Wednesday, August 14, 2019

signal through the noise

Back in the day, after the 2007 precursors but before the actual 2008 crash, the news was awash in noise over everything that was going haywire. NPR stopped playing classical music and basically went around the clock economic news ( of course, that was the last act of a once fair organization. Soon after, they Jumped The Shark and went full retard on government approved Happy News And Politically Correct virtue signaling. As a result, if a NPR reporter showed up and his hair caught fire, I certainly would not piss on his head. So, that kind of assumes I'd never donate a cent to their commie asses ).
Of course, nowadays a competent journalist, if they even exist, is going to be forced to publish anything on his own, and that is assuming he can, if the Silicon Valley censorship police even allow that. I mean, of course there will always be other venues, but the problem then becomes one of advertising and distribution cheap enough. Social media doesn't control speech, but they do give a highly unfair economic advantage to The Chosen Ones. The Dirt People from Flyover Country are at a severe disadvantage getting their real news.
Not that this is any kind of news to you. For awhile now we have been forced to Read Between The Lines, and apply the Weatherman Rule ( reverse the news to get the truth ). We listen to a lot of analysts, but of course the weak link there is that they can only do as well as the basic materials they have to work with ( which are lies, lies of omission and propaganda ). Lately, I think the tactic to keep us all mushrooms is to just drown out the signal with random noise. Distraction news. For instance, as the economic collapse tsunami gets closer, we get a lot of news to divert our attention.
The other week, it was the El Paso and Dayton shooting spree. The Donald, who loves getting his orange locks petted lovingly by his Rothschild's handler as he is getting pumped in the ass by same, jumps up like the pet monkey he is and starts spewing his old New York Democrat Go To speech calling for Hate Speech persecution and Moor! Red Flag Law! And, yes, it might just pass. Trumpty Dumpty has one allegiance and that is to the central bank. Do you think he really gives two wet craps about reelection?
He sold out to the devil long ago and when His Boy pulls out a golden fiddle, Geriatric Orange starts the hoedown. But gun control isn't the issue. The issue is, we get bogged down with it as the issue. The Invisible Elephant in the room filling the corner with a turd the size of a VW is the imploding economy. All this other News That's Fit To Print is the distraction. Now, Cheeto Boy belongs to the central bank. The news media belongs to corporations that need loans from the bankers. You do the math. If the banker approves of Trump, why does the banker controlled media hate Trump?
It is all just a distraction. I grant you, real unintended consequences result, but the bankers could care, why? Did the Brits or the US Deep State care about ruined lives as they profited off the global drug trade? Did they care about dying babies after Iraq sewer or water plants were bombed? Surely, you jest. Did Northern Abolitionists care that their family money came from the slave trade? Did the Northern Industrialists care about Confederate women and children dying from starvation?
If the Left thinks Trump is evil, and the Right thinks he is Better Than White Sliced Reagan, neither side notices he is working against both of them at the behest of the bankers. For the Blue Bellies, he is the perfect example of the evil of corporations and the government ( in the wrong ideological hands ). For Red Staters, he is their BroMance, and can do no wrong. Neither side sees the true culprits. If you stop looking at the left/right divide, and instead see it as the banks using government and corporations to get rich, while blaming those two, and those two gladly taking the blame for their own paycheck, things make more sense.
The commies were not funded by the Soviets, the commies here were funded by the Deep State ( Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan were most likely MKUltra victims. Extrapolate that with the killings of JFK, MLK and etcetera, and you can see how The Left was controlled from Day One to today ). Do you think the bankers care about gun control? Why would they? You don't know who they are. The manager at the local Wells Fargo, who was given the nod, nod, wink, wink, just like Saddam was on Kuwait, to loot his customer base, is being set up to be the guy on the Lamp Post List.
If the government was really in control, and Obama wasn't a stooge for higher powers, gun control would already have been implemented. Increased gun sales are just extra hooker and blow money for the bankers, who are in no danger at several thousand feet in their Leer jet moving away from the next French Revolution. More gun sales mean more conflict with the Useful Idiots in Antifa and in the Black Shirt Brigades, to keep the Reds distracted.
The incessant need to buy more ammo ( which, yes, you'll keep hearing me preach ) keeps all the serfs busy carrying out the bankers wishes from their cubical farms. Would it surprise me to find out that Palmetto State Armory has near unlimited credit to keep operations afloat? No. I'm not accusing them of anything, I'm just saying that the more AR's are out there, the better off it is for the bankers. The guerrillas are arming themselves, so there is no need for Russia or China to do so, and revolutionaries are also Useful Idiots.
This is what you get when you go down the rabbit hole. Mass shootings and all its knock on effects are so useful, expect them constantly. For every AR purchased, a bankers angel gets his wings. Notice I'm not saying there won't be gun control, as promised. There very well could be. I'm just saying, not until the true powers that be are ready. Which, my guess would be, is right about when the economy really takes a puke. Both sides Useful Idiots fighting each other will make a great distraction. The problem is, even if you KNOW you are a useful idiot, you can't stop doing exactly what is planned for you. Continued tomorrow.
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  1. There are some websites that are interesting to read such as Anonymous Conservative,

