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Thursday, May 25, 2017

cops or food 2


Complex societies always increase complexity as a coping mechanism for resource contraction.  Since they can’t replace the resource, they substitute a less desirable product.  When the economy crashes and taxes disappear, you hyperinflate.  When the droughts come, you try to enlarge the huge reservoirs.  When you increase the workers to decrease wages, because you can’t increase your customers so you lower your costs, you lower standards to accommodate the decreasing skill sets, all the while increasing HR costs and liability insurance to cope with more workers.  And when skills are degraded you increase the training needed as a band-aid, to fool yourself and others your workers are not lower grade.  The military and LEO’s are now like this, the standards ever increasing even as the increased training does nothing.  Because the training is book learning and the reality on the street is ignored in favor of an Ivy Tower reality, standards in reality slip towards bottom as on paper they are perfected.


Insisting that officers in the military receive college degrees rather than move up through the ranks provides a book smart leadership utterly ignorant on how to fight, how to lead, how to learn or how to do anything not rigidly defined by a bureaucratic manual.  Insisting that the police officer on the beat receive college rather than experience or on the job training, you have a very book smart wimp unable to be a peace officer but able to overreact in levels of force or operate in swarming attacks due to his ineptitude.  Add PC crap into that mix and it just gets exponentially worse.  This is just a complex system getting more complex as it fails and the trend cannot be reversed as that is simply not the nature of organisms struggling to fight.  You NEVER try a new way to survive as that is counterproductive.  You always use tactics that worked helping you survive before.  And centralizing and increasing complexity is how all our systems organizations were both founded and what provided success before in daily operations.  If a farmer always produced enough food by plowing, he sure as God made little green apples won’t try French Intensive methods during a famine.  He’ll plow and plow extra if possible.  So a organization like the Army doesn’t change its methods during war, it does MORE of what worked last time.  Changing strategies is dangerous. 


The US conquered most of the world with a central bank, burning lots of oil, mechanizing everything while managing everything with corporate top down heavily centralized bureaucratic cultures.  Now that the oil supply is contracting, and has been doing so for nearly fifty years, we’ve lost the abundant oil and industrial aspect and are only left with financing and bureaucracy.  So we get more and more of those two survival strategies.  It doesn’t matter that they are blatantly inappropriate for all the problems we are seeing, because survival strategies by definition do not allow innovation.  You repeat what worked in the past.  Period.  This is how we are hardwired and why those striving to change the system are attacked.  That is why we won’t change to save the planet or change to save the empire.  Those systematic approaches that would save the in place system are diametrically opposite of what allowed the system to be established.  And if a system is an organism, it fights for survival as it is.  


So don’t expect education reforms to succeed and don’t expect common sense to be followed.  Every profession will fight for its survival by increasing minimum certification standards to exclude more upstarts, or increase the promotion of its old members ( the already hired get paid more to attend college courses or Time Served certification and the newcomers must shoulder that cost personally ).  College standards are corroded by dilution-the more students admitted the less is taught even if the time learning increases-as more are forced to get certification and every new generation possessing more college has less and less knowledge.  By adopting the principle of higher college training prior to becoming an officer or a police officer, less and less positions can be filled due to up front costs incurred by the prospective applicant.  It is the same principle as factory workers commuting cost.  When Ford started cranking out cars, the auto companies provided transportation.  When that was shifted to the worker, you suddenly had a new up front cost of commuting just to be able to work ( this is a modest cost, not comparable to the three year gross salary a college education requires, but is illustrative ).


And how about health care?  It used to be provided by the employer.  All these extra costs keep being off-shored from the company to the employee.  Commute, retirement, health care and now training.  Training shouldn’t be rocket science.  The company pays you to train and you are obligated to stay X number of years, otherwise you must pay them back.  But that doesn’t protect all the interests increasing standard requirements.  All those organizations profiting off more of what worked for them in the past.  So reform is impossible.  Now, when you increase the cost of something, obviously you get less of it sold.  Increased costs to become a police officer mean you get less cops.  Or, more people wanting to be cops but have no aptitude but do have money for the increased schooling requirements.  Even as more need college, less are capable of performing the job correctly.  Peace officers must have a certain temperament and native skill set.  LEO’s just need to have a bureaucratic mindset, an ability to blindly follow orders.


All this translates to having a lot of very expensively trained cops, but not enough to do the job of public order.  They need to be paid far more to compensate for the training and so overall you get to have less.  And those you have are nowhere near as effective.  Because book learning replaces standards.  Certificates replace experience.  Greed replaces vocation.  Or worse, job/retirement security, the bureaucrat disease, replaced civic duty or dedication.  And since the leadership is even worse, political certificate holders, not trade practitioners, the few competent ones are blocked, dissuaded, emasculated, overruled or ignored.  A paper tiger, overall.  And this will effect the public in the collapse.  Continued.


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  1. "All these extra costs keep being off-shored from the company to the employee. Commute, retirement, health care and now training."

    This happened at our local school district. Fifteen years ago, they paid you to take their class to get a CDL class B to drive school bus. Then they moved to where the training was free but you weren't paid to take it. Now, you pay them over a $1000 to take their CDL training.

    Idaho Homesteader

    1. Now that's embarrassing. Oh well, the buses won't be running soon anyway.

    2. My state ambulance service USED to provide world class training. I suspect because useless jobsworths got in control they outsourced the training to Universities. This has flicked the cost & risk onto students. Keep in mind that with that degree there is ONE employer in each state. ONE. There are no other jobs you can do if it doesn't pan out. The training is NOT better than the inhouse training other than the State doesn't carry any risk or expense anymore.

      Mind you, when they provided the service pre gov take over it worked well. When the gov took over they had so much money they literally (I was privvy to the inside info) didn't know how to spend it all. Fast forward a few years and they can't afford to train their own staff anymore

    3. Soon they won't have half the staff. Budget cuts, BIG time just around the corner everywhere. $150k a year for an Elementary School principle, multiply by millions, unsustainable.

  2. Hmm....
    Has interesting possible applications as the police state continues into the crumble. Bureaucracy will be your best defense, followed by being mobile and having hidden assets (they cant arrest you on suspicion of resisting arrest if they cant find you...). It means even more to me that you need a couple of lawyers on retainer - one local, and one regional or multi-state. If you are ever a target you should find yourself off on an important trip or long scheduled vacation (maybe to visit an ill or elderly relative?) while your attorney and friends bury the inquest in red tape and bad PR.
    And if you don't have any notice of being a target having a Bureaucratic shield or complications could help a lot ("this is not my car officer, it is my companies car, and that "hoard" of wheat is actually the Bison Charitable food donation storage - see here is all the paperwork and everything!")
    But everything needs to be set up in advanced - see JJ Lunas (no relation) "how to be invisible" and "how to hide your assets".
    You can NOT make it up at the time of the problem.

    1. I read those books ages ago. Excellent reads (from memory).

      I agree with the need to be light on our feet as well as having multiple layers of defence. I recently cottoned onto the fact that my licence plates are flagged with the Police as the owner possibly having a handgun. So off my name they'll go and onto my wife's or maybe a business name.

    2. Yep. No asset should be in your name directly that you mind loosing.
      Also you should not put it into the name a person you dont 110% trust, and even ones you do 110% trust should be a second choice to having the assets in some sort of corporation or other legal entity that allows you complete control while having maximum obfuscation.


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