Friday, December 19, 2014

flea bites


The question which has bothered me for some time was why did the velvet glove come off of the iron fist in the 90’s.  Why suddenly were mothers holding infants snipered and small children in Texas being BBQed by FedGov storm troopers?  Heck, the 90’s were a time of balanced budgets and extremely low oil prices.  There should have been zero sedation or discontent with unemployment so low anyone with a pulse wanting to work was actually treasured.  The Wal-Mart “miracle” was in full swing.  Nobody had to work very hard to eat like a king for cheap and wallow in a sea of plastic doo-dads ( and, electronics were falling in price and ballooning in performance every six months ).   No one had a reason to complain too seriously, so why did Slick Willy sow hate and discontent?  He wasn’t bored, having his choice of young gals to service his needs under the Oval office desk.  My thinking is pointing to a repeat of Prohibition growing Flea’s ( Federal Law Enforcement Agencies- the guy that came up with that one was a genius ) just as the KGB grew in the Soviet Union, with the Intelligence community morphing into another power group fighting for control.  And, no, I don’t believe necessarily this is an outgrowth of the Military Industrial Complex, a quaint notion on par with thinking this countries industrial base will return ( look at the parallels between our military equipment drawdown in the middle east and that of the disintegrating Soviet Union and tell me a weakening shrinking organization runs the shadow government ).


Back when Wilson bent over and invited the bankers to sodomize him and the Constitution ( yes, I know the Constitution is largely a step up from the Articles Of Confederation towards a more powerful federal government, so you can usually assume I’m shorthanding to infer the Bill Of Rights more than the Constitution.  So friggin sorry a daily 500 word forum doesn’t lend itself to minute over explanations in every aspect.  Besides, you’d get bored of even MORE repetition ), the financing of a worldwide empire was born.  It should have been a foregone conclusion at this point that citizens rights had to be considered secondary to the needs of power, profit and world building.  Imperial needs dictate an internal policing mechanism to keep the peace for itself.  How is the Empire to grow if troops are needed to quell internal uproar?  Soon after hundreds of thousands of American boys were slaughtered to keep the profits coming to JP Morgan, beneficiary of US loans to Britain and France,  we got our local KGB under the pretext of fighting rummies during Prohibition.  You think a bunch of sour old bitches who hadn’t had a good humping in too long all by themselves were able to “force” the government to prohibit the consumption of alcohol?  The explosion of spirit intake following the implementation of the law shows me the majority of people didn’t vote for lack of alcohol.  That prohibition law was as obviously faked on to the official books as was the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Next post, continued.


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  1. Half time? Obamacare?

  2. I was put on half time at work

    That sucks. If you need any help let me know.


  3. Enjoy Great One. I've been working serious overtime and since you gave me a few food boxes when I was in Elko and free books to read, it was time to do you a solid. Surprised you are on short hours this time of year. Figured a food bank would be slammed this time of year with all the fuzzy happy crap that infects folks at Christmas.

    1. Two paid positions equaling one full time job. I musn't give details or it will spoil the forthcoming article.

  4. dear bison, many thanks.
    like many i still think in terms of junior high civics classes.
    i still vote. i write unread letters to congressmen.
    i am operating under a delusion which i think is common.
    you have caused enlightenment today.
    i just don't know how to operate under the new notion that our federated republic is just a shill for greedy so-and-so's.
    now that you have taught us how do we operate?
    it is obvious that those in power [ruby ridge murderers who come from among ourselves and are paid by the greedy with our tax dollars] and their slaves care nothing for anyone but themselves.
    how are we to live?
    i read 'fred on everything' about why the drug wars will not be won--money!.
    Jesus said that the love [greed for] money is the root of all evil. i just didn't know how deep and widespread that greed is.
    deb h.

    1. Greed sucked us all in, now we are forced to play by the money game. So even if you aren't greedy, ya got ta play the game,