    He has good daily updates on news that I find mostly relevant. However, he absolutely loves Trump to the point it is overwhelming. He believes Trump is going to rescue the United States from the leftists.

    AnonCon was talking about how Trump is going to win the trade war with China. I posted in the comments that you can not be absolutely sure that Trump will win the trade war with China. My only remark that it is not 100% sure. I did not say it was impossible.

    Then several of his regular readers attacked me as a 'concern troll'. I don't post anymore because they are blinded by their love of Trump.

    I still read AnonCon. But no one should be worshiping Trump as the hero. I think he is doing good things. But the big trends continue despite Trump. I think the economy is going to collapse. Trump can only delay that.

    1. I'll check out that site, thank you. With Trump, I can go a long time ignoring him, then on rare occasions hate him with the heat of a thousand suns. At least I can mostly take a break from that. With King Kenya, it was an every day burning hatred equal to a MILLION burning stars. So it is a vast improvement.

    2. I can't seem to generate the attention-span for hate. Instead, I harbor a dim disgust. Like if you step in something but you toss the pair of shoes rather than clean the one. That level of indifference.

      Since I barely notice whichever goofball is head-bureaucrat, I focus my feigned-disappointment on that cheesy blowhard 'Tony Robbins'.

      Your professional opinion:
      Do you think I could 'make a killing' in the daily blog business by uniting all the billions of folks with a similar dislike of 'Tony Robbins'?

      I think my blog name has a nice ring:
      Slaying The Inner Cheesy Blowhard.
      I'll offer a self-help theme to shut-ins and the involuntarily institutionalized. I'll offer discounts to shut-ins; I'll change a vexation tax on the institutionalized. See? I really thought this through.

      I'm already spending my vast Amazon commissions from my followers eagerly ordering bags of feed-store wheat. Yes, indeedy. This could go big!

      A 'spin-off' could be a subscription site with recipes for wheat sprouts. Breakfast wheat sprouts, lunch wheat sprouts. Desert sprouts.

      Keep that picture in your mind as you casually mention the link to Slaying The Inner Cheesy Blowhard. Desert sprouts. Desert sprouts. Desert sprouts. A couple times a week ought to do it.

      And, please, feel free to 'mention' 'Tony Robbins' occasionally to 'maintain the brand'. We'll 'corner the market'.

      Slaying The Inner Cheesy Blowhard.

      Thanks in advance!

    3. Well, are you SURE you don't actually hate Tony? I never listened to him, as he was WAY too happy, positive, optimistic and cheerful. People like that scare me. But count me in to shrill for your site. I have hate to spare, even if I don't really need any for a certain person to begin with.

    4. You really lost me on these 2 quotes:

      "Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan were most likely MKUltra victims"

      "Increased gun sales are just extra hooker and blow money for the bankers"

      C'mon...Charlie as a "victim"? That's just sick.

      And the idea that bankers are relying on AR sales for more blow've never been a banker or sold blow have you Lord Bison? Rookie error to say that.

      Bankers (& drug lords and pimps) want to sell you a one time use or depreciating product. DUH!
      Wake the hell up boss.
      How many plastic poodle shooters can a man have?
      Selling you a rifle or "kit" violates the very rules you spoke of just recently....don't trade/sell ammo.

      Lastly, your response to LargeMarge
      leaves me bereft.

      "I never listened to him (Tony Robbins), as he was WAY too happy, positive, optimistic and cheerful. People like that scare me."

