Sunday, November 24, 2019

volunteer military 2

Junk land is the primary example of why you want to voluntarily minimize your lifestyle now. There is a metric butt ton of cheap-ER land out there but there is almost none available that is Dirt Cheap. You want it, get it NOW! NOW!, Brown Cow. Three things that will very soon completely be unavailable at a cheap affordable price are wheat, ammo and junk land. The odds of an overnight collapse are astronomical. Squatting WILL be met with the kings disapproval and punishment. Have a legal squat to avoid the return of anti-vagrancy laws. You know it will return, as it pays.
Driving from one spot to another on BLM land probably won't be outlawed. Senators in those desert states appreciate the cash infusion from outsiders. But that is not to say you can afford the increased water costs, the astronomical gasoline taxes soon to be added even if oil shoots to the atmosphere from shortages, or the harassment in general as the dregs of society somehow join the Canadian Geese ( snowbirds ). You don't even know if you be able to keep your guns there, as gun control goes nuclear.
Junk land, right now a nice ENOUGH lot for one or two grand, is so stupid cheap you are a Gott Damn fool for not buying a lot. Relying on mobility at the end of the oil age is even more retarded. This won't be Mad Max where fuel can still be pumped by a scrappy band of survivors. A band of crossbow wielding bikers attacking a oil rig? What are those people eating, right? Just stand back and disrupt the food supply coming in ( the Road Warrior is available on Amazon Prime right now, as I write ).
Junk land, first, then turning the RV into a better shelter, go a LONG way divorcing yourself from the bankers control. If you have enough shade for the low desert, or enough solar gain in the high desert, you can survive nicely with little to no fuel, living comfortable. You might need to add in a little shovel work to use dirt as a thermal battery, but it takes very little work to super insulate an RV. I'm not advocating living in an RV. I'm just saying there is a banker friendly shelter, and then there is a way to screw the bankers with shelter. An RV just makes a more turn-key home for older dudes.
Forced minimalism is a direct result of a rigged system not only screwing you and stripping the corpse of any marketable chemicals, but it also is one that props up the cadaver and charges admission for the well off curious. It is going to happen to you, with the only question being if you foolishly volunteer now, while you still have assets and can make yourself more comfortable, or if you are to be even MORE foolish and allow them to volunteer you.
Yeah, in this case, as in most things, the military is a TERRIBLE school. Their weapon of choice was a terrible choice of firearm, except in the last ten years and that was only from lack of a better option. So, for forty out of fifty years, it was NOT a good idea to learn firearms from the military. CQB? TERRIBLE tactics. Military logistics? TERRIBLE! They are based on the START of the Industrial Age, and here we are at its end. Lastly, do NOT take your lessons on volunteering from your military service.
Forced Minimalism is the trend. As with all trends, the beginning is NOT the same as the end. Look at the housing bubble. Great place to be, ahead of the pack. Waiting too long? That did NOT end well for millions. You know? Those that USED to be middle class. Look at old humpers that relied on the medical industry to cover their poor decisions. First, it was a mistake to ever think they could rely on medical science. You know, those idiots that agreed how wonderful nuclear power was. Second, even if you did, doing so PAST the oil embargoes of the 1970's was doubling down on the mistake, as that was the point onward surplus energy was over and done.
But having drank the Kool-Aid, then NOT learning that was a mistake, this entire generation is now held hostage by that medical industry. In the current battle, it is a choice between screwing over The Greatest Generation or going bankrupt, and the medical industry chooses to Get Humping. Because of that reliance, the old bastards are being forced into minimalism after it is too late to prepare for it. The bankers stole their homes, forced them into exorbitant rents, then forced them into insane debt from simple medical care.
Do you want to end up like that? Old Humpers trusted their government, then trusted the other institutions in power. Oopsie! Do you see how most old folks were led down the road to each fleecing station? You MUST stay out of the control of the bankers if you want to have a fighting chance. You might believe the lies and think you can stay on board their rigged game, living in a nice house and keeping a nice job and depending on nice doctors to keep you working well past a suitable age, but if you do any of that you play by their rules.
I'm not saying you can't have all that. I'm saying you can't rely on that if it is under the bankers control. Primarily, debt. That is the bankers weapon ( and, controlling the government through that debt, they de facto control you through government laws and enforcement ). Any debt and you have invited the devil inside the church. There is not a lot you can do to stay-mostly-out of the control of the banker owned government. Mostly, by staying rural you can minimize that control. Minimize rather than eliminate, that is the best you can work for.
Do not let pride in winning blind you to the danger the bankers present. Lucifer himself plays by rules, but the bankers have no such limitation. They want to control you and profit off of you, and like the Devil, they use your weaknesses against you. Sloth. Greed. Envy. Ego. It takes a mere small amount of discipline and training to avoid their evil clutches. In fact, I would say that bankers are the first enemy of preppers. Not fake enemies like communists or Orange Man or Nork Nukes. The idiots controlling the little pieces of green paper you orgasmically rub against your junk.
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  1. Seeking some advice Lord Bison re:hermitage.

