Monday, December 29, 2014

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In American culture tradition is a dirty and befouled word.  You know, because traditionally men oppressed women and white folk oppressed minorities and companies oppressed individuals so only government was able to help the proletariat but since traditionally oppressive white folk kept the government small to starve out the peasants, bigger government was cool because it wasn’t traditional and it only wanted to help ( but kindly don’t mention that a private banking cartel traditionally controlled the government through monetary means and traditionally raped the masses through inflation ).  Tradition is spat upon and actively taught against in all our traditional ( near a century now ) propaganda methods including compulsory education, media and progressive laws.  If anything is traditionally supported, it is vilified and not allowed in polite society, whereas anything at all to include sodomy and bestiality and pre-school sex education and allowing the deadly diseased to wander about freely whilst working in food preparation services to harvesting Asian babies which was traditionally unacceptable is pushed and condoned  and apologized for.  Only in small isolated close knit societies are traditions followed and only at the expense of largely cordoning off the rest of the society surrounding them in defense ( hence the seemingly silly practices of condoning rock and roll music or disallowing dances, etc. )( the Mammon Church largely is incapable of cordoning off most of its settlements to outsider influx and suffers accordingly although to a degree it is successful ).


Tradition is nothing more than a cultural adaptation of best practices available for the resource base at hand.  Yes, there were parasitic organisms that exploit traditions when possible.  Mankind has forever been and will forever be full of selfish behaviors.  That is a survival mechanism.  Culture and tradition can minimize these, it can never stop them.  An unsocial behavior is an aberration which is fought against but is also the least possible “tax” that must be paid.  For every tradition there is abuse and misuse but the end result of a lack of tradition is lack of social cohesion.  Lack of social cohesion spells out individual disaster during disaster.  As one example, during a drought ( if you think those are just biblical disasters because Oil Fracking will make us energy independent for a gabazillion  years, your head is so far up your ass you should be the worlds leading ventriloquist ) a society with three generational households, tribal affiliations and reciprocal village trade structures will all suffer to some degree but most will weather the crisis.  On the other hand, societies with strong capitalistic tendencies and rampant individualism will gladly throw whole regions under the bus in a brutish dog eat dog free for all, down to the family level where the old and infirm are gladly allowed to die so as others may live ( this discounts traditional societies in harsh environments where such practices are traditional as a means of community survival ).  Next post, concrete examples of traditions which actually help even though vilified today.


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  1. "Tradition is spat upon and actively taught against in all our traditional ( near a century now ) propaganda methods including compulsory education, media and progressive laws."

    You got that right!

    Here's one possible reaction to that, one of Fred's always entertaining columns, titled "The Second American Revolution: An Utterly Objective Analysis" -