Friday, December 4, 2015

xenophobia 3

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I believe that the reason xenophobia is so reviled is because it strikes at the core of nation state worship.  Why else is the racism card slapped about so freely against xenophobes?  If you hate Ghetto Blacks because they are from a dangerous foreign tribe, Visigoths in America, but don’t hate British Caribbean Blacks as they share a common culture with us, you are NOT a racist.  If you hate Blacks and Asians, even if they are Oreo’s and Twinkies ( black and yellow on the outside, white on the inside-in other words, regardless of skin color they act White ), then yes, you are a racist.  If you hate Blacks and Asians ( except Doug in accounting who is more apple pie American than you ) but also Limey’s and Frogs, you are xenophobic, NOT racist.  Japanese hate all foreigners, even fellow Asian Koreans ( or, perhaps especially Koreans ) and are properly labeled xenophobes by the media, but everyone else seems to be branded racists if they fail to embrace Others.  Well, the Japanese are one of the few homogenous nation states there is, perhaps one of the only, a rare isolated group that showed little interest in assimilating any other group into their Borg ( outlying islands such as Okinawa are less so and a more recent addition or a misstep in strategy ).  Everyone else was busy interbreeding and assimilating and conquering and making a mess of their tribal identity.


Xenophobia is a much more intelligent use of tribal markers in that it is far more flexible.  You can use skin color, or not.  You use language and dress and mannerisms and everything else to identify the enemy.  It isn’t hard, they are bad if they aren’t You.  Your tribe.  If they act in any way different they are Them, and Them will main you or kill you or enslave you or force themselves on you and then you will have a half breed baby and you will become an outcast in your tribe ( a rational reaction as it precluded any female from mating with the enemy then lying that it was nonconsensual-this must have been a common occurrence for a cultural trait to have been established for it.  You don’t willingly allow breeders to defect to the other side ).  If Them is ALWAYS the enemy, you avoid unpleasant situations that could harm you or Your.   Yes, Virginia, most people are about smart as a box of rocks.  Make their choices easy to make, not difficult.  Public shock and awe over your unapproved behavior might seem irrational and an emotional response but it serves to keep your tribe acting in its own interests as an entity rather than allowing individual choice to undermine its survivability.


The Nation State acts in much the same way, imposing cultural dictates that must be blindly followed, which ensures its survival as an entity.  If Southerners are portrayed as racist pigs, if the Civil War is believed to be about freeing slaves in a war against racism, then nobody has any tribe other than America where all races and religions are allowed equality.  The problem with this, in a collapse rather than in times of plenty, is that tribes fracture from the nation state and do start to revert to type, hating and fearing other tribes.  So while Washington DC might still be occupying and policing and taxing your area, in reality they only hold nominal power and the tribes run free most of the time.  Free to terrorize you if you are from a foreign tribe.  If you are still blindly waving a jingoistic flag of nationality and even refuse to see this reality you will eventually pay the price.  Most likely in blood.


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  1. I hate all assholes equally except those that go out of their way and they get a double dose.

    Yeah, visual indicators are there for a reason and all animals with ocular glands adhere to them except those that have been programmed to do otherwise, most likely to their own demise.

    mainstreammedia? Is this even an issue anymore to thinking persons?
    Non-thinkers are meant to be ignored, or punched in the face.

  2. Do you still have copies of The Walter Mittey Papers James? It would be interesting to read some early Dakin.

  3. Too true. Adopting the national and local tribal markers that are closest to your own personal mindset is an important step of long term survival.
    National markers so the fed police think you are their friend, local tribal markers so the local tribes don't put you on top of their list of enemies.
    Flags, club memberships, funny hats, colored ribbons, etc. are all part of the tribal markers that are easy to adopt. Longer term though you have to also participate with the local tribes matching the markers you display, if you go to long without participating with the matching tribe that tribe will see you as a traitor or quisling and come after you with as much or more vitriol than their declared enemies.

  4. To expand upon this topic, have a look at Matt Bracken's Civil War II (CW2) cube: