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bad attitude strategy 2

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American military thinking since the end of the first world war has been modeled after the French Second Generational Warfare model.  Top down, absolute disciple, infantry holds what artillery wins.  Or visa versa.  And the reason we never could move on the Third generation was our absolute love of centralization and our rigid adherence to process over result orientation.  Vietnam and wars following ( and preceding ) couldn’t have been fought any other way.  Our little communist Brown Brothers fought in a far more centralized government yet their tactics weren’t defensive.  They wasted as many men, and had the same disregard for them, but at least they fought to win rather than to lose.  And as a survivalist, if you think defensively you will probably lose also.  You must think and act offensively, but be paranoid enough defensively, complimenting the two.  And please allow me to insert a delicate subject into the discussion, but if you are defensively offensive you will lose also.  In other words, if you are timid in your offense, you’ll lose.


That is, in a nutshell, the problem with introducing pacifistic religion into military doctrine.  There is nothing wrong with religion to motivate the battalion whose side the grace of God rests.  As long as that religion is Old Testament fire and brimstone smiting.  New Testament timid, loving and caring?  Barf!  Now, I grant you, the whole charity giving love thy neighbor schtick the Christian Militia professes to might be a façade, a sham, a Potemkin Village to lull the unbelievers into complacency.  Those crazy Jesus Freaks might be stocking the ammo deep to take over the whole country west of the Rockies for all we know.  Instead of just for defense.  But as their doctrine dictates, on the face of it, if there are no ruses afoot, they are defensive in nature.  They do not wish to offend their god and so preach a hands-off attitude.  You leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.  No tricks here, I won’t attack you offensively, pinkie promises, yo!  I don’t believe it, myself, but then I’m right next door and must be extra paranoid.  I’m pretty sure the rest of the flock believes with all their heart. 


I submit to you for your consideration that you do NOT consider emulating this.  Rather, think back on the response to collapse the 99% had.  I’m armed and I’ll go get me some food.  Just don’t do it on an empty stomach.  I hope by now you’ve come over to the side of tribal thinking.  Every primitive tribe as well as modern nation state has the same attitude.  My tribe as The One True People, all others tribes are scumbag subhuman asswhores ripe for the slaying.  Come the collapse, your tribe is no longer American ( it isn’t now, pre-collapse, but we are forced by law to uphold the fiction ), or Texan or whoever.  It is the people you see surrounding you, usually no more than at platoon level of effectives with the same amount of dependents.  That is it.  You can form allegiances with other tribes, but you know that it is a conditional one and subject to change without notice.  So, in effect, the rest of humanity is your enemy.  And if you wait for your enemy to attack, you’re at a disadvantage militarily. 


It is strange that so many prepper patriots wave the flag at such a frantic pace that they’ve herniated themselves buying  into the fiction of the US defensiveness.  Oh, heaven’s to Betsy, NOOOOOO!, the poor defenseless Kuwaitis have been attacked by an evil dictator, we must attack him at once!  Oh, for the love of all that is good and just, the North Vietnamese fired on one of our ships and we have proof from a report someone saw something on a radar screen, so we must avenge ourselves by sacrificing fifty thousand of our own men to teach those commie bastards to not hit or kill any of our navel vessels!  That will show them!  Oh, no, Mister Bill!  Saudi terrorists attacked New York city with Iraqi weapons of mass destruction from a command center in Afghanistan, or something like that, we must now attack!  Why do we pander to such pacifistic pussyness?  Why is defense seen as such a morally superior prerequisite?  I’m not saying that such Whiney Victim nonsense isn’t a typical government opiate for the masses.  I know it is standard operating procedure.  But when the public members buy it, then copy it, it is the beginning of flawed strategy for post-apocalyptic strategy. 


You would think that the blatant obviousness of such Offensive Justification would be clear to any intelligent person, but clearly this is not the case.  I’d even wager most people want to be lied to.  Hell, I can already imagine the conversation up in Idaho.  “The Unbeliever, the Blasphemer, the Godless Heathen Lord Bison has been molesting sheep!  My brethren, my flock, must these unholy doings continue without an appropriate answer from His Chosen People?  Nay, I urge of you to right these wrongs.  Nay, a thousand times No, we must assume the holy mantel of Baby Jesus’ teachings and smite this oppressive Exemplifier Of Evil!  To the barricades!  On Donner, On Dixon!” and etcetera.  It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.  It’s what is expected of government.  That is just how they roll.  Work up everybody is some kind of sad sack Friday Night Football orgy of anger and team spirit and sally forth to die gallantly.  It just saddens me when the sheep so eagerly line up for the slaughter.  Far less of them would die if they weren’t serfs on the crusade for their elite.


Don’t justify your actions by hiding behind defensiveness.  It isn’t becoming.  Just tell it like it is.  “Hump them, let’s go kill them and take their stuff”.  Think, so you can then act, offensively.  Looking through that paradigm lens will help think things through strategically and tactically.  As will thinking defensively, to your detriment.  Continued.


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