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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

black apache 2 of 4

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Most of us not living in a grass hut being bitten by malarial mosquitoes and hurling chunks of rebar at the heads of chimps to try to score some bush meat don’t have to worry about basic survival.  We might not eat nutritiously or intelligently, but we have no clue what real hunger is, as evidenced by the common phrase “I’m starving!”.  No one does it in jest or mockery, they do it because it is the closest they have ever come to being hungry ( short periods of Top Ramen only diets do not count, due to the surplus body fat being digested to compliment your noodles ).  It is not really possible to relate to actual starvation when you have never experienced it.  It is like reading about how to do something as opposed to actually carrying out the task.  Different realities.  Nor can we really relate to a truly violent life.  Outside combat veterans, and even then that experience must be tempered with the reality that it was a contrived event that could be exited from ( I’m not trying to detract from the experience, merely saying it was an experience of limited duration ).


All we can do is attempt to break out of our self-defense self-imposed view of life.  It isn’t easy because, again, we are learning how to live a foreign life by reading a book, as it were.  The best we can do is to try to cast off our blinders.  We can try to visualize the new reality, but only by practicing as clear of thinking as possible.  Most people won’t do that because not only does it hurt mentally, sometimes you can’t picture colors when you are blind ( to continue to pile on the metaphors ).  For instance, even the most rabid III%er Libertarian still wastes their time with the NRA trying to oppose further gun control.  Some small part of them won’t admit voting doesn’t count ( that would mean we aren’t a Republic OR a democracy, which leaves just unimaginable alternatives ) or that they can’t even buy Congress ( not quite as bad of a rubber stamp as the Soviet version [ Duma? ] but getting closer all the time ).  This is the kind of reality avoidance you must beware of.  Same as with the notion of a One World Jew Controlled Illuminati.  First off, even if Jews were so evil, there simply aren’t enough of them ( needing loyal minions rather than mercenaries, as it were ).  Sure, Jews might have been bankers.  But bankers are evil irregardless of religion or nationality.  Jewish-ness was just a hat fashion choice ( I’m kidding! ), not an occupation.  Second, small factions ruling humanity is silly.  We don’t centralize well, being tribal.  But here is my point.  By thinking One World Government is a threat, we avoid the far more real danger of nation state collapse and the anarchy energy starvation is going to usher in.  We hold on to the hope that while it will suck to be enslaved, at least we won’t enter into a true collapse.  Sorry, you get the worst of both worlds.  Local, decentralized autocracy with starvation and disease and war and etcetera. 

More Next Article ( be patient, I’m working towards helping you visualize your real suck-ass future ).


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  1. i want you to think of a way out.
    after ww2 germans thought it was armageddon.
    some people in the usa think the same, but it is just one or a few countries getting the shaft.
    captain capitalism says to enjoy the decline.
    is that all we have to look forward to?
    what about our kids?

    HELP ME!!!

    thanks, your well-coiffed-ness

    1. Sorry to say, but the way out is the same it has ever been. Aggressive, proactive and offensive.

  2. I was a cop for 20 years and have seen alot of the dark side of humanity. i don't waste my money on the NRA and don't vote much anymore. Why bother. My state didn't vote Obama. Regardless of Obama telling us things are great we are headed for the crapper and it wont be pretty. Think Rhodesian rural raiding. be ready. I have a good bunch here on the hill. If violence comes you will be met by more than one family or pre arranged refugee.

    sorry if this was a rant.

    1. To qualify as a rant, you need a much higher word count :)

  3. Out and out total _starvation_ in the developed world will be infrequent but increasing in the decades ahead, I instead expect much more malnutrition and insufficient calories for the days labor (after all the malnourished ALWAYS look like they are too fat or too skinny). Having a stash and source of extra calories and a stash and source of extra nutrition (grains and beans, veggies seeds in the garden, sprouts on the window sill, salt and multivitamins in the pantry, small animal traps in the bushes, guerilla and standard gardens with potatoes and other high calorie per acre/effort produce. Maybe a couple chickens to recycle kitchen and garden waste into eggs if you can get away with it or rabbits if you cant get chickens. Goats if you can handle them (they don't call them 'kids' because of how they stay *out* of trouble).) All doable now, sustainable in most long-term situations, _AND_ money saving now. You don't get rich in our society by making money, you get it by not spending money that you make.
    PS nutrition- if you aren't next to the ocean don't forget the salt. A literal ton of it per person per year isn't overkill...

    1. You should be stocking hundreds of pounds of salt before you buy one ounce of silver.

    2. Totally agreed. I have silver only to pay property taxes for the years I have minimum salt for.

  4. Either Trump or the Ft Marcy park murderer will be the next to soil that oval rug and regardless which one, this thing will start to go hot immediately after 20 JAN 2017 and will be full blown by summer.

    If you are smart you will spend this upcoming year learning how to live in the 18th century, stockpiling as much REAL food as possible and figure out how to maintain a water supply off the grid as well as be well armed and well connected with like minded folks.

    The legendary Tim May (Usenet in the 90's) long ago predicted this event and believes 80 million will die off in the first 90 days after collapse.

    Regardless, there is a lot of dead weight in this country that has caused the formerly good ship USS America to take on more water than it can hold and they keep punching holes in the hull and refusing to bail.

    Me? I built my own dinghy at enormous cost and lept overboard 10 years ago.

    1. "Soil that oval rug". Nice imagery. Now I have visions of the current chimp throwing feces at the walls and screeching.


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