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Friday, May 12, 2017



In many ways I’m quite happy I never stayed in the military.  If the anthrax or depleted uranium didn’t kill me in Desert Storm or Iraqi Freedom, let alone friendly fire or leadership incompetence, I’m sure alcoholism would have ( after the military I only kept drinking to wean myself-the stress of the occupation was alcohol necessary ).  On the other hand, I would have been retired long ago with a pension  and would never have met The Most Evil Wife Of Them All.  But what pisses me off was I really wasn’t given the option to stay in, even if it was better I didn’t.  Everyone up and down the chain of command giving contrary orders, the laws of physics being rescinded being demanded upon pain of discipline, and the even worse “one size fits all” institutionalized training, all precluded a rational decision.  It was assumed everyone wanted to be or could be an NCO and so the Specialist grades were eliminated.  In effect, doing away with occupational training and reward and replacing with leadership training. 


In One Size Fits All training, it is assumed that anyone can be trained to do anything.  Morons to leaders, uncoordinated to mechanics.  And if you were taught a skill you would forever retain it, no repetitious training needed.  And no repetitious training even possible because of mission creep.  Every MOS was forever being assigned new tasks and missions ( the civilian equivalent would be corporations halving the workforce and getting the other half to do twice as much ), both for job security for officers and for declining personnel numbers ( don’t save money on tanks, just the people to drive them ).  So, as a military policeman I wasn’t a law enforcement officer.  I was a rear area security quasi-infantryman, and I was a security guard, and only incidentally was I ever a LEO. I had so little LEO exposure ( or training, initial or otherwise ) that is was very late in my first tour that I even realized I had no aptitude for the profession I had settled on.  I was completely analytical and had no reactive abilities ( I didn‘t realize until later this was the issue.  At the time, I was just terrorized I had made a terrible mistake ).  You would kind of have thought that would be something the military would like to know and test for beforehand ( as civilian departments routinely and easily accomplished at the time. Now the college course requirements get in the way of that ), but since One Size Fits All and Mission Creep held sway as the dominant philosophy, no one paid it any mind.  Thanks for wasting my time there, retards.


And it isn’t even really a hard thing to compensate for, other than slotting people with natural talent into the fields they did well.  The reason security is so easy is because you have an easy mission statement.  Observe and report.  That is all ( granted, in the military it was Observe And Stop, with deadly force if necessary ).  You don’t need to stop and decide on any course of action.  It is black or white.  A yes/no decision tree only, not a multi-branched tree of decisions.  Analytical people over think everything.  It was what we do and why we can appear so smart.  We think through every permutation of every possible action.  The leaders responsibility, if it isn’t keeping analytics away from split second decision making response situations, is to remove all need to analyze.  And if he can’t do that, he needs to minimize those situations.  AND train responsiveness into people.  The reason a rookie is assigned to a veteran is so that he can continue training in a real world environment under easier conditions than Sink Or Swim.  The military did not think this was necessary ( remember, once you are taught, you are expected to retain forever.  Plus, military personnel or expected to die as a result of quick incomplete training.  It is all about quantity, never quality ).


On your own, if you are not in a job that requires Responsiveness, if you are analytical, how can you train yourself?  You are expected to respond to death threats at an unspecified date, with no training, and you are an analytic to boot.  What can you do?  Easy.  You must simplify all possible threats down to a simple yes/no decision tree.  Say you are a security guard.  There is never any need to think about all the different things you could do to an armed robbery.  Even if armed, there is no need to think offensively because your mission is Observe And Report.  The gun is self defense only.  So you don’t freeze and think if you should shoot the guy or not.  If he doesn’t threaten your life, you let him take the money.  The gun is mainly there to keep the company paying off on your death, and for elimination of minor threats even materializing.  Their money is insured.  As a potential survivor to the coming social chaos and high death rates, you need to duplicate being a security guard.


Are other people being killed?  So what? If they aren’t your family/tribe, you don’t fight back.  If you do and die, you placed your family in danger ( this is as opposed to offensive defense, a different situation ).  Are you stopping to think when a grandma, a tiny woman or a kid points a gun at you?  Why?  This is defensive.  Defensive is allowed regardless of opponent.  If they aren’t your tribe, they die.  Remember, you need to keep your decision time down to nothing.  You need to react instantly.  Non-tribe?  Die!  If you are on an offensive mission, everyone you don’t know dies.  Yes/no.  Not, maybe.  This all sucks, compared to training and role/scenario playing.  But it is far better to give yourself near fool proof rules on engagement that are butt simple, rather than think you can find the time to think each unique situation through as they occur.  Why do you think a military unit is so important?  It is a duplication of the rookie/veteran system.  When someone better at reaction times than you responds to a threat, the others follow through without thought.  Instant reaction from those not yet proficient at responsiveness ( this assumes an idiot officer doesn‘t do something to screw even that up ).  At the start of your collapse, you have no training and no unit with a veteran.  You’ll need that inadequate but necessary black/white, yes/no decision making guideline already formatted for survival.


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  1. I am a hider.
    Sure I'll fight, but only when I know I will be followed if I leave.
    So my Yes/no decision tree has another branch -
    Are they other Y/N
    Are they aware of me or mine Y/N
    if Y to both, then stop the threat with all necessary aggression, else setup booby traps on my back trail and fade further away.

    1. Hiding is the only way to stack the deck for yourself during the die-off.

  2. Excellent article!

    Maybe you'd have been better suited for military intelligence?

    Ha, I watched a video from dumbasfuckistan (why are we there? Leave 'en to it I say) & some new guy was getting chewed out for hesitating (more experienced guys saved him from himself)

    Thinking about it I think one problem I have with prepper books is they quickly degenerate into militia "retake America" type nonsense. I won't mention the last one I read but the main character survives not one but two encounters with two machine guns 240 trying to kill him whilst he's protecting his family. I very nearly stopped reading when his militia group took down an Apache. I literally said out loud GTFO

    Maybe I'll write a review?

    1. Most of the books NEED an intelligent review. Not just " best thing since sliced bread-Go 'Murica!" or "too many typos, hated it". Your fellow readers about to get ripped off thank you in advance.

  3. Excellent post Lord Jim. Was there enough rain to green the mountains thus year?

    1. Plenty of snow over the winter. The floods were just a sideshow. Hell, it just snowed yesterday ( during a rain storm, granted ).

  4. Also you might look at the history of other tribal peoples and emulate some of their practices of growing your own tribe during times of troubles


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