Tuesday, May 2, 2017

solution 2


So, humans are basically wired to kill off competition to resources by being the first to utilize those resources to gain military dominance.  One strategy being to outbreed the other tribe.  One wonders if that is the second half of the Female Promiscuity puzzle ( the first more important half being partner retention for long term child rearing ), but I shan’t sidetrack on that one.  Long term, this works because if you have a 10% numbers advantage, you wipe out the enemy and then gain the total 150% resource base ( if it was a 200% base, both your tribes could coexist, but being less means someone has to die so one tribe can have their 100%, plus enough to keep the military advantage.  Preppers please note.  We are in a LESS than 100% per population unit resource base which guarantees conflict.  Also note, we suck much more than you think militarily ).  Until you don’t because you ALWAYS overpopulate and outstrip the resources.  It can be NO OTHER WAY!!!! Our hardwired behavior dictates it, just as it does for every other animal species.  It doesn’t matter how opposed to that you are intellectually, IN PRACTICE that is how the victors act.


And by the way, this is how capitalism pretty much works.  The companies who steal the resources by murdering the original owners and can produce products from those resources the cheapest win the game of victory or dominance.  Capitalism proponents like to pretend there is some Adam Smith/Ayn Rand love fest going on where everyone is only being benevolently selfish, but at base it is all about resource control just like the tribes that survive.  So if you are all like, gross dude, when it comes to anything smacking on socialism you are unknowingly proving this point, that killing off the competition for resources is the NATURAL order of the universe.  Not that capitalism is natural economically, tribal non-profit is, but that in economics capitalism is the closest to our natural opportunistic predator behavior.


So any “solution” which goes contrary to human nature is not a solution in practice but mental masturbation.  You can’t preface solutions with “if we change our nature, we can…”.  It doesn’t work like that.  That is like those moronic Politically Correct douche bags insisting the human species physical differences don’t exist despite evidence to the contrary you witness every day ( “honey, can you open this jar for me?  Take out the trash?  Move this heavy ass pile of lumber?” ).   But remember what I said about systematic solutions verses individual ones?  Systematic problems always have individual solutions.  NOT social or group ones.  When you react individually there is no ulterior profit motives or dominance issues screwing up the best course of action.  Even something more than an individual solution is problematic.  If your family is acting democratically, you’ve just introduced group dynamics to the solution seeking process.  Only a benevolent dictatorship works for the family in this case.  And a “survival group”?  Just a smaller group, but still NOT in the interest of the individuals.


Of course, individual concerns must subordinate to group needs, but that presupposes that the group has your welfare in mind as the best solution to its welfare.  In a tribal structure where warriors are the primary male occupation ( of course food production/procurement is a important secondary, but ideally that should enhance the primary skill set to be the most effective blend ), we naturally bond and cooperate and nobody sacrifices without reward.  In a less tribal structure, the individual welfare becomes secondary and you no longer have an advantage of belonging to a group.  And a Survival Group transcends tribal structure.  Think about it.  Nobody acts tribal economically, but more capitalistically.  There is private property, to begin with, and tribal structure is equalitarian.  Private property is much more loosely defined whereas under capitalism it is far more rigid.  Right there is a basis of a power structure.  And you can’t run a healthy tribal system that way.  Not a functional natural cooperative system.  You want to become cannon fodder?  Join a property based survival group. 


