Friday, August 16, 2019

signals through the noise 3

In a gun control situation, it is very simple to fight back ( not that it is easy ). They want your guns, you give it to them one bullet at a time, as the cliché goes. You aren't alone because a lot of other people are going to want to keep theirs as well. But the Red Flag Laws are a different animal altogether. You actually ARE all alone and are picked off one at a time. You are a criminal, NOT supported by anyone else ( under gun control, you are a freedom fighter supported by half the population ).
Under gun control, you are dead before you are disarmed. Under Red Flag Laws, you are disarmed, cannot re-arm ( the way the laws are going. For instance, now I know why Nevada was targeted for Private Sales being outlawed ), and then die because of that. Recently we were discussing gun control here, and a minion disagreeing with me made a statement that stuck with me. You bury your guns for when you lose the rest. I don't think it hit me at the time, but the statement did ferment in my brain ( see, I listen even when I disagree ).
And when it was announced that Your Mostest Favoritest Trump was solidly behind Red Flag Laws, it finally clicked with me. I got it. You will ( well, could ) be disarmed without gun control, unless you plan for that. All this time, I had been planning for gun control, as had been the problem for eighty plus years. But control will probably wait until the Rothschild's want the Reds to attack the BlueBellies. For now, the better armed half the country is ( legal, plus illegal, plus those willing if supplied ), the better the conflict and division.
You know the drill. Enable Blacks to fight Whites and you divide by race. Allow females to take all the males jobs and you divide by gender ( when there were enough jobs for both, they just used the Kid Kard and No Fault Divorce to divide the two ). Tax the workers more to support retirees and you divide by age. A country divided cannot fight its parasitical rulers. The more people you arm, the more guns are used to settle the differences. Not that I'm using that as an excuse for gun control.
Which makes me a Useful Idiot, doesn't it? I don't care what the body count is, the Bill Of Rights isn't a permission slip. So, I further the divide to benefit the bankers. Well, I'm standing behind my freedom, and they are just grasping for more fiat currency, so who is really the Useful Idiot? But even if I'm wrong to play their game, it isn't like I have much choice in the matter. My only consolation is, they factor in economic demise ( they are bankers-to them, everything is about money ). I know it will go deeper than that, and hence in the end I win.
The gun rights advocates are half right. They say, the Second Amendment protects all the rest, for it allows us to resist tyrannical government. I say, ONLY if you are willing to pull the trigger ( just having guns means nothing ). But to even think about doing that, you need a trigger, don't you? I do believe that the elites ( not the Useful Idiot politicians, who do NOT make policy, despite what they might believe ) actually want us well armed and well magazined ( as in, ammo stock ). This will give them time to flee while we kill each other. Plus, it makes them money now.
You have my permission to call me a girl, unable to stick by my convictions. I dropped my YouTube boycott. I was moping around, not bored but more, I don't know, spinning my wheels, reading just for entertainment rather than research. After six or so daily hours on the computer, reading and writing, I was burning out on research. I NEVER get tired of survivalism, honestly. But I was tired of READING on it. Watching YouTube allows me to keep learning while resting my brain from non-fiction reading.
I was hurting myself more than Google. And, to be even more selfish, further kicking my ideology while it was down, watching YouTube ads keeps this Blogger page funded further down the road. So, stopping at making this story too long, I'm watching a video about Bill Gates and his doomsday bunkers. Which, let's be honest, has to strike almost anyone as fishy as hell. Why advertise you have a bunker in overpopulated Seattle? He gave some song and dance about a pandemic like the Spanish Flu in 1918, which, given the funding to kill Africans he has done, might be true.
My thoughts? If you are number three or four on the World's Richest Dudes list, you can afford to drop a million here, a million there, all for decoy bunkers ( the channel was Atlas Survival Shelters if you are curious-the host is pretty darn funny ). Your REAL bunker, not some tiny three person galvanized pipe in the ground, nobody knows is yours, or is protected somehow, in a less populated area ( perhaps New Zealand ). Now that, I would bet jelly filled donuts on.
All the talk about the rich bunkering? Perhaps they know much better than us how events are unfolding, as they had to drink the Rothschild's Kool-Aid in order to get their money. They have a much better grasp on the real state of the economy, viewing it from its proper place. Well, there is Warren Buffet, who is playing the Useful Idiot investing like a Dementia Debbie. He is either really an Alzheimer's Annie or he has been told to play the fool as a distraction.
The rich are preparing for doomsday. The fire has been lit and is burning under our asses to prep. In this case, the arming ourselves part. Now, granted, I'm guessing here that this part is to get us killing each other to give the elite time to flee. Another possibility is that the elite have no where to go, the bunkers are a lie, but the elite plan on being the new royalty in the coming feudal order. The cheap asses don't want to buy the required size arsenals and magazines. So, what are they doing? Getting us to arm ourselves, AND, bonus benefit, we will become the warriors for our new kings ( one and the same as today's elites ) AFTER we have “trialed by combat” with the other Dirt People.
How cool is THAT? If I were an elite dude, I'd be all Erect Nipples right about now over what an awesome plan that is. Think about it. You don't want the overpaid and fat motor patrol cops to be your new knights. And the military has too many Soy Troops and diversity hires. But the Sandbox vets got away from those kinds of Useful Idiots after a tour or three, and are at the forefront of preaching the new AR Army needed for the Spicy Times now beginning. You get experienced and armed knights, for free! Plus, in case any slackers fell through the cracks, ANOTHER trial by combat before you employ them.
And if any of those potential troopers are morons, they will be dispersed by the new Red Flag Events. This is such a wonderful plan, I'm jealous of the elites who are going to benefit from it. Not because they get all the hookers and blow, now, but because I so enjoy when a beautiful plan comes together. Tomorrow we continue and conclude, as I tell you what I'm doing to plan for the upcoming unfolding ( nothing new or exciting, it is just how I'm going to conclude the article. Call it inspirational rather than educational ).
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  1. Yes Jim. Minions must now by default adopt a highly defensive and protective posture with regards to the "ENTIRE" outside world. This does include family, friends, co workers, commerce interactions, etc. The state of affairs now has made you an enemy of the state. (In all forms/formats)

