Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 crash part 3 of 4

2015 CRASH part 3

As the FedGov prior to the central bank and the Soviet Union showed, you don’t need a Bank Of England model finances to get far in the empire business.  But you can only get SO far.  You want to rule the world, you get a central bank.  A relatively sounder economy lasting relatively longer results ( although that is followed by the inevitable crash and burn-not that it matters hugely, this being the modus operandi of all empires since farming was introduced.  Take, use, exploit, mine, then the excess population you used to expand overshoots your declining resources.  On a much smaller scale this was the lesson we taught the African local rulers, but they just stocked up a bank account strip mining the place, a quick cash-in rather than a longer rule ).  Okay, so we know the crash is inevitable and we knew in could have happened in 2015 just as easy as any other time since perhaps Peak Oil but especially since the 2008 crash was “cured” by bank bailouts, those institutions who then turned around and double-downed on derivatives which caused the first crash.  Bankers are not all knowing and powerful, nor even intelligent, it seems.  Just amoral and ruthless, a trait most businessmen possess.  Their ace card is the government monopoly.  So, again, why this year?


The fracking bubble popping might have something to do with it, or it might not.  Frack oil was never all that huge a deal other than for lighting a red, white and blue firecracker under the ass of the gullible optimistic fools who watch CNBC news updates in between football games.  It was never a game changer, it was only about a ten percent boost in production ( while we had already declined in consumption the same amount ).  It was, roughly, just an amount replacing what we had lost to production declines from Alaska and the Gulf Of Mexico in recent years.  It was opium for the masses.  But the masses already had lost their homes ( or were so underwater they became debtors prisons ), or lost their jobs ( or were either cut in hours or more worked hours went to pay ObammyCare which to my way of thinking should put that Muslim half breed illegal on the very short lamp post list if things obviously crash before he escapes the limelight ).  Economically the average consumer is collapsing faster than our retail gasoline supply, so one wonders if supply will ever predominate over demand again.  As these things go, you should be glad when there are goods available even if one can’t afford them ( the alternate is to have riots trying to chase scarce goods ). 


Of course, oil contraction does itself contribute to the issue, as we’ve already talked about.  It started the contraction.  But having started ten years ago, the new round of marginal supply contraction has minimal effect.  It is a contributing issue.  As are Gore Warming ( weather destruction destroying infrastructure which can be, at best, patched over, or at worst just left unanswered ), a deficit that couldn’t ever be paid even when we had positive growth ( we now have negative growth nationally, covered up by the same numbers claiming unemployment is at 5% ), amongst other events.  So what was different this year?  Series concluded next article.


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  1. If the real economic numbers were widely known and acknowledged it would mean mass panic - especially, but not limited to, the wall street and financial markets crowd. As long as they can pretend that the pretend numbers are right they can keep investing in fast cars (that they never get to drive) hookers (that they are too impotent from stress to enjoy) and blow (that is too cut with baking powder to get them really high). Living fast and dying young is the preferred way to play that high finance game. The other way is to play to win by collecting all the monopoly money and properties possible - aka become one of the bankers who is actually in charge.
    BTW- for the obtuse out there bankers are not "jews" as their only religion is the one of green and greed and power. That is all they care about and all the worship. Bankers will accept into their fold anyone who can further their religion of green, greed, and power.

    1. "Oh Mighty Mammon, we aren't worthy. We're not worthy!"

    2. Now, now, they are narcissistic so, it is actually "oh Might Mammon, they aren't worthy, only we are worthy, in fact we are an undervalued commodity so buy now!" ;-D