      Why am I bereft? Here I was counting on you hosting me in fabulous downtown Elko in 2030 to celebrate continued oil flow. Steak dinner and all the trimmings with you and NOL (my treat, real beef not "lab meat").
      I was kinda looking forward to flying in on a chartered Gulfstream.

      Sounds like I should scratch out the "save the date" from my social calendar.
      Cheerful and optimistic just doesn't carry the day with you. Sigh!

    5. If you are brainwashed, and told to commit murder, how are you not also a victim? Especially since you are either immediately killed or have to suffer attacks in prison. People go into debt to buy AR's-yes, multiple ( gotta bury some and stock some up for clan )-and all the accessories like ammo and mags. Banker winning. Can't see how that relates to my refusal to evil barter ammo. One is current day and the other is PA. I can handle cheerful, but in limited doses. Soon it just turns into denial and hubris. I try not to hold it against people, but it is still a disease. You are so optimistic, you should think you'll rub off on me and I'll become happier, right? :) Smile, I just have a WAY darker sense of humor.

    6. "ever" barter, not "evil" barter. Sorry.

    7. So, Anonymous Conservative. Love his book about r/K strategies and the impact on politics, even though it's fairly long. My post on it is here.

      His news summaries are good, but he is really into QAnon.

      Marge, I have a dream that we could have Robbins meet his evil twin anti-Robbins and when their great big white rabbit teeth meet, they explode in a pile of smug that causes California to sink into the sea.

  2. Speaking of virtue signaling, I was over at MovieChat last night, and I noticed that Sarah Silverman was trending an awful lot. Well, this can mean many things, but generally, it seems that these days, it’s often over someone expressing wrong think, and either perpetual victim minorities, or stupid, self-hating, white leftist morons, expressing outrage over how “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “misogynist”, etc and so on, that it was. Sure enough, it seems that Ol’ Sarah, engaged in a little “black face action”, a few years back, in a previous project :D Now ordinarily, this wouldn’t be particularly funny or outrageous, if it weren’t for the fact that this bitch is about as leftwing and liberal as they come, and one of these types that’s always mouthing off about it as well. Nothing is more satisfying than these lefties getting eaten alive by the very policies that they support :D

    Also humorous is how these recent mass shootings are blamed “on a rise in white nationalism”. Well, the dude in El Paso was a leftist. In fact, the only opinion that he held that could not be considered leftist, was that he had anti-immigration views (And that was likely tied to his radical environmentalism beliefs; i.e. more people, more carbon, more methane, less green, etc and so on). But of course the media took that one exception to his beliefs, an spun it as he was “your typical nazi Trump supporter”. The Dayton dude they couldn’t do this with, since he was open Elizabeth Warren supporter, so they just downplayed it instead.

    Funny how Obummer attended a church for 20 years, with an openly anti-white minister at the helm, but of course, the communists in the media were okay with that. Whites living in western countries have to be the stupidest people on the planet (Talking blue city whites for the most part, of course).

    1. Blue Sanctuary State Whites are not stupid. They are Quislings. They know what they are doing, and they do it for money. I won't say, "shove them full of the currency and lite it on fire", because that is wrong ( but it can't be racist, right? ), and a waste of money. Come hyperinflation, now...

    2. Lord Bison, I must take exception to this last comment. As a "Blue State White", I'm neither stupid nor a quisling, I'm a stubborn, native born, SOB! Yeah, the Bay Area sucks compared to how it was back in the 70s & 80s, but I REFUSE to be pushed out. Im not it in for the money, hell if I had any I probably WOULD leave:-) , but for no other reason than it is still "home"... I figure when everything goes to hell, its not gonna JUST be Cali, but the whole continent, might as well be on familiar turf and enjoy the bonus of not worrying about freezing to death! And truly, if things get really dicey and fast, the marshmallow die off here will be extremely fast, so Ive got that goin' for me, regardless of which side (living or dead) I end up on. That all being said, still love ya and your hair!

    3. The chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache. You are behind enemy lines, dude. That doesn't make you a Blue Stater. Nevada is rapidly turning Blue, but I'll remain Red. It is attitude, not location. And at the end of the day it doesn't matter what lines I draw on the map, as long as YOU feel safe and happy where you are. Big hugs!