Sunday, April 5, 2020

four storage plan book 9

Chapter Five
Collapse Plan
The collapse plan is basically wheat. Lots and lots of wheat. Four hundred pounds per person per year. The more years the better, like a minimum of three, better five and if biblical seven years. You might be choking on your coffee right about now, splattering the computer screen with a high velocity nasal mist, but five years of wheat is easy peasy and cheaper than dirt. What? You can't find $500 to eat for five years?
Don't you think right now this very minute spending $500-less than most of you will spend on a plastic poodle shooter-for that kind of food security is the best thing you could ever conceive of doing? You might need to drive a few hours, to find a feed store ( the kind people use to buy bales of hay, not bags of hippie brewed organic dog food ). You might need to rent a truck, paying a bit more. But basically, you buy a ton of wheat-literally one ton, two thousand pounds-and put that up in a 330 gallon IBC tote.
The only reason I recommend that size tote-and normally I like to decentralize things-is that it is the cheapest route, as low as $125 if you find a used food grade one. The wheat cost is going to vary. My eastern Nevada feed store charges $11 a fifty pound sack. $220 a thousand pounds. So, okay, you are probably looking at a more realistic $600-$800 food supply. But have you priced freeze dried? Even if it was available, that runs in the thousands of dollars. $600 for five years of calories. Two weeks of minimum wages ( if there were any jobs ).
A pound of wheat is 1500 calories, which is what you need for a sedentary life, just enough calories your body doesn't start cannibalizing itself. Okay, yes, I know that may or may not be exact. I've seen plenty of people live a long time on far less calories than that. I don't entirely trust the body of research on calories and vitamins and related subjects. There is plenty we don't know that we don't know. But as a general guideline it is good enough for government work.
The extra wheat is for sprouting. Your body will crave fresh foods. A can of freeze dried peas will NOT fool your body. Sprouts may taste like green dirt now, but you will come to love them on a survival diet. And to be clear, I'm not suggesting that you ONLY eat wheat. It would be much better to garden for greens and potatoes and corn, and to raise chickens for eggs. The wheat is there as a base calorie food, ideally not even used but set aside for crop failures. But for the most dire of circumstances, it will keep you alive. Have vitamin pills to supplement, just in case ( and shortening for long term fat storage ).
If your feed store is unable to get so much wheat, as perhaps it is being rationed, or there are shortages at the wholesale level, or you can't afford to rent a U-Haul, a years supply of wheat is certainly better than nothing. You will need twelve 5-gallon buckets, about $60 at Home Depot. But I wouldn't buy at Home Depot. After buying there for a decade, the cheese dingus slurping whores cheaped out on the lid and they are now a waste of money ( I was so pissed, I refused to try a more expensive lid-but the orange lid now has such a thin inner lip they tear and rip and you don't get a secure seal. Do NOT buy the Home Despot orange units ).
I always liked Wally Mart buckets, but they are perpetually out of lids. If you can get through their slow ass web site you might be able to order the lids and buckets so you assure yourself you get exactly what you need. As a bonus for all that grief, the white plastic is food grade ( whereas Home Depot may not be. I know if you put the orange buckets in the sun, they start outgassing ). I can't vouch for the quality, now, as it has been many years, so start out with one to test. But even though both companies play fast and loose with quality, Home Depot seems much worse.
If you are paying much more than $26 a hundred pounds for wheat ( if the grain is NOT treated with vet medicine, it should be fit for human consumption. Red, or White variety doesn't matter so long as it is Hard variety. More protein and stores better. I think Red tastes better, but I store whatever they have at the time, not being picky. This is the apocalypse after all ), you can always buy half white flour and half whole kernels. I wouldn't go over half white. If the grocery store is out, check the local restaurant supply. I would store both outside ( out of the sun ) during the winter to kill any weevils. Or, bay leaves in the flour and food grade diatomaceous earth rolled around in the wheat ( if filling that big tote, I'd fill a five gallon bucket with one cup of DE and roll it around, then pour into the tote ).
You'll need several grinders ( what? ONE grinder for ALL that wheat? I don't think so. One Is None, Buckwheat ). Start out with a Victoria brand ( $45 ) and a back-up Chinese knock off at half that price. Then I'd buy something that actually ground a fine pastry flour rather than the cheaper units course chicken feed. The cheap grinders are made for corn, not wheat, and you'll need to use them three times ( once on course, then medium, then fine, NEVER allowing the plates to touch each other or you'll get metal shavings ) and you won't get a pastry flour. A more course peasant flour. That is the price for budget.
Good luck finding beans or rice right now. You will be lucky to even find the wheat. If you cannot eat wheat, you'll be spending Big Bucks eating an imported impostor grain ( I've had issues storing corn, with its high moisture content. Plus, it needs to be treated with lime, AND it is no longer cheap ). But believe me, it helps you sleep like a baby at night, and money will be worthless soon enough anyway.
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note: San Francisco California is banning reusable bags, because Beer Virus.  The ones they just mandated to Save The Earth.  You want even more retarded?  The Elko food bank, whose leadership levels I have covered before, has had their thrift store closed for two weeks ( revenue drop ).  Yet, it was decided that they needed to spend almost two grand ordering heavy plastic bags ( with the logo on it ) to give out food ( used cardboard boxes-which were free-was the norm for the last third of a century ).  I could write a book on those people.
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  1. My Lord, 🧛‍♂️

