Thursday, May 11, 2017

stupid peak

note: one customer review a companies reputation does not make, HOWEVER, if you are thinking of buying the brand "Fenix", keep in mind this tale.  Our fellow loyal minion had a model he desperately loved, which had a bulb failure.  Upon contacting the company he was told that part was no longer made.  I don't know about you, but if I'm spending $30-$65 for a tiny flashlight, it better be a lifetime guaranteed item.  Just a word to the wise.
I know, you know and Ross Perot knows that every swinging cheese dingus reader here gets awful tired of hearing about Peak Oil.  I just covered that previously, stating that since oil is food and food dictates all human social actions it really IS all about the oil.  But I feel I should elaborate, as while I’m writing this I have yet to actually post the above statement and I just read a great piece on me over at ‘Ol Remus who we all know and love, and he was ( politely!  Of course, he was raised to a much higher standard of politeness than I for although I never did seek an undue amount of social interaction as a youngun and even less as I aged I was also never the focus of intense practices of genial discourse taught by my parents, probably because standards differ greatly on the West coast as compared to Dixie ) less than thrilled on my focus on energy even though he really couldn’t care less in the end ( as one of my best reader quotes goes, as you fall off a cliff it doesn’t matter if you tripped or were pushed ).


In the end it doesn’t matter what causes the collapse, true dat homey, but in the here and now attempting to forecast your near future-for obvious reasons-it kind of does matter a little.  If you think everything is about politics, like most do ( as I did at one time but since I’m easily distracted by shiny objects then easily bored I tend to move on with my studies and politics became too tedious after a short while and so I expanded my horizons and discovered that politicians are just meat puppets unworthy of our attention or time ), then you get confused and think the collapse has been called off since Obammy was all about change and Trump is all about making America great again.  Which, granted, almost had a scent of truth about it because Reagan was the last dude that kind of sorta gave a crap about the wee folk and everyone else from the Burning Bush’s to the Klinton Klowns to King Kenya certainly only cared about themselves and their handlers ( I understand Reagan, although my personal favorite, had issues aplenty himself of which one was he suited the Elites plans while a novice politician ), but I think we all know how sincere they turned out to be.


One of the reasons I take so much time and effort focusing on past injustices is because they are indicative of how today’s leaders will act.  If every single President ever starting with Lincoln was a federalist whore ( actually, almost all were, starting with Washington, but once in awhile one would include the serfs in a bit of profit sharing ), it kind of stands to reason that every one regardless of label will also be a federal appointee that will place the wants and needs of the States and the People dead last after our colonial masters on the Potomac.  If you think the government is going to allow something like an election to leave them powerless, you are NOT educated.  I’m not smarter than you, just more cynical and paranoid.  That is the only reason I think I might have a teachable moment in me every day.  Anyway, I’m a big believer in understand root causes in systems studies.  The details do make the Devil.  Let’s face it, there is only so much you can talk about as far as prepping equipment, but a whole lot more on why we’ll need it.


That isn’t just an excuse on why I choose my writing subjects.  Of course, yes, I need to write about what interests me otherwise we’ll both be bored, and while guns and camping are fun they are NOT life, not even for professional soldiers.  Far more important to a soldier would be logistics, grand strategy, geopolitics, geographical determination.  In short, the explanations and causes and future probabilities.  How the system works and why.  I keep harping on how you shouldn’t emulate the military, but don’t worry, the politicians and Generals don’t know any of that stuff anyway.  That should be what they study, but I’m sure they stay focused on politics alone, as they are purely political creatures of a foul and horrid nature.  Luckily for you, not to toot my own horn too loudly, what is important for understanding and planning is what interests me.  And energy surplus is actually rather important for all that, far more so than politics.  A politician may screw up farming output but you can bet they will quickly be replaced by one who won’t ( or at least minimizes otherwise uncontrollable factors ).  Not quick enough to save those dying in the famine, but quick enough to delay more riots and more coups.  In the end, food trumps politicians.  Peacefully or not.


Peak Oil was a nice linguistic shorthand for energy surplus, supplies, and all interrelated fields such as politics and finance, but if you don’t believe in it or don’t care to study it, almost certainly to include not listen to me covering it, you miss any and all nuances and just focus on the bumper sticker version which is probably something like “everyone claims we are going to run out of oil, and has for a hundred years, and we keep finding more”.  But since oil is responsible for your job, which buys your food, and oil transports farm fertilizer from afar and oil harvests your food and transports your food and refrigerates your food and cooks your food, and since oil keeps our military running and they protect up to three quarters of our oil supply which are imported, and since oil is energy and surplus energy is the economic growth that underpins our financial system and since, in short, oil is food, I think Peak Oil is important enough to NOT discard as a bumper sticker slogan like most of us do with Gore Warming or SJW Power Girls. 


