dollars worth of meat I had canned.

      Could it have been good? Yea. But, it was not worth thousands in medical bills or my life if I was wrong.
      I have not disposed of any more items that I have put in Mylar/O2. (Hint, it’s a lot.) I guess, I’ll cross that bridge if I ever make it. But, I have told the family to never touch it unless we can bake/cook the hell out of it.

    10. Don't leave a note on it to that effect, so the looters die of it as they dine on the food over your cooling bodies.

    11. Oh, and PS-that friggin blows, on the $500!

  2. Tator heads? Now that one is going to be with me all day. I give up. The Irish? People from Idaho?

    1. Irish. I don't know if that is an actual insult, or it just popped into my head while I was trying to recall one for the Emerald Isle inhabitants. I'm sure the English have dozens.

  3. Bison,
    Today's rant is chockful-o-goodness.

    According to the playbook, two years ago, Greta gets press to instigate the guilt -- 'you ruined my future'.

    That Gates character blathers about magical inoculations to cure all the ails.

    TheMainStreamMedia constantly advertises the latest numbers -- "...and it ain't looking good!..."

    Bumblebrats are quoted, while constantly outed as incompetent, 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few'.
    Gently allow the elderly to go toward the light.
    Problem -- the loss of their experience at witnessing the repeats of the 'create a problem, then step in to fix the problem' RulingElites.

    If i happened to be a MalignantOverlord (thanks to SeaGypsy Ray Jason for that delightful nomer), I would plow crops and euthanize animal resources, and I would order my MainStreamMedia to show lots of pictures of the waste... and the coming higher prices.
    For the same reason Hollywood makes scary movies -- Jaws, Jurassic Park, anything with chainsaws and MASKS -- to anesthetize folks.
    If you cannot feel, you are easier to manipulate.

    What is next?
    I imagine we can expect the next ChiComCon to be specific.
    The same way half-round anemia is genetic to Vibrant Diversity, a really bright lab-ster could easily engineer a bio-weapon to start the next round (see what I did there?), and TheMainStreamMedia goes bonkers telling everybody in that 'community' the gig is up.
    And so, the crowd goes wild.

    With the round-the-clock televisionprogramming and radioprogramming broadcast into every lizard-brain, this phase should be quite entertaining.

    Greta smiles.