    I wrote 'bout a month ago on trying to get the feed store wheat feed. They get their shipments on Fridays and each week I check in with them. I have an order for just 3 bags. And, each week the truck never brings it. They keep saying they have requested it to be shipped. Also, 'round these parts it's $14.00 per 50 lbs.

    I think, maybe people need to start stocking up on Ol' Roy dog food for the apocalypse. Hey... if it's good enough for the elderly in society. 🤣

    1. Hmmm, I must of gotten one of the last ones they had in stock. Unless my feed store has extra pull with the Mormon farmers, or some such. LOL-Seniors, let them eat Ol Roy! :)

    2. Don't laff. Cut up some carrots and potatoes with that Ol' Roy, douse the whole mess with boiling water, stir. Looks and tastes just like Danny Moore, but half the cost! lol

    3. It would probably be an improvement over Dinty Moore.

    4. One of our sailing friends literally lived on that stuff. Dingy Moore , that is ! You ever seen the stuff they put in dog food ? I won't even feed that crap to my furry friend let alone think about old Roy...
      Save that suggestion for after the zombies visit, they gotta eat too...

  2. Right Jim. It is wise that you advocate for minions to go long and go basics on food stocks. This whole j.i.t. delivery, processing, and factories cranking out franken foods will not even be a thing come true collapse. I enjoy viewing the t.v. footages of long ass lines of sappy looking folks at walmarts and costcos. It is a pat on the back reaffirmation that Minion accolytes are the bearers of the truth to the world. "Food is first".

    Everything else will be reprioritized in the near future, and all the current nonsense topics of the day will become forgotten and meaningless.

    Gentleman in the future, when seeking mates, will have more grounded interests. Like, can she cook, really well, and what livestock or ag equipment come with the marriage dowry. Stay that salt of the earth person.

  3. Jim, you going to post that bleach article? just curious.

    1. Crap! Yeah, sorry, I totally spaced it. I had a few days of having the Crud, not feeling so great. My lucid moments I tried to stay caught up on the blog, the rest of the time vegetating in the recliner. Today, for sure. Sorry about that-don't take it as proof I don't appreciate you.

      I'll post this tomorrow in the notes, also

  4. Food is even becoming subject matter article fodder for the 3 percenter flir rifle mulisha boys over at western rifle shooters assoc. Web site. So I guess one can't eat all them guns and miscellaneous kit to stay fed. So yeah again, food is always first. Going foraying some more to lard up the inventory, even more.

    1. Rifle Shooters has gotten kind of sparse lately. That irritating daily Beer Virus map, and the links to MSM reporting. And little else. Bah!

  5. My new YouTube channel to hear -- Uneducated Economist.

    He records from his driveway in Astoria Oregon.
    His studio is the front seat of his us$500 Toyota sedan.
    Yep, classy!