    Go dark. De digitize and reduce all of your various profiles, don't be a billboard sized dork target. Liquidate assets out of finance institutions due to seizure or frozen out. Only have a poor working stiff or miserly senior footprint and image presented to those informant observers or surveilling forces. Rathole a few "Bourne" escape and evasion caches should you, or probably more than likely odds, have to be on the lam and are hunted prey. Gray man tactics and near zero, hermit like levels of interactions with others outside your wire, TRUST NO ONE.

    Stay Frosty.

  2. re:
    hours of computers

    I'm concerned about your eye health.

    The blue light from LED, computer screens, smart telephones, tablets, and low-energy bulbs bypass the protections at the front of the eye, and impact the back of the eye.

    The result is macular degeneration.

    Wal*Mart has a spinner with tinted lens glasses to block some blue light.
    An eye doctor can evaluate the amount of deterioration of the maculae, and might suggest a similar tint to prescription specs.

    Age contributes to this degeneration.

    I supplement with 20mg lutein daily.
    This is supposed to help delay deterioration.

    Of course, best is avoiding / limiting exposure to blue light.

    Go outside and play!

    1. You suck. Now there is something else to worry about :(

    2. Bison,

      You are welcome. I am always happy to help! I am glad you 'see' the benefits of eye health.

      I 'look' forward to many more informative columns... as long as you 'see' the potential of making a difference.

      And, while you contemplate a better way to express your gratitude, please worsh out that filthy mouth with a strong soap, young man!

  3. This is what I don't get about the Trump-worshiping "survivalists" I've been around. Just like Hitler used Weimar-era anti-gun laws to disarm his opponents (and keep in mind the very first into concentration camps weren't primarily Jews, they were political opponents).

    Trump doesn't give a shit about little old black church ladies being shot in cold blood, he cares very much about anyone who opposes him. Left, right, doesn't matter, if you question his Godliness, you're gonna be on "the list".

    1. I think you give him too much credit. Perhaps in his younger days he was ruthless for "winning". I think anymore it is just preserving the wealth. The Rothschild's do the heavy lifting in this regard. No, he doesn't care at all about the trail of bodies. But he is no where near as ruthless as Hilary.

  4. Very serious tone here boss.
    However; your conclusion that TPTB allow (promote?)the gun/ammo purchases so that various factions kill one another off while they make escape to Booney-ville just sounds like Apocalypse Porn seeping forward into your cerebral cortex.
    No disrespect but that conclusion is just a little "too pat" & formulistic. Fiction has its place.....but not in this situation.

    I don't buy the whole NZ bolt hole angle (or N. Idaho hidey holes that Mr. Yuppie Scum Survivalist ™ peddles).
    Sure some number of guys with lots of money, overactive imaginations and lacking a social network have probably bought sheep stations on South Island snuggled up at the head of a fjord.
    Ensconsed far away as Doom stalks the land gets them zero in the long run. They might die of old age down there but they'll never return here to ascend the throne.

    The future belongs to those who show up, not those who scamper and hide.

    When I talk with "concerned types" who are all gunned up I have started to ask,"So, what's the plan to run the local water/wastewater plant (hospital, assisted care center, etc) after the last cartridge is fired?"
    Man, oh man, do some folks get pissed. Their little PA fantasyland crashes right into a concrete barrier. Don't ruin my fantasy....bwaaa!

    In the meantime take advice from LargeMarge & take a break from YT/Web. It's a sewer of stupidity and herd mindset, your blog and couple others excepted.
    Go volunteer at the Nevada mustang rescue....EatonRapidsJoe is laying out a storyline about future value of our equine companions. Pickup a few good while doing good.

    1. Sorry, but this presentation of greatness is near a full time job. I'm going Good right here. Pus, after over eight years working in the Food Bank at minimum wage, my social obligation has already been filled. I don't love the web. I did fine off grid without it. It is a resource though, that hopefully I'm gaining something from. I won't shed a tear when its gone, however. Well, other than free publishing.

    2. Pus?
      I think some of your misspellings are deliberate. As is, of course, the marvel of your coiffure.

    3. No, not deliberate. But it fits.