Monday, May 22, 2017

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The Classic Four foods for storage are wheat, milk, salt and honey.  There is a very good reason these are optimal.  Milk is an animal protein, which is good ( non-fat is what stores well, so you’ll also need a fat source such as shortening.  And honey is so friggin expensive-plus potentially compromised in quality due to fake stuff from China-you might as well stick with white table sugar ).  If you don’t store milk, or do want to increase your food variety, you can include beans as your protein source.  A combination of grain and legume creates a complete protein comparable to meat.  Now, beans are no longer inexpensive.  One year there was a supposed freeze in California and suddenly dry beans went up 50-100% in price.  And never came back down ( I think that was just indicative of California ceasing to be the legendary ag center of the US-Mexico is now shipping us a LOT of our produce-both because of water shortages and overpopulation ).  It is cheaper many times to buy meat rather than beans.  But meat doesn’t store as easy. 


You will NOT digest beans if you don’t cook them properly first.  In fact, it you eat them that way you’ll actually lose MORE nutrients.  If you want to read a repeat of my article on that subject, it is on the home page of my web site ( ).  Grind the beans, roast the bean flour, THEN use in cooking ( like you are making a refried bean dip ).  Or pressure cook.  Or soak overnight then slow cook all day.  Old beans don’t cook well, if at all, but you have your super duper grinder to force those little bastards to become edible.  A pressure cooker is a great tool to invest in anyway, just to save on energy costs today, but if you are planning on it for the apocalypse either buy a multitude of replacement gaskets or spend the extra to buy a gasket-less type. 



Every swinging cheese dingus Yuppie Scum Survivalist Guru out there, ever the compliant advertiser pimp, will tell you that you need a $300 grain grinder.  And preferably one that can be motorized.  Hogwash.  Not only do you need a manual grinder for its fail safe feature of NOT being motorized, you need multiple units.  And you can’t afford that at $300 a pop.  A simple unit IS a bit of an exercise to use, but if you are so enfeebled that you are unable to turn a manual grain grinder I submit to you that you won’t survive long enough to eat much wheat anyway.  Just buy a few cans of freeze dried food and stock up on ammunition so as to be able to take down as many mouth breathing Useless Eaters as possible to help out the rest of the survivors long term, and plan on dying early.  Hell, you don’t need to grind it all at once.  How about before each meal?  If there are a lot of mouths, how about some help you grind?  Spending extra isn’t always the best way to solve a problem ( another poor lesson learned from the military ).


Corona brand mills have been around forever.  I used one in my youth making flour for mom to turn into the weeks supply of bread.  They were made in Mexico and are nothing so much as a chunk of iron plated for longevity, sold to poor peasants for grinding their corn.  Today, the brand is “Victoria” and is made in Columbia, but is basically the exact same thing.  Because it is made for corn rather than wheat, wheat must be ground three times rather than once.  Once on “course” ( plates further apart ), once of “medium” ( inbetween ) and last on “fine” ( plates closed so they touch, then screwed apart slightly to avoid metal on metal wear and tear and the consequent metal shavings in the meal ).  The first grind is actually the hardest then gets easier.  It is a good work out, but doable.  These units are around $40 at Amazon and I’d own one per two years worth of wheat, three at the most.  You don’t JUST own one rifle, right?  That is your defense.  Well, a grain grinder is how you eat all that wheat.  Yes, you can prepare wheat without a grinder, but having one doubles or triples your menu options and you need help combating taste fatigue.  Get multitudes of grinders.  One should last a lifetime if not allowed to rust ( if it does, throw some vegetable oil on it ), but you need to account for rust, theft, back-up and Murphy’s Law.


Never stockpile rice just because it doesn’t need a grinder.  One, it is a White food which are empty calories and need supplementation.  Two, it is twice the price of whole wheat ( you must NEVER store brown rice.  EVER!!!!!!  Anyone who tells you this is NOT a survival expert.  Brown rice goes rancid VERY quick due to the oil in its outer shell.  That is why Ornamentals store and eat white rice.  It stores a long time, even in humid climates ).  Only store rice if that is your Daily Grain by preference ( and you have access to that supplement food ).  A grain grinder is a very simple tool to use.  And affordable.  And no where near as scary as the “only the rich deserve to survive” experts preach.  They seem to think that all manual labor will induce a heart attack and kill you.  I say, if you can’t use a grinder now, get in shape so you can later.  And while you can introduce the family to whole wheat by buying store bought flour, the stuff simply doesn’t taste as great as when you grind it yourself.


The Victoria will NOT produce a fine baby powder like flour unless you sieve out the larger chunks, using those in another dish and keeping the fine powder for bread.  I prefer the course flour it produces, and the fresh taste.  If the family is being indoctrinated into eating whole wheat, start with store bought and add lots of white flour at first.  Work your way up to fresh and course.  By then they should crave it.  And that should be sufficient for all your wheat needs.  Enjoy.

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  1. What is an Ornamental?

    re: That is why Ornamentals store and eat white rice.

    And you want us to pay for this kind of writing?

    1. Ornamental = Oriental.
      Lighten up, Francis, it is called humor.
      And yes, I expect to be paid if you keep reading. The first samples are on me. You are welcome.

  2. Just curious, why not use a mortar and pestle? It's a mainstay in the orient for cooking. Would not produce fine enough powder? It would last forever. Won't rust or break. ???

    1. yes, the m&p would be a superior product. I didn't mention as nobody will have one. Your wheat and sprout diet shouldn't last so long a meat grinder's limited life should be an issue, and it has other uses.

    2. Actually I do have a mortar and pestle....
      And gasp a yuppie Wonder junior Mill...
      Along with two Corona Mills of course.
      And a meat grinder too.

      Redundancy is good, no ?

    3. Yes I certainly agree !

      Also the urgency to prep now as quickly as is possible !
      Thankfully I've been of that mindset for over forty years now.
      Because I'm living proof that SHTF can happen in an instant ! My ability to stock up having been severely diminished since forced unemployment....
      Sure glad I was so possessed before.

    4. You might be able to stock up less, but since you were so far ahead of the game anyway, at least you are better off than most. Although, I understand the mindset and you can never really ever finish being prepped. I get the anxiety.