Sunday, May 7, 2017

barter town 2



In the introduction we already covered how the cultural expectation went from group unity to individual profiteering.  Yes, it’s a shame and no, there is nothing you can do to alleviate that paradigm shift.   Nowadays, if you play nice you get screwed.  So even if you aren’t a “screw-er” you at least make sure you are screwed as little as possible.  Which means come the collapse you give everybody else NOTHING.  Anyone that tells you that you should involve yourself in charity has several screws loose.  One, the Blue Helmeted UN Occupation, rebellion and reformation is a retarded fantasy ( or a deliberate attempt at fleecing the rubes-I leave you to decide the motivation for such a scenario that passes for mass motivation.  Yes, it nicely bypasses a 99% die-off and five hundred year Dark Age, but it completely ignores energy decline and overpopulation ) because it assumes quick turnaround on your disaster AND business as usual until a quick collapse.  And two, it takes biblical dictates of behavior and confuses them for human nature.


I understand that you WANT to believe the bible, that if we are all Christian we can reform along tribal lines and be a unified nation once again.  That is a very nice goal, and it makes a lot of bible thumpers a lot of money to sell this vision, but it does not align with reality.  In times of resource depletion man turns against man ( and if you have something he needs but are the same loving peaceful religion, he’ll just play the Doctrine Card to find an excuse to smite your ass and will take your goods ).  Here is the presented biblical injunction towards charity as it is taught: I’ll secretly give food to my church who will, under the protection of Christian Militia member bad boys armed with FLIR scope AR-15’s, distribute to the needy.  And now here is what is really going to happen:  one person doesn’t eat/stash their supplies quick enough and is detained down the road, tortured to reveal the source after a bandit notices congregations of Skinny’s.  If the bandit is smart he recon’s for the next Super Secret Drop-Off, kidnaps that person ( more security is at the church than the resupply convoy ), and tortures them for their location and that of his fellow Christian Militia members, picking them off separately.  Even if you only gave ONCE, you still face the problem that you gave up your own supplies that you’ll need down the road because the collapse is going to be longer and more severe than you thought.


So, obviously, you don’t want to be the solitary party to revert to sharing in a pre-collapse lack of social cohesion atmosphere, during the die-off when it is dog eat dog or shortly afterwards when tribes are still being violently formed.  I hope it is clear enough that individual greed is now normal and the only strategy you should employ.  It has been that way for fifty years now ( about the length of our so-far slow collapse if you factor in social disintegration as our imperial army lost the field as the beginning rather than the official ’71 start date of our Peak Oil ).  Greed is the survival strategy financially those five decades, and soon it will be for your very life.  So there was your obvious birth of post-apocalypse barter.  But the birth was pretty innocent at its inception.  Stockpile industrial age goods that cannot be duplicated and are relatively cheap.  Sewing needles, matches, razor blades, toothbrushes, fish hooks, paperback books and the like.  You weren’t out much money and you wouldn’t really screw anyone over trading your surplus with their surplus.  But it didn’t take long for that to degenerate.


Soon, post-apocalyptic barter strategies started sounding like we were opening a convenience store.  It became all about stocking the vices.  Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, batteries ( electronic habits ), chocolate.  There isn’t really anything inherently wrong with that strategy, although at heart you are showing your merciless fangs.  You are a stronger far more morally grounded individual who can laugh in the face of temptation and so you don’t need these reprehensible health risking items so the weaklings you despise will have to pay out the wazoo to acquire their poisons.  Even the weak willed children are tempted with candy and comfort foods ( the chocolate was for the menstruating gals, not necessarily the children.  Stock plenty of hard candy for them! ).  This is no different than how most of the economy works today so few people see a problem with it.  And the reason you see no problem with it is that not only is it normal, you can’t fathom how it can work differently.


Private property is our new far more powerful religion that trumps God.  If God is given any attention at all it is usually to condone or even demand increased wealth to be pure in his eyes ( when the rich use religion.  Look at the supposedly Body Is A Temple LDS’ers.  I think only Elk member Baptists are more dedicated to getting rich.  When the poor use religion it is a coping mechanism to deal with the rich screwing them ).  If you trash talk private property in any way, shape or form you are accused of being a communist.  But private property was invented after agriculture was, and it protects the owner of land and the slaves he uses to work it.  Only recently have the poor benefited from private property, during the heyday of the Oil Age boom, and those days are done.  Mankind evolved to live in equalitarian tribes small in numbers, hunting and gathering.  Food was shared because that was a survival strategy.  Yet today sharing is socialism, and it is definitely NOT a survival strategy for farmers who need private property to survive.  The problem isn’t sharing or hoarding, it is agriculture itself.  Which unfortunately will never become a genie you can shove back in the bottle.  Continued.


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  1. Stockpiling for barter for peoples vices/addictions...
    Do you really want to engage in a business transaction with someone who has so little foresight or care for their own body? Their desperation for your tobacco/alcohol/coffee would make it a very dangerous transaction for you. And what type of post-apoc-useful item would this addict trade with you for your vice stash? My guess is they would have nothing you would want or need.