    Any existing structure in boonie-land is a magnet for meth heads in my BOL AO (Southern Plains aka "La Comancheria".
    I'm thinking of prepositioning build supplies, but cement blocks and dimensional lumber will "walk away". A gate/culvert and truck tracks attrack the meth vermin like a dead 'dillo attracts buzzards. They drive the backroads sniffing around.

    So I'm thinking just laying out 80 lb sacks of quickcrete in single layer and covering with the beaucoup mesquite brush found around here. Brush too thorny and small to attract firewood thieves. Quickcrete will soon harden into nice stackable build blocks but not attractive to meth heads even if discovered like build blocks would.

    Do the same in scattered piles for visqueen plastic and fiberglass roof panels.
    Any structural wood needed (roof beams) would have to come from larger mesquite, but knarly twisted nature of it precludes long spans fyi.
    Prepositioned plywood would weather too badly, I think.

    Granted, lifting 80lb blocks gets to be a bit much if over chest high so this would be a half buried structure. As befitting "La Comancheria", soil moisture not a big deal (besides site has nice slope).
    One big issue will be stove/heater. Winter is nasty cold with north wind direct from Alberta.
    Summer is...well, the Devil stays in Hell to avoid La Comancheria summers.

    Your guidance regarding the quicrete bags & intentional lack of pre-built structure appreciated.

    Fyi...just read about outbreak of "hand-foot-mouth" disease at AZ Navajo Res.
    I'm telling you minions...disease outbreaks. Someone in a lab is going to be careless one day.

  2. Totally forgot in previous post.
    Instead of prepositioning build supplies at la estancia pequeña I could buy a ramshackle 2 bed/1ba for $100 (literally) in nearest hamlet (~20 miles). A place that died 40 years ago but they forgot to throw dirt in grave...(population fewer than 1000).
    Needs roof/porch repair (probably septic,too) for occupancy. Floor shot in front room.

    Still issues with meth heads but less so. Several abandoned houses & buildings on street. Kept up but minimally, my prospective ramshackle in worst condition.
    I'm not from county/region but same state. No local po-po, just county sheriff.
    A heatable ramshackle in January with tolerable water in July might sway me over the BOL self build. Age is catching up.

    1. You need to give me more information. You talk about a BOL, then a cheap home in a town. What are you prepping for? Old age? Economic collapse? Mad Max? At my age, I'm not sure how quick I could dig a dug-out. Are you similar? And you are right, nothing good will bury, beam wise. And you want burial, not JUST dragging over thorn bushes. Would an RV you tow there, with beams inside, and just a pre-dug hole on the land work? Drive the RV in, cover with the carried roof supplies? Are you bugging out there on foot? How about a ferrocement roof, laid on the ground then covered with dirt to conceal? A small two/three foot crawl space under that for minimalist shelter ( me, I would need to cement the walls and floor underneath, because bugs creep me out ). I would not bury concrete sacks, why not bury the cement blocks? Anyway, give me a few more hints about physical ability, what you are prepping for, etc.

    2. I just see a rise in general lawless after an almost 20 yr decline. Leftists will exploit the demographic bulge of Millenials and other colors and use them as foot soldiers since they can't win national elections (yet). Trump's 2020 victory will amp up their violence to include shut downs of many major cities, mostly mild riots. Street level crime though will explode for sure.
      Low chance of armed group firefights though.
      However, situation will continue to degrade in steps. Probably a whopper of economic downturn post 2020 election. This will curtail city expenditures in lower income areas. Contraction.

