Friday, December 12, 2014

what the end means


In the 1300’s the world had about 400 million folks, give or take a few villages.  In the ten years since Peak Oil we have added TWICE that many to the already ridiculous 6 billion petroleum extraction has allowed us to populate the Earth with.  And keep in mind, not only was there still weather induced famines in 1300 even with just that few people, our population increase since 2005 was with an already reduced rate of the increase in reproduction.  Resource contraction has already forced birth rates down-when you can’t feed all your kids already the next one you shoot out from your over-used womb most likely dies of malnutrition-yet there are so many mouths reproachfully gapping for nourishment already that a decrease in the increase is still an increase that puts too much strain on the system.  And least ye judge the milling overpopulated masses in Africa and the entire middle east to include Israel ( the Wall isn’t as much to keep suicide bombers out as to appropriate all the aquafers and farmland the Palestinians are rude enough to think are theirs- and it still won’t be enough soon enough ), the good ‘ol USA is itself overpopulated with an official number of 319 million which doesn’t include illegals.  I don’t give two craps what color those people are, what language they speak or where they are from.  I don’t want more damned fools moving here when we already have tens of millions too many already.  If for no other reason, porous borders should impeach Obammy.


You think America is still the worlds breadbasket, even accounting for ethanol wastage?   We are no better off than India, its once fertile region having gone from pumping water from 50 feet a few short years ago to now going hundreds ( with the new wells drying out sooner and more pumping required- the main source of farmer bankruptcy and suicide by poison ), its soil robbed of all nutrients and requiring artificial fertilizers and other inputs, drought a constant new worry.  All over the world, old farming land is degraded, new farmland-although not much is available-replaces forest which does not help our increasingly screwy weather as if we need to add to methane plumes from Siberia or sea current changes from Artic ice melt, and food production is not keeping up with population increase.  It is really not rocket science.  Increasingly for a variety of reasons that can’t be changed most of the world’s food production MUST be grown industrially with petroleum, at the same time that we are on a flat oil production plateau which is flat rather than declining only because of frack oil and tar sand and deep water drilling, while we are still increasing in population.  All food is petroleum produced, all regions are flatlined in oil production and we are still adding to population.  Does this sound like a scenario conducive to thirty more years of you paying off a concrete bunker atop a  mountain, or does it sound more like the crap will hit the fan in this country any day now?  Next article, a less than rosy picture of how the feces will splatter.

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  1. Lord Bison, your writing skill is only bested by your mane of incredible hair. Can't wait for part 2. Yes with food and oil production being more and more difficult and the population increases there will be a heckuva collision when the lines intersect. We are at that point now I fear as we and other countries have spent our surpluses.

    Alas we are the blessed ones for having your guidance to lead us through this coming collapse.

    Proud to wear the "White Trash Irregular" moniker. Did I suck up enough for a biscuit?

    1. TWO biscuits for you, as the comments were drying up and little praise had been forthcoming.

  2. The other reason farm land is drying up....Suburbanization. One only needs to look at places like Lancaster PA. Acres and acres of prime farmland cut up into little plots so that deluded social climbers can build Mcmansions....You see it all over the east coast coast. Hell you see it on the west Coast especialy California.
    At least those acres devoted to Ethanol can be possibly converted into a useful food crop some day.
    The only use that todays suburbs will have in the future is as scrap piles and slums.

    1. Remember, suburbs have lots of sheetrock for gunpowder.

  3. I've been thinking that it was imminently probable for at least half my life, yet we seem to continue bandaging things together.
    Eventually it will reach critical mass...not good.
    The whole bunker mentality is in my option flawed anyway. Most likely one will have to cut and run for various causes which can't be for seen. Murphy and FUBAR being the rule of the day.
    My point be capable of going full nomad also.

    Sure glad that I can walk once more (slowly...very slowly ) it was scary being laid up. Thinking s could hit whilst I were totally down !!

    1. If you need more speed, go with a wheelchair. Put cool cutting knives on the wheels like in Ninja or Roman movies. Stay out of quicksand. :)

    2. Actually Spuds point about evacuating as one of the limited mobility is a good one. Even if you can walk all day and bike a hundred miles NOW that is no guarantee you will be able to do so when you must become nomadic - injury, illness, old age, can all create limits for you and for what ever crew you end up banding with. SO a plan now is probably a good idea. Motor vehicle is the default response of the Yuppie scum prepper - limited fuel and parts make that unlikely. Canoe/Kayak, raft, sledge, rickshaw, buggy, cycle trailer, horses, oxen, goats, etc. Cheap now, fun for the family now, useful for goods and materials as well as the mobility limited.
      And don't think the mobility limited are always a drag on the survivalist team- they can do over watch, cooking, planning, repairs of small items, etc. Maybe even while being transported.
      Two wheeled heavy duty off road garden carts can be bought any number of places. Don't even think about bothering to do something stupid like armoring them (as per one stupid forum had a member saying he was going to do). The entire point of a nomadic existence (like evacuating) is to take the absolute minimum you need to get to the next place you can gather more resources, and there to either settle permanently or to move on to the next resource holding location... Not to fight a war while moving.