    There are friends I anticipate coming to my house after an event. I have a supply of their alcohol and coffee to safely, slowly wean themselves from them in order to minimize the psychological and physical effects of being without.

    Have you considered not publishing on Sunday? Everyone needs a day of rest and I don't think anyone would be upset about it.
    Peace out

    1. Oh, I rest on Sunday. It is my only non-writing day. I write more than one article a day, stockpiling them, then turn to writing the book. I'm up to writing 4x what I was when I still worked a regular job.

  2. Regarding barter items. There is an often told LDS story about Germany post WWII. Food and other items were sent by the LDS Church to be handed out to German civilians. One lady came up to Ezra Taft Benson and asked to trade an orange she received for a sewing needle. Of course, she was given the needle and was allowed to keep her orange.


    I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago and visited Fort Sutter and Donner Pass. I also did a lot of reading on the Donner Party just because I was so interested in the inter-dynamics of the people. One would assume that at the beginning these several families and individuals got along quite well. Singing around the campfire, helping each other out of ditches, etc. If they hadn't gotten along they would have presumably joined other wagon trains. It was fascinating to see the "every man (or woman) for themselves when resources became scarce. Family groups seem to stay together -- people did some serious sacrificing for their family. But outside of the family unit.....well let's just say if you were invited for dinner, you better ask if you're on the menu.

    Idaho Homesteader

  3. great hair as always...

    "I understand that you WANT to believe the bible,"

    we believe the Bible because it is true, it's the Word of God

    "that if we are all Christian we can reform along tribal lines and be a unified nation once again."

    where did you get that from? The Bible say that the cross of Jesus is foolishness to those that do not believe, I don't expect the whole world will repent, as a matter of fact the Bible tells us the opposite will happen, people will fall away (lose their faith) get ready for lawlessness...the Great Tribulation

    tribal lines???? I believe the Bible, the Kingdom of God will have members from every nation.

    a unified nation once again??? nope, the USA is finished

    "That is a very nice goal,"

    patronizing means to treat with an apparent kindness which betrays a feeling of superiority.

    "and it makes a lot of bible thumpers a lot of money to sell this vision,"

    everybody will appear before God, every knee will bow, Judgement Day, the jimmy swaggert, jim baker types are going to be in big trouble

    "but it does not align with reality." duh

    why are you always railing against christians?

    1. I rail against the Papists, sorry if that includes a lot of sincere folk who are mislead. And, I mean it as being a nice goal. It is, and I wish it was achievable. I just think it takes an unhealthy amount of optimism to think it could be so.

    2. Oddly Annon 6:16 I think you think you are disputing Jims statements, but are in fact agreeing with the gist/spirit of them - there are those on the interwebs who think that the coming bad times will have the USA reborn as a christian nation with everyone wanting to join up and become part of gods kingdom here on earth.
      You and Jim both think this is nonsense.
      Jim paints it with a broad brush, and you want to dispute the fine details and point out there are many exceptions - Jim isn't disputing the details, but pointing at the broad strokes of the nonsense.

  4. Despite being in awe of your wonderful hair blowing gently in the breeze, as your resident bible thumper, I must inform you of the view from the "other" side. I've mentioned before that I'm part of an independent church (read: not organized religion). In my heart I know that my intentions are pure. I have grappled with this issue before and come to the conclusion that not only will I abstain from the "hoard and hide" philosophy of survival, I will be sharing EVERYTHING I have accumulated with my brethren at the church. I haven't let anyone know, I don't expect them to do the same but, as an elder I will lead by example. One day I will stand before my creator and give an account for my actions. I cannot in good conscience tell the Lord who died on my behalf that I was unwilling to share his blessings with those in my own family of believers. I know that "logically" this will probably get me and my family killed but, I trust in a higher power for provision. If he chooses to take me home instead then I've "only" gained heaven. Can't lose.


    1. I feel I shouldn't open this can of worms as anything I say is really going to stick in your craw. I'll just acknowledge we each have a far different worldview, and thank you for remaining a loyal minion.

    2. Family is not just blood. Shared belief and lives can help forge a family as well. Family of the church or family of the blood can still function at the level of extended family. The religious families members can look forward to heaven after they are gone, the blood family can look forward to their blood carrying on after they are gone.
      Moot point.
      Tribe is tribe. Blood or Belief (proven over time obviously).

    3. Honestly I have a pretty thick skin. As long as debate is civil and open minded I really enjoy the banter. You are absolutely correct that we have differing worldviews, that's why I brought it up. I just want to be clear that my motivation (and the motivation of many other believers) is truly to help, not to profit off of the suffering of others. I know that flies in the face of logic but, I'll sleep better at night (albeit most likely for fewer nights in the end).


    4. I'll be the first to admit my cynical nature does color my extreme viewpoint. Where I see selfish profit motives, the profiled would indeed be selfless as they are just a product of current mores or just the current organized church's teachings. In other words, if I was a bit less paranoid and hateful it never would have occurred to me to look at it differently. So just take it as food for thought rather than condemnation.