      Second big issue is expected spillover from shitfest in Mexico. Too many forces and conditions all coming together now. If refugees start really flowing then Trump will have no choice but to deploy Regular Army (Nat Guard will stand down). That'll bring the Left, LaRaza and assorted crazies to boiling point.
      I want to avoid the spleen venting, especially my own.

      So,I'm looking for a place to be a temporary respite.
      Unlikely my city or greater AO will see wide spread or long term street violence like NYC, SF, Milwaukee, Seattle. The Left feels secure repeating their performances where previously successful, imho. But fools being fools may think that shit might fly down here....
      If any flareup in my AO I expect serious retaliation from Texas Rangers and Sheriff. Bubba don't play (local city po-po worthless).

      I just need a place to hang out for couple of weeks at a time. I expect ebbs and flows of flareups and violence in coming years. No over the cliff stuff (unless, you know, plague).
      I expect to return to primary residence in big city, even repeatedly. Yes, a fool's notion, what can I say?
      Also expect fuel to flow. US will have the last drop of fuel on Earth.

      I dont think meth heads at La Estancia would bother with solidified quickrete that's why I would not bother burying. I will have a small trailer so quickrete "blocks" would simply function as something like Hesco barrier.
      Not looking to call in a company of engineers with 10,000 sandbags and heavy equipment. Just "a litle sumptin, sumptin" block the wind, as they say.

      Which brings me to the ramshackle house. Just in case a return to big city is made impossible, I would much prefer to spend remainder of my days getting up in morning, wandering over to cafe for coffee. I can listen, for 20th time, to the story about the cattle trailer that overturned in 1991 and what a terrible sound the poor animals made as they suffocated under weight of others.
      It's either that or fighting off dust and rattlesnakes in a trailer at La Estancia

      As far as age/infirmity, none. Thank God. Long distance runs and sobriety keep that in check. I can still put in a strong 6 hours in high summer at Hell's half-acre, so throwing together a simple short term hidey hole is doable.

      I know, lots of Positive Polly thinking, but work wit me, OK?

    3. In the end, you need to prep for YOUR vision, not mine. No judgement here. It already sounds like you made up your mind and would prefer the town shack. Why not just do what makes you happy? Why do you think I'm in town, even though I know it poses extra issues? I need to enjoy the rest of my life. How about this. Bury the supplies you need in the ground, then build the destroyed floor area back up over that. No one knows you have anything in there. Perhaps a ferrocement floor. Cheap, no one will hack through it with a pick. As long as you bury far enough no one can crawl under the house to get at it that way ( obviously, I don't know the details here ). Then ferrocent the porch/roof damage to make it look normal, not calling attention to the one rooms floor. I'm spitballing here, thinking how to make this a good place you can leave untended for a time. If all you are worried about is economic contraction on par with 2008, grid-up, I don't see why a small town is a bad idea. As long as folks know you somewhat from beforehand. Did that help at all? Sometimes I wonder. Hope so, anyway.

    4. Last-chance hidey hole on rural land...
      Don't store ANYTHING visible on the land. From the ground or air, it should look like raw land. Hire a DISTANT supplier of concrete septic tanks to deliver a tank, also digging a hole with their backhoe. French drain the tank along with a 360 degree roofing tar coat so it won't float in a deluge, and it won't leak. Check your septic tank, it should have approximately a 20" man hole, so you can enter it, although it will be tight. Set the top of the manhole 6" below grade so any vegetation fires won't destroy the fiberglass man hole cover. Paint the inside of the tank white, so it can be somewhat cheery with your LED light while you occupy it (about a 4' interior height, depending on manufacturer). Stuff it with food and other supplies as needed. You may want two tanks next to each other so you can live in one and use the other for storage. Around the tanks build a low rock and dirt wall, with native vegetation planted within so you can crawl up and out without anyone on the ground seeing it. Make sure you have drainage out of the wall so it doesn't form a pool of standing water over your access hole to your tanks.
      Research the type of structures the Indians (feather) in your area bushcrafted. Store modern helpful construction aids to complete that above-ground Indian shelter, such as bolts, nails, Simpson Strong Tie straps, UV-resistant rope, heavy duty tarps, etc.
      Romans 14:11

    5. Anon()() is right. Meth heads are all over, like cockroaches or flies.

      Zombie movies with their "jump scares" where a zombie jumps up out of the laundry hamper or is in the driver's seat of the old Camero you have in the barn when you take the dust cover off, etc., are actually pretty realistic when you're talking about meth heads.