  4. Great Lord Bison of the Magnificent Hair! I bow to your supremacy in all things prep and survival related!
    I am extraordinarily lucky to have moved to a fairly remote area. We have not one, not two, but THREE sources of water for agriculture and livestock. Five acres, with the possibility of more in the future. No suburbia here! No McMansions. The closest town has around 1400 people proper, with another 1000 in the area around it. It took almost 5 years to find this little spot of paradise, but it was worth it! And we owe NOTHING on it (other than the damn property taxes...when will allodial title make a come back!?). No credit card debt, either. (A POX on all credit cards!)
    The smart ones listen to you...they *check out* of todays consumer society and get into the work of being more self-sufficient. T.V.s do NOT feed you, warm you or clothe you. Clubbing, buying $300 handbags/shoes, and driving a pricey sports car are similarly useless. Most won't realize this until it is FAR too late as they starve or freeze in suburbia.Then again, they probably didn't listen to your sage advice!
    My future dreams? A good wood cook stove. More fencing. A couple of pigs to raise. More chickens. A treadle sewing machine.
    Hey...a girl can dream!

  5. O Great Oracle Of Elko and all that other Crap, I told my AA sponsor about how it is getting more and more difficult to not drink after reading your posts. He said he would read some of your posts and get back to me. I ran into him on the street yesterday and ask him what he thought of your blog. He said" let's go get a drink!" ha ha ha ha ha

  6. Holy F*** Batman!
    He's doing it again!

    This is why you DO NOT make much money as a writer:

    "And least ye judge the milling overpopulated masses in Africa......"

    How about if you use the word "lest"??????

    And then there is this:

    "Resource contraction has already forced birth rates down-when you can’t feed all your kids already the next one you shoot ...."

    Birth rates are down in the WESTERN INDUSTRIALIZED countries because Ken and Barbie have been brainwashed with consumerism. They are not having kids because then THEY would not be able to buy THEMSELVES all the toys they want.

    Take away the population increase from illegals AND single welfare moms popping out more kids for the money. You will see that U.S. pop. is decreasing.

    It is NOT because of resource contraction and not enough food in this country to eat.

    The garbage cans in this country eat better than the majority of the third world.


    1. MM, as long as you have been reading Jim you should know that he doesn't proof his work - you learn to read what he is saying - not what he is writing. Get over yourself. On birth rates I suggest watching Idiocracy.

  7. Bugging out is the ultimate prepper fairy tale masturbatory fantasy.

    Seriously folks, where ARE you actually going to go?

    And what awaits is much more likely than not death from exposure, starvation or at the hands of those already there (wherever that is) who will kill you for your trespass, possessions, or simply to eat you.

    I am where I am, and if that don't cut it.... well hell, we all gotta go sometime. Nobody lives forever, and there really are some things worse than death.

    Enjoy the ride y'all.

    1. Flood, Wildfire, Locusts, Migrating polar bears, etc. Lots of reason that a specific location can become at least temporarily untenable. Having a backup place to bug out too can save your bacon and your hide too! Having more than one way to get there and a 'trigger point' set for when to "bug out" just makes sense. Most of your energy should be towards shelter in place, but some sort of bug out planning and preparations should be done. Heck, what if you are simply caught out away from your home (say, to a specialist Dr.'s Visits), wouldn't be nice to have an alternate plan ready to follow/assist you getting back to your little Eden? Maybe some pre-placed supplies so you don't have to carry everything on your back?
      Buging out is possible- it gets done all the time from the path of hurricanes, etc. In a total collapse scenario it is much, much, harder- there are not going to be lots of affordable hotels or fema money to help. But if you are smart you can do it. And some will be 'bugging out' for the rest of there lives becoming the start of a new nomadic lifestyle.

  8. Population is showing signs of plateauing (the rate of increase is declining rapidly) according to official UN reports - if anything though this just demonstrates that we have hit peak on about everything, since we have at best 20years of fracking oil left and probably less than that conventional oil and gas at current rates. This means our kids and grandkids WILL be energy poor as compared to us. And since the population growth has been mostly in 3rd world countries for the last half century or so, it is inevitable that they will either die in place, happily letting the rich 1st world nations enjoy the last sips of oil- OR they will try and fight to get the last slices of a diminished pie (aka attack the resource sources of the first world nations). Nigeria is the current poster child of this coming conflict, but expect to see it in every country with anything worth exporting - nationalization of assets owned by foreign corporations, usually with some sort of civil war or coup to help reduce overhead. Then a resell of the resource at an initially slightly lower cost that will quickly get jacked back up to prior levels, and then well above those old prices. I don't think that is what is happening to oil prices now necessarily but it would look similar, and, in less than 5 years you would see the prices go back up past old levels.