    I realized the winner of this latest chinese flu false flag -- courts.
    Here is their diabolical plan (as I see it):
    Kill businesses by eliminating customers.
    Businesses cannot pay landlords or utilities or insurance or maintenance.
    Landlords cannot pay mortgages.
    Maintenance crews cannot pay their mortgages and vehicle payments.
    Everybody sues everybody.

    Judges win.
    Court-recorders win.
    Paperwork shufflers win.
    Court bureaucrats win.
    Filing fees increase exponentially from 'the backlog' or some other made-up non-reason.

    And, years later, your case is heard by an independent arbitrator -- usually a student working through law school.
    Meanwhile, you lose your home, vehicles, life-savings, your mistress and her girlfriend, and your cherished copy of Sinatra and Count Basie At The Sands.

    1. If lawyers are anti-Sinatra, are they ALL bad?

    2. It sounds to me like someone lost a lawsuit.

    3. That ain't hard in a rigged system

  6. The Mormon Storehouse/Cannery that's closest to me is sold out of ALL food. Azure Standard still has organic hard red wheat at $0.67 per pound for 50 pound bags.
    Happy shopping,
    Romans 14:11

    1. Yikes-that price, PLUS shipping. AND they warn of supply chain delays.

    2. Lowe's sells white, food-grade buckets for $4.48: Lids are $1.50:

      I have purchased several of these buckets and lids and I have had no problems. On Lowe's web site another brand, Letica, gets rather poor reviews, so be careful about that brand. I have never seen the Letica brand in my local store.

    3. Thanks-I haven't been in a Lowes for twelve years. The extra dollar would be worth it, obviously, for food grade and better performance. I really hate Home Despot. Humpers.

  7. I've noticed grain mills have even gotten a bit scarcer. Still available, but fewer choices and longer wait times.
    Millions of consumers woke up, experienced an icey trickle of fear as they intuited they may need to take care of themselves, and the bottleneck for real goods became a dangerous problem for the rest of us.

    Got up at 5 Sat, collected my brother and hit the Rural King about 1 hour away. Wore masks, gloves, and packed heavy. Felt like that movie Heat. Got in as they opened for business. Place looked ransacked. We were there for chicks to add to our flocks, extra feed, got extra rabbit cage bottom wire, and I unexpectedly found some pretty good looking rabbits and added 2 does to what I have. Almost nobody sells rabbits. I needed the genetic diversity.
    The guy that helped us said few employess were reporting for work and everything was a mess.

    On the wheat issue, I have always done buckets (many are superpails from Emergency Essentials over the years and are 6 gal I think) for divisibility and storage. I do the buckets in place of boxspring thing. My kids think its normal.
    A possible container between buckets and a tote in size, are the blue poly drums (not sure gallon size but like an old 55gal drum). I've purchased them locally for $20. They have about a 4" hole with a threaded plug. Could funnel in wheat, would probably be a pain to dispense back out when needed.

    Viruses come and go, but trillions of magic dollars and the inflation they bring will fu** us for the rest of our lives.

    1. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to shopping. How hard and how fast is the only guess. I used to hate shopping. When it was readily available.

  8. Here is a little math, based on official figures, about the virus.

    deaths: 15,000
    deaths vs cases 04.3%

    cases: 782,300
    deaths: 37,582
    deaths vs cases 04.8%

    cases: 1,119,000.
    deaths: 58,900.
    deaths vs cases 05.3%

    cases: 1,343,557
    deaths: 74,626
    deaths vs cases 05.6%

    Do you see what is going on? massive increase in cases is accompanied by an increase in not just total deaths but the death rate. This means that the initial death rate was under-reported (maybe just because it wasn't figured out). Probably significantly under-reported.
    How much is a serious increase in the death rate going to effect the demand for goods? We are doing demand destruction with this quarantine, combined with a reduction in population between 10 and 15% especially of the most vulnerable (aka non-producers)? hmmm... Maybe the PTB are hoping to buy a little longer.

    1. "Official" figures. So it could be different either way. Far worse, for panic purposes. Far better, for control purposes. And not knowing that, guessing is almost a waste. This almost seems like a duplication of the Russian 1990's population reduction. But I don't buy a global coordination. Or is it possible if they all know about crop and oil reduction? Not sure if that is an article. Pondering