Well, so much for that huge detour.  Let’s attempt to return to individual solutions.  This is pretty easy, isn’t it?  That is what lifeboat survivalism is all about.  You place all your energy and resources into saving yourself and family as the world crashes all around you.  Why would you even want to get distracted by fantasy solutions you can’t realistically adapt?  Group solutions are just Fallacy Of The Commons impossible.  The “solution” to most problems is just recognizing our human nature.  Screw you, I’ve got mine.  “Big Solutions” are just you pretending that Big Government is still a viable group.  By pretending your paymaster can still deliver your checks, you pretend the end is not nigh.  Big Solutions are just denial the system is imploding.  Big implies Big Oil and Big Finance can still save your ass and keep you wallowing in luxuries like Big Macs and central heat.  There are no solutions past your own individual ones.  Rawles Survivalism, its complete reliance on Big Finance and Big Trade to keep the consumables coming to continue the Middle Class lifestyle pretends to embrace lifeboat Survivalism but places far too much reliance on a mythical Resupply Ship to make it work.  It is only you, now while you supply yourself from Big Oil, and in the future when there is no more supply at all ever. 


Localize, completely.  Big Solutions are centralized, not decentralized, and you MUST decentralize as completely as you can NOW, and completely LATER.  There are your solutions, real ones.  Individualism and decentralization.  Any other solution is just an attempt at parting some fool with his money, or the stark raving mad babblings of an uneducated illogical thinker.  I understand few are as perfect as me, so I’m certainly not judging.  You can’t help it if you suck, but pardon me if I point it out. 


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  1. hi. hair is happenin'!
    now, almost in my dotage, i am finally figuring out some things.
    raised in a calvinist subculture, i was taught to repress what is 'natural'.
    now that i have a vague inkling of true human nature i wish i had been taught how to deal morally with that nature and its faults instead of just repressing sin.
    learn the truth and then learn to deal with it.
    everything you say here is true and should be required reading in order to get the high school diploma.
    when you have a basis of unobfuscated truth you are in a better position to live with as few delusions as possible.
    it is stupid to fight against nature. know your nature and then you can train yourself in proper behavior before the irredeemable mistakes are made.
    it is what is called seeing the big picture.

    1. Thank you for seeing that the Big Picture revolves around my hair!

  2. I watched a permaculture video by a mainstream permaculture identity aimed at preppers. His pitch was to create a food forest because even if the Golden Horde came through & took everything the forest replenish itself

  3. I've got the big solution that would work. Its simple. It is direct. It is implementable by big business/government. The fact that it hasn't been enacted yet shows me that the people in charge dont really understand what face the world. When mainstreet oil company scientist announce we have at most 40 years of oil left globally (check it out on Google, its true thats what they are saying), you know we are on the steep downslope of resource availability. The only solution is die off. The easy way for big gov/buisness to do this is massive use of weapons of mass destruction- short to moderate lifespan chemical at a preference, Nerve toxins that are 90%+ fatal but breakdown after a few weeks or months, spread over a wide area of the globe. Possibly in a binary delivery system with a modest delay before taking affect to ensure maximum spread. No announcement, no declaration of war, just go out and kill every city in a country, and obfuscate who did it, then repeat on the next country over point the blame at the remains of the first country or one of its allies, and continue that way until other nations get in on the act and start doing the same.
    with over 90% of the population living in the top 10% biggest cities in the world, you can extinguish @80%+ of the human race in less than a year, much of them will take care of themselves because of the ensuing war(s).
    Why hasn't this happened yet? It is totally cold blooded, violent, and dangerous to the persons initiating it, and takes a not insignificant investment, anyone blamed for doing it will be torn to little pieces slowly, but there are plenty of cold blooded people with the power to do it and means to obscure their culpability. So why haven't they done it? Obviously because they don't yet think they need to do it on that scale yet (or my understanding of the difficulty of producing the necessary amounts of the nerve toxins need is out of whack, but considering versions of nerve toxins are sprayed on our grain fields covering thousands of square miles, I doubt it.)

    1. Both really sound logical thoughts, just pulling a idear out of my arse here, but what if some evil enterty just whiped out all the people in one particular continet, or all the other continets except the one they resided in. That would leave plenty of the smart people in your own region and you would be able to ship off alot of your useless to recolonise the now depopulated other areas of the world.

      I remeber reading once many years ago some scientist here in Australia had developed some biological agent that only killed asains. I havent been able to find anything about this since and could well be BS.