Thursday, May 18, 2017

blog reformat

This is article one of two this evening.


Okay, here we go reformatting the blog.  Nothing bad, just better things.  I’m doubling the amount of posts every day.  That is it, nothing bizarre.  Now you get one at 7am and 7pm, Pacific Time.  Why, you ask, as you recall all the times I’ve whined and complained about running out of article ideas?  Because I’m writing three hours a day and nobody is reading two of them.  If I publish a book and I get five readers, out of my 750-1,000 regulars, I’ve toiled away for absolutely zero reason.  And a whopping $2 for twenty hours of labor.  Even I’m not so foolish as to think that is a good return on investment.  I’m already publishing over two posts a day, it is just that they aren’t read.  I’m as egotistical as any writer you’ll ever find out there.  I need my rantings, tirades, blatherings and babblings to be appreciated. 


I thought my shamings would compel a few of you to buy my monthly books but nobody has responded outside a very few.  I thought my pleadings would compel a few to make donations, but only the regulars did so.  So I’m taking this step.  I’m going to double your reading material, after I already jacked it up 40%, in order to deliver before you respond.  I’m saying, in effect, here is your book, on credit, now send me my money.  Because now you are getting a novel size book every month, but full of much better entertainment and hopefully some important teachings.  A friggin buck a month is all I’m asking for, of all but those without any income. 


Amazon purchase commissions are down 30% on the same sales, as the commission rates was slashed.  I’ve already seen Amazon sales drastically falling over the last decade as it is, and now those that remain are paying less ( prior to the 2009 I was seeing $300 a month Amazon and $100 a month Google ad revenue, but less folks are buying [ my Google income went from $100 a month to that in a year ] ).  2015 I was seeing Amazon commissions at an average monthly $220, and in 2016 they were closer to $180.  If I still see the same sales, I’ll only get $120 a month now.  Amazon commissions paid me for ten years.  All that writing you got from me was free, all you had to do was buy what you normally bought through my blog page link.  But now even as the commission rates shrinks so are the total gross sales as less folks can buy from Amazon as incomes shrink. 


I’m looking at $100 a month wages here.  How can anyone live off of that?  I’m not asking for any unreasonable amount.  I’m happy at $200 a month, total.  $300 a month I’d be rolling in clover.  So, I’m asking for you to pledge on Patreon, or setting up a PayPal monthly donation.  A buck a month.  For a book worth of blog posts a month.  Not two short articles a week like Kunstler, or one a week like Orlov.  Two long articles a DAY.  About one and half cents an article.  For my regulars who’ve already sent $5, or $10 or $20 or more, I expect NOTHING from you.  You’ve already been more than generous.  Wait before you donate again.  Please.  I’d feel like a dingus taking more right now.  The rest of you have no excuse.  Pay a very reasonable amount for so much more than what you were getting.


I’ll probably still put out a book a month, it will just be from the blog, already posted.  It is just a way to pay if you don’t want to pledge.  Remember, you can mail me a buck with your e-mail address if you don’t buy through Amazon, or buy the CD through the mail.  There is a way to pay for everyone.  Don’t be a typical free rider.  If you return here, pay a buck a month. 


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  1. Jim....

    You put STUPENDOUS effort into your blog (A for effort)

    But you still don't get it!

    Gary North says "Find out what people want to buy BEFORE you try to sell something"

    They do NOT want to buy your ranting against the establishment. They do NOT want to buy more of the same dribble that comes bubbling from your brain to the key board.

    Quality not word count is what matters.

    I can understand you not wanting to be like those other CON men and wannabe experts. (i.e. selling out)

    Sometimes (very very rarely), you have an eye opening post. That is the only reason I return time after time to wade through your blabbering.

    Imagination (and a little practice with topic sentence and paragraphs) is the way to get the readers buying. Doesn't have to be fiction.

    You have read all about Doomsday scenarios, derivatives, poverty survival, etc. and etc. What have you read about being a better writer???

    Here is an idea for you. Inform your readers that you will custom write an article on the subject of their choice for X amount of money, that it will be a minimum number of words, that it will be a researched and thought out article. Etc, etc. you get the idea.


    1. So, I'll put you down your $2 a month? Seriously, I love Gary North and believe 90% of what he writes. But not that. Customers don't know what they want half the time. How many doomer blogs do you know that make money without industry advertising ( not counting cookie ads )?

  2. Please keep punching out the Bison Batch Books, they make handy references