Wednesday, December 10, 2014

consuming more consumerism


I’m sure a lot you grew up with a normal sense of some kind of self-sufficiency.  A backyard garden, cutting your own wood, fixing your own car, mom sewing clothing and baking.  This was taught to our parents who handed it down to us, and while  Women’s Lib was burning right along besides economic contraction still not all females felt the need to throw the family under the bus to gain “independence” ( corporations became the new drunken abusive husband, but since she got a paycheck she was independent ) and while mom might have done side work or held a part time job ( mine never went to work until after the divorce- whether she relished that or not was something we never discussed ) most tried to hold on to the old ways.  Housework was never a chain to tether the women to servitude, it was independent work done in the home for the family so as to be independent of consumption and the money economy.  FemiNazi twats act like unpaid work is servitude, which plays right into the hands of the bankers and corporations who sign up her sisters in the fight against the penis power organization to a lifetime of wage slavery.  But you’re free from the kitchen, right?  All this is never talked about, never thought about.  I’m a male chauvinist pig for just bringing it up.  Political correctness, otherwise known as the self-policing thought control, victory marches in another ticker tape parade.


I’m not suggesting that free independent women caused the end of self-reliance.  Who wouldn’t want a more intellectually fulfilling role in life, a purpose beyond eighteen years of child rearing, something to do besides serving the lord of the manor a martini after his office job?  At the end of a predominantly agricultural society, and the beginning of an Industrial one, women’s roles were fluctuating and the more traditional highly unsatisfying.  It was industry which killed the family, not women ( just look at the more traditional roles still slightly preserved in the South-industry came a lot later and farming stuck around much longer ).  Still, Women’s Lib was the last nail in the coffin of the traditional family and the rise of consumerism.  After that, aided and abided by a two decade lowering of oil prices to the pre-OPEC levels ( mostly, although all relative of course ) which ushered in globalism, not to mention the PetroDollar, we lost almost all self-reliance functions and farmed out almost everything to others.  This of course had the effect of parasites and opportunity seekers jumping on the bandwagon, more dependence masquerading as a Service Industry Age or much more sneaky  an Information Age, and once power centers started profiting off replacing household work legislation and force were brought to bear to consolidate and increase those new earnings and institutionalize consumerism ( when your property tax bill is $500 a month canning your own asparagus doesn’t make you independent.  You need a job and the savings in the produce isle go to your banker ).  Next time, consuming for survival and how the Chris Hedges of the world would kill you with their advice.

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  1. Has anyone here priced out "self reliance"? Subsistence farming, on a $/hr of labor basis pays far worse than working at a cube farm and buying your food from a supermarket.
    At least, it did. The cost of working for the corps (and growing industrial ag) was basically subsidized by industrial machinery, slowly but surely requiring less human hands to make productive more acres- now in the wheat belt a wheat farm less than several square miles in size is considered too small to even bother buying out.
    And these farms of dozens of square miles are tended by at most a dozen workers running big equipment and computers- and most of those workers only work the farm part time at harvest and planting seasons (and if the market is good, they will make a profit in the 6-8 figures, and if it isn't they get a .Gov hand-out of 5-6 figures).
    BUT as oil gets more expensive and inflation eats away at the value of the corp. provided dollar, it begins making more and more sense economically to provide at least some of your own food.
    In other words, the trend of the past 100+ years off the small farm has begun to reverse itself...

    1. No doubt that is now makes economic sense ( comparing organics ) to grow your own food ( except probably grains if small scale ). But, try doing it without having a job. Mostly to pay taxes. So, it is stuck at consumerism.

    2. Taxes? we don't need no stinkin' taxes!
      Actually taxes are exactly why I want to make most of my land improvements out of sight, and need to grow some nice thick hedge along the road side of my land...