      It can be the shittiest weather here, and we can get down into the 30s with rain, just miserable, and Lo and behold, at 2 in the morning some meth head will go pedaling by on a bike.

      They are never not around.

      In the tropics you plan for ground termites, centipedes, cockroaches. In the US, you have to plan for meth heads.

      I've seen a meth head take a half-hour trying to open a faucet with a lock on it, by the little spindle the handle goes on. Only to find that because of the lock, all the way open it'd only drip slowly. Later, the same or a different meth-head came back with some kind of tool and ripped the entire faucet off.

      I've seen a meth-head take 2 hours to change a bike tire. Shitty as a mechanic but "quit" is not part of a meth-head's mental furniture.

      I've also seen meth-heads ride by blissfully, with no tires on their bikes, riding on rims, or with a flat with the tube dragging behind.

      If you're rural, this is what you need to defend against.

    6. Don't get me started on those humptards! :)

    7. Romans-good info. Much appreciated.

  3. Good post and an excellent rewrite of your greatest theme. Must be the Hair!

    Debt free is never going to happen for 98% of the potato lickers in the world but I suspect all of us fortunate enough to be under your wing of wisdom are striving to get there if not already.

    I only owe on my land, to a friend, not an evil banker. If it all collapses we will see what happens but i feel confident I'll be secure. Much better than dealing with the bank. If it holds together a couple more years I'll be clear of that too. Here are a few of my options/thoughts.

    I have acreage. Not bragging but I bought in much better times. I have two joining plots totaling near 22 acres. I live on the 8+ acre lot. I owe about $40k total on both. I've debated selling the 8 acre lot with well, septic, and single wide, paying off debt giving me enough to build a sturdy off grid capable cabin with the surplus. Debt Free. The 13+ acre piece is a better parcel and by having at least 10 acres I qualify for agriculture tax rates. With a stick built home maybe $40 a month.

    The other option is keeping the 8 acres and just selling the 13 acres. I could realistically get $80k+ for it. A neighbors piece just went for $11k an acre but I'm estimating low. Debt free with $40k to work with but in a mobile home possibly till I die. I am also unsure what the taxes would go up to.

    Other options are keeping it all for the spawn to fight over staying on the 8 acres or building on the 13 and hoping rental on the 8 pays it off.

    I'm leaning towards either staying put and paying it off or building on the 13 and selling the 8. But did I mention I'm not overly motivated to build at my age?

    I know I've eluded to this subject before but would like your's and the other minions thoughts.

    1. I would think a building project at retirement would suck. Are you okay, hurricane wise, in the mobile home? Seems a shame to mess with success if you are comfortable, and you have the ability to pay it all off in just a few years. Land will be the new wealth, soon, right? And I would favorably view that low tax rate. It almost seems like you'd be debt free, but then have a new master the Tax Man, in its place. Of course, the friend could become your new landlord and you'd be working as a sharecropper if it all went to Hell tomorrow. But then, providing for the kids is also a plus. I think on balance, for me, I'd say keeping it all is the best way forward. What is a potato licker?

    2. How old are you?

      I don't think there is a "right" choice. I like the no debt option but it depends on what type of collapse we have and how soon.

    3. I'm early 50's. Potato licker was my attempt at a new derogatory term that I thought was quite clever and original, alas not up to your standards.

      Yes I'm gambling on the timing but my friend owns 160+ acres less than a 1/4 mile away and has little use for my patch of land.

      I do like the idea of having a much better abode for the collapse. Although my place is fairly efficient, all electric averaging $100 a month in south MS, it is far from durable, although maintainable for my life expectancy. I have the option of wood heat as i have 2 stoves recently acquired and an abundant wood lot. Poor solar gain due to my placement.

      I guess my gamble is because i want to hold onto all of it or at least the 13 acres.

    4. Don't get me wrong, I loved "potato licker". Someone dumb enough to eat dirt? Just need a bit of help on the definition is all.

    5. In some counties, a 'Life Estate' allows you to sell the ground while retaining exclusive use until you croak.

      Advantages include:
      Cash now,
      You keep farming and ranching on property the new owners are responsible for,
      You have the satisfaction knowing you are in a win-win.

      Disadvantages include:
      You might be croaked earlier than you planned.

