Thursday, April 16, 2020

bonus post for today

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Friggin hilarious!  This was a banner  sent in an e-mail from Palmetto State Armory.  You picked up on the Star Wars reference, right?  The Dark Side responding?  You know I love PSA, especially the  AR kits.  That they have a sense of humor is just a bonus.
PSA click here


  1. I have to assume that PSA is moving a ton of merchandise right now.

    1. And they aren't screwing over customers like Cheaper Than Dirt. Yeah, kit prices went up a lot. But they also go down a lot when business is slow. Hard to fault them on that. And a word to the Common Caliber Adherents. How much has your 223 and 9mm gone up? 303 Brit is the same price as it was, and in stock. Just saying

  2. Looked over the PSA site, parts, kits, guns, and ammo.
    Ever seen the chicken carcass sitting over there on the counter after Sunday dinner? That's what PSA looks like. Skin and bones, no meat. Of what they did have in stock, I didn't see any deals.