Peak oil isn’t important because it is going to cause our collapse ( as with ALL civilizations, overuse of the soil along with overpopulation is what causes the collapse.  Everything else is details ), it is important because it dictates how you must plan your life PRIOR to the final plunge over the cliff.  It is a convenient lens to view the future through, it isn’t JUST about looking in the past for the trigger ( the past is only useful as an indictor for the future anyway ).  A big shout out to ‘Ol Remus, my biggest funnel for new impressionable readers.  Love ya, bro!


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  1. I like the Peak oil stuff, so keep it up. I have a feeling the PO movement might be getting a second wind, and the EROI problems are becoming more widely known. I notice Jay Hanson has recently wound down his discussion group due to lack of interest. But while no-one is looking I expect things to get a lot worse.
    All this geopolitical turmoil I see as symptomatic of the endgame of resource grabbing - the winner gets to keep their system going for a few years, the losers (all those poor brown people in Africa, India etc) will go hungry.
    So, I say keep up the PO commentary. It is of more use to me than toilet paper articles or debating whether to get a AR15 or SKS.

    1. Uh oh... I now want to try my hand at writing an AR vs SKS guest article. Even though I'm extensively familiar with the SKS I've never handled an AR rifle before. I've seen enough information and videos online however to know the intimate ins and outs of it. I'd mostly focus on things like firearm weight, ammo weight, accessories for different usage, usability of the ammo (I'd consider 7.62x39 a better hunting cartridge than .223), and so on.

      AR vs AK is an even more interesting topic however since they're more alike than AR vs SKS, what with the SKS having a fixed bayonet, a fixed magazine, only 10-rnd capacity instead of 30 (though there are duckbill mags available), and so on and so forth. Bah, probably best not to muck with it. Though on an interesting note, a loaded 30-rnd STANAG mag weighs about the same as 3 10-rnd SKS clips, so an SKS can carry about the same amount of ammo for almost the same amount of weight. 10lb would probably garner 9 STANAG mags or 25 SKS clips, which is a difference of only 20 rounds for the same amount of ammo weight.

    2. I consider the AK inferior to the SKS but far superior to the AR, but only as far as assault rifles. PA, you need a bit better accuracy so the extra $$ for a SKS is okay. Not that an AK pencils out cheaper after mags. No competition on the ammo, 30 cal is better than rimfire. But AR's are everywhere and half the price. No easy answer, really. I could go on about wood vs. plastic, steel vs. high tech metals, etc.

    3. Whilst we're talking rifles whilst enjoying a Friday 6 pack I tossed around the idea of trading my marlin 336 30/30 for Ruger gunfire Scout in 223 / 5.56 (its stamped for both)

      The justifications were, cheaper ammo, less moving parts (not that the marlin is unreliable) lighter ammo & ammo theoretically could be sourced from police / military. Also no-one in my family (survival group - they don't know they're members yet lol) is familiar with lever action but they are with bolt action

      Extra consideration
      Ammo stockpiles for 30/30 are low (btn level)
      I have a surplus 308 WWII rifle & min level ammo
      Handgun is still about 4 - 6 months away
      I'm not exactly Mr Trump financially
      I currently can proviy1 firearm per adult should the government disappear

    4. I hate lever actions, overweight for a carbine. A bolt 223 will get you twice the range even if the rimfire round blows.

    5. Boltie in .223/5.56 that uses AR magazines is nice post-shf rifle with a 20"+ barrel and twist to stabilize a 77 grain bullet (still will shoot 62 or 55 grain fine). No mag safety, allowing single-feed magless. AR-15 bayonet lug. Like Lee-Enfield, you should be able to put accurate fire out at 25 per minute or less with "talking guns".

    6. And to throw my two cents in, I'm a huge fan of the .22. I've taken everything from rats to bulls with it, usually no problem at all. Deer at ranges to 80m with no worries. It's all about shot placement and everything goes down. And the good thing is that it is quiet, cheap and you can afford to make sure you're zeroed in exactly right. I also have a .223 and a .308, but these I leave at home unless I know for sure I'm going for deer (the legal minimum in Aus is a .270). As a post-collapse survival weapon the .22 is my choice.
      As well, I knew a chap who got gut shot with a .22, and described it as someone kicking him VERY hard in the guts. It is adequate for that purpose (from his description), though range is the only downside. And bolt action every time. Semi-auto is a pain in the arse, and also impossible to get here in Aus.

    7. Did you follow the series "the forever gun"? 9mm to replace the 22, cheaper.

    8. 5:35-they make such a gun, or are you just constructing a Fantasy Gun?

    9. Hi Jim,
      I did follow the forever gun series - I will eventually pick up a .22 reloading kit but I doubt I'll be able to find a 9mm or 45 lever action here in Aus cheaply.
      But guns, in my opinion, are very much a short to medium term solution. I aim to go to traps and snares for food as soon as I can. They're out there, working 24 hours a day, and I've hunted (and trapped) enough to know that I have better returns with trapping.
      Luckily I live in a very sparsely populated country, and ravenous hordes of zombies are less likely, so self defense is not as much of an issue.

    10. With sparse population a 22 is fine for defense, especially long term.

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