    6. Make sure to spend some on hookers and blow, in that case.

  4. Orlov believes nuclear power can fulfill all or most of our energy needs:

    He does not believe solar, wind or hydro can fulfill industrial type needs. I agree with him on that. But I think nuclear is too expensive and dangerous.

    Plus our electric infrastructure in the USA is decaying badly due to lack of proper maintenance.

    1. We talk about improvements for the future but nothing gets done while the banks draw down the asset base. Before ANY fixes, the bankers must grace the lamp posts. Not going to happen, not until the grid goes dark. Talking about renewables or nuclear is masturbation at this point. If Russia or China revamp using the new nuclear wiz bang feeder reactors ( I think I'm remembering that correctly ), perhaps we can be their bitch and become a colony. Then the AR Strong militia can fight home grown AND Foreign commies, at the same time. And each other. Fun stuff.

  5. Yeah quick drawing decisions and acting on the dirt lot squat and building something there idea has demerits. At go time for collapse, any moment at this point, or other bug out conditions will not be the time to be cobbling together shelter and doing sentry duty.

    Anyone 50+ years need to just go as turn key redeployment as possible. A cheap mobile or old town salt box type house plot is good enough. A rural townie or such can help with mutual security, bartering, aquiring collapse brides for labor work, etc. The hermitage in Unicorn national forests are for the elite, not bison minions.

    1. With today's food and medical industry, fifty is the new ninety :) Turnkey is a best, but sweat equity in a minion specialty. I know I'd trade in extra Greenbacks to make SOMETHING happen, now. No shopping trips Spicy Times.

  6. Rvs as a dwelling should be for an 'a to b' relocation only, stop there, and not hopping around like retired government employee boomers in land yachts. Mobility will just expose yourself and draw pirate attacks from not friendly indigenous folks, any unsecured camps or unkown territory will result in bandido bushwacking, with the violence to the butt too.

    If American convoys with infantry has to hide in green zones, and gets screwed with there and during any movements, what makes a minion think they can be a good sam, or koa camp ground commando across america. Nope. Use r.v. as interim shelter and build over and around it as a foundational dwelling for collapse, and post oil conditions living, on your own squat or a secured 3 percenter beard buddy's compound.

  7. Free book:
    Planetsider by GJ Ogden

    1. Looks like they threw in the kitchen sink, along with every genre.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Easy to get sucked in and stuck, today. I feel for $1200 rent and $800 car payment folks. Not much left to eat on, and way way to save. Nothing in their experience offers a way out.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It does give you a freedom, the pay-offs worth it. And any time it gets tough, you just say, yeah, I don't have to go to work tomorrow.

  9. “Driving from one spot to another on BLM land probably won't be outlawed.”

    I don’t subscribe to the dude below, but he comes up a lot in my recommended videos. He’s one of these dudes that does the boondocking thing full time. He just did a video recently about how it’s becoming increasingly harder these days (Pre-collapse) to find places to park and stay for the evening. Apparently, a lot of the Walmarts no longer allow it either. I do recall the rancho costa nada author mentioning the long term BLM campgrounds, and this dude mentioned something about it in that last video as well. But it’s one of the few places now apparently. So yes, you need to have junk land.

    New Law To Arrest Nomads & Seize Van RV Living Full / Time Van Life-Little House On The Road

  10. Ditto on the turnkey option once past a certain age, so long as the option to afford it exists. In my case, it really doesn’t, since I won’t settle for less than earth sheltered, and I couldn’t afford to pay someone else for that option. But I’ll make it as simple and pain free as possible for myself.

    I’m 55, and a shell of my former self. Lots of aches and pains these days, and no energy what so ever. Before I was laid off from my job in 2015, I had one hell of a struggle staying awake for an 8 hour work day. And I have no faith at all in the medical industry, after witnessing the comedy of errors that I saw firsthand when my father was being treated for cancer. The docs killed my dad. The chemo and radiation didn’t do a damn thing to help him, and only served to kill him faster. There needs to be an objective (i.e. doesn’t stand to profit) 3rd party in such scenarios, that in honest terms, will tell such patients where they stand, and the effectiveness of such treatments. But of course, there is not.

    1. Just reading today that the Rockefeller's own most of the medical schools, and control other aspects of the industry. So you know they won't give up control of the Death Panels. Humpers. Makes you wish for a revolution ( if it wasn't illegal, of course )