Saturday, May 20, 2017

bad attitude strategy


I have long maintained that guns are secondary and gun fags and Tactical Tommy’s and Super Ninja Carbine Commandos were all retards and while defense is important, food should be your all consuming focus.  I still think as much.  Now, ask yourself how odious of a task have I assigned you.  How hard is it to put aside a years supply of food?  A large bag of flour is $8, twenty five pounds.  Four of those bags fit in a $5 tote.  $140 will feed you for a year ( the bulk of your calories.  With the addition of a vegetable garden and some chickens you have an adequate diet.  You need vitamins and fiber and protein to go along with those empty calories ).  Last time I checked potatoes grow in stacked tires and a box full of chicks and a bag of feed are about $30.  Another $20 gets you about a years fat in the form of shortening which is BTN fat.  You were planning on spending more than that on AR magazines, I know you were.  Don’t lie to me!  Some people spend more than that per month on the family cell phone plan and all those do is give you brain cancer ( if you live in an area where you need a cell phone to report to the cops you are about to die at the hands of ghetto residents, you might want to think about moving.  If your eight year old has a cell phone and a ballistic backpack to get through the dangers of the school day, why aren’t you home schooling?  If you use the phones to call and ask which brand of Bok Choy the Little Misses wants you to buy, you are a pussy whipped Yuppie Scum with too much money to NOT have a food storage already ).


So, having put the food issue behind us, as in, you are a flaming moron if you have anything less, let’s move on to defense.  Defense isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t take any tactical gear.  In fact, the hunting variety is preferable anyway.  But we’re not even talking about defense but offense.  How many conversations have there been about the poor strategic plan of “I’m well armed and I’ll get the food when I need it”?  It is self evidently moronic to be one of the many armed and hungry soldiers of the apocalypse.  Food is predicated on trade, not just force.  If your armed force isn’t sufficient to ensure trade, no food will replace what you steal.  It is a self defeating strategy.  And it is held by most people.  Don’t be fooled otherwise.  Most people ( outside of wealthy liberal households which have guzzled the Kool-Aid of their wealth generating masters ) have access to guns.  They don’t have much ammunition, nor training, but they have guns.  They certainly don’t have much food in the cupboard.  Given a day or three after that cupboard is bare, you’ll find 99% of the population is off to go shopping at the end of their barrel.


So, there you are all stocked up on food and ammo, and you are defensively waiting to gently dissuade the unprepared from asking to share.  This is the default prepping plan.  Do you see anything wrong with it?  Let’s go back to the war that brought down an empire ( obviously, with a slight time delay.  Britain was still fighting to preserve its empire in the 1980’s at the Falklands but had in actuality lost it in the First World War.  It just didn’t know it at the time.  It didn’t even realize it had already lost WWI at the end of the nineteenth century as Germany and the US was surpassing them economically.  Just as the UK was fighting insurgents in Malaysia unconvinced their best days were long behind them, so we toil on atop the mountains of Afghanistan completely oblivious ) way over in Vietnam.  We tried to fool ourselves that we were offensively seeking out enemy units, but all that was were ineffectual spastic flailings about.  In effect, we were defensively huddled behind wire waiting to shoot noise or movement with machineguns or call in napalm runs to the surrounding area.


Defense is rarely a good idea ( even defense with offensive raids used as tripwire probes, as the French also found out in Algiers ).  Defense isn’t even a good idea when you’re behind castle walls.  You can easily be besieged.  Butthole to Elbow deep in unwashed peasants, everybody just waits around to starve and contact the plague.  Defense is definitely a component of strategy, but it shouldn’t be the sole one.  And defense with a flawed offense is pretty much worse than just defense.  “Intelligence reports activity in sector A, send in a probing team”.  By the time anyone gets there, the enemy has already packed up ( if there was anyone to begin with.  “Intelligence” in a bureaucracy? ) and gone and can be anywhere from in the next country to waiting to ambush you to waiting to attack the camp after the patrol leaves.  I would think “offense” begins with an actual rather than a perceived target.  Patrols should keep the enemy out of your area, and sent far beyond that for offensive strikes.  But futile wandering with a civilian village as a target at the end of the day to justify your efforts?


Now, the “strategy and tactics” in Vietnam, in quotations to denote their title without substance, can easily be explained if you can enter the mindset of our politicians and military leaders, which was unbridled contempt towards the lower ranks on par with Stalin’s view on Siberian conscripts he relentlessly fed into the maw on cannonades.  As I never tire of repeating, the Colonial rich viewed the poor peasants as bodies to absorb British lead, as Lincoln viewed the recent European poor immigrants, as FDR viewed the 10% of the population he drafted after meddling in the foreign affairs of Japan in China and Manchuria ( which constituted absolutely no threat to the US other than our profit line ), poor or not.  Draftees were scum to be used and abused and discarded.   That is why they were used as raw meat tripwires for the artillery.  They were a tool and used as such.  Deafened from continuous fire?  Shark bait?  Agent Oranged?  Sucking in depleted uranium or moving so slow under a hundred pounds of gear you are hit by fire?  Who cares?  Die for your country, already!  Yet even if the above was not the case, even if intentions were nobler, the effects would have been the same using defensive tactics.  So the same with the survivalist.  Continued.


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  1. I've met some of these guys who think they'll just take what they want from others with their guns when the grocery store is no longer an option. Incredible idiots. If you consider that approximately 3% of the population is preppers, how many houses are you going to have to hit before you get a good one? Might those preppers you've already identified have a plan to deal with home invaders? And do you think the 97% of the unprepped population is going to let you do a home invasion unchallenged just because they don't have any preps? Being unprepped with sociopathic tendencies is a quick way to eliminate oneself from the gene pool.
    Peace out

    1. I think we've all met one at least, and they sound almost rational. They don't think anything will happen, so that is how they justify no preps, but they have that back-up plan. Like food is more expensive than their gun toys ( at least a short term stock ).

  2. This article triggerd a thought in my mind.
    Around here there is enough meat on the hoof to feed all the areas residents many times over, and enough grain and beans for decades.
    Instead of going out raiding, or sitting still with our collective thumbs up our rears, it might behove the community farmers and ranchers (all of whom have guns and at least a couple hundred rounds of ammo) to advertise their food for sell via barter
    To whit -

    Accepted trades (for food) from the well armed and guarded food trading mission or at the entrance to the community.
    Precious metals
    and eventually
    Labor (in the fields or usable professions)
    Industrial era insulation glass and metal

    Suddenly the food producers would be safer than ever, and the people who might later be tempted to violence would be up against even better armed defenders.

    Sure gangs of raiders might try to take the farmers/ranchers but are unlikely to get too far (distance wise), and after the initial couple years of violence there would most likely still be plenty of beef and wheat here for trade.

    If you are going to offer trades, trading away food *that you can replace* for the above list of goods might be well worth it.

    Those fools who think they can be successful raiders haven't figured out the math.
    Defenders with enough stockpile to keep fed will probably have to fight off 1/10 the possible raiders. The rest of the raiders will be fighting each other, targets too poor to have enough food for the raiding party, or starvation.
    And starvation is a harsh thing. 2 days no calories starts to seriously mess with a persons mind and reactions, 3 days - even with some calories- and you are no longer an intelligent fighter, 3 weeks? (when I asked a person with the raiding plan when he would act as a raider in a questionable situation, he said 3 hours to 3 weeks situational dependent as his likely window to start raiding...).
    Offer the possible raiders food for their weapons after a couple weeks and they might take it, especially if you are well fortified and catching them by surprise.
    If you believe they will continue to be a threat, simple treatment of the food will cause a delayed incapacitating or fatal